• CBC Still Hyping London Bridge

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    "Kixi" wrote
    Days later CBC still has the London Bridge attacks as their top story.
    Why? Because their objective is to scare us about terrorism ... and
    since the attackers' religion is likely to be Islam, CBC can further
    their next objective, to spread Islamophobia.

    Two of the three attackers were named only today but has not stopped
    the Jewsmedia pushing the radical Islamic terrorism theme. Even if
    their religion is Islam, how do they know their religion was relevant.

    Meanwhile today in Orlando, FL five people were gunned dead in a
    workplace. CBC made not a mention of it on World_At_Six.

    Rather than spread Islamophobia, I would like to spread the good news about
    the Bahá'í Faith. Please see:


    I once worked under the direction of Chemical Engineering Professor M.F. Mohtadi. Mat was a Bahá'í refugee from Iran where Bahá'í is persecuted. Mat
    was a gentleman and a scholar. The ChemEng project we worked on was in total accord with policies of the Federal Liberal government and that is where the research funds came from. Mat ran as a federal Liberal candidate in Calgary
    but lost in the Conservative stronghold of Calgary. At same time, Chemical Engineering Professor U.of Calgary, Harvie Andre served as Conservative MP
    and Cabinet Minister. Please see:


    The Bahá'í Faith is a religion teaching the essential worth of all
    religions, and the unity and equality of all people. Whereas Islam teaches
    that prophet Muhammad was the last prophet following Abraham and Jesus, the Bábí religion, reinterpreted Shia Islam and said that God would soon send a
    new prophet. In 1863, Bahá'u'lláh announced that he was this prophet.

    Bahá'ís around the world annually elect local, regional, and national
    Spiritual Assemblies that govern the affairs of the religion, and every five years the members of all National Spiritual Assemblies elect the Universal House of Justice, the nine-member supreme governing institution of the worldwide Bahá'í community, which sits in Haifa, Israel near the shrine of
    Báb. Bahá'í Faith is a world wide religion.

    May peace be upon you, and may you all convert to Bahá'í Faith and give up
    the evil way of Islamic Jihad.

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