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    The Winnipeg Police Department is complicit
    in mass murdering the Poor of our City at
    the Health Sciences Center Hospital 'Comfort Care' http://www.rodfile.com/narh0xhomj5t
    http://www.filedais.com/ocil20y26560.htm https://www.europeup.com/10s8bqz6o8wx.html
    http://www.filefactory.com/file/10b5al37e4ff http://www.girlshare.ro/3489532909.5
    http://d-h.st/nNcq http://fileinstant.com/b3b7be312d5add7b/The_Winnipeg_Police_Department_is_complicit_in_Mass_murdering_the_Poor_of_our_City_at_the_Health_Sciences_Center_Hospital__Comfort_Care__-_The_John_Kinal_Matter.wmv

    To whom this concerns.

    All I demand is my rights defended, and the criminal
    investigation get underway, on the recent murder of
    my mother, at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center. But
    the city and Police refuse to allow Justice to take
    place, as clearly treasonous. Turns out, they are now
    suspect for mass murdering a great many for seven years
    hidden here from newspaper and TV view willfully.. No
    longer.. Justice done is freedom won.

    What is this world to not express a concern for innocent life
    sacrificed? A world truly dying from self contempt. All I ask,
    is for we the people to demand a formal criminal investigation,
    Justice, of which the Winnipeg Police refuse to allow. Please,
    support fair say, as the enforcement of our laws apposing mass
    murder. Let us be civilized.

    Evidence on the continuing mass murders
    in Winnipeg by the grunter Police - 250+meg file http://www.rodfile.com/rk84j2w24crx
    https://userscloud.com/7iegdssgrmz1 http://www.promptfile.com/l/38280B8F6B-6F11293EC7
    http://megadrive.tv/n4tjneeebtff http://unlimitzone.com/8jrauajq9cva/MURDERS_IN_WINNIPEG_HOSPITALS_NOT_BEING_INVESTIGATED_BY_EVIL_COPS.zip.html

    Remember.. Dr. Colister told my mother and I,
    that he would not poison my mom with Devil's
    Breath or anything else, then did so secretly
    with fellow murderer, conspirator Nurse Colette.
    I caught them at that, as too, when they attempted
    murder in early February. Support a Public Inquest.

    Mass Murdering the Poor
    in Winnipeg Health Sciences Center
    - Police Refusing to Investigate is Criminal

    They refuse to make the arrests of those guilty
    of premeditated mass murder, refusing all
    investigations to transpire, as the most demonic
    evil ever witnessed. Listen to the cops laugh in
    our faces, to think they would allow OUR laws
    be enforced. Fight back for Christ sake man.

    The Winnipeg police are complicit in the
    continuing mass murders of the poor in our city.

    The Winnipeg police are complicit with the newspaper
    in mass murdering our poor, with a program run across
    our countries called, "Comfort Care". taken against
    our wills, to be murdered. Why can't you help save
    innocent lives, by warning others? Too much of an
    effort to listen to the recorded police, telling
    no, they will not allow criminal investigations?
    Too much trouble to listen as recorded the Chief
    Medical Examiner of the province telling thousands
    die victim like this in Winnipeg, and he is prepared
    to do nothing, but assist in the escape of the

    Real people are being murdered in Winnipeg.
    They deny medications, while poisoning our
    loved ones to death..While the police are
    made forbidden from investigating. While
    the newspaper with CJOB laughs in the powerless
    faces of our poor families denied Justice,
    while the city is left for more mass murder.
    I call on all militaries to help Winnipeg take
    down these lawless mass murderers of our poor,
    to be tried fairly by We the People of the Public.
    Save innocent lives..Defend freedom, defend God.

    AUDIO of Chief Medical Examiner of Manitoba
    TheTruth - (eleven megabyte audio file)

    My mother and I, did not sign up for Comfort Care,


    My mother Jennie Kinal and I, were not asked if we
    willed to have her end her life in the Winnipeg Health
    Sciences Center, by them placing my mother in "Comfort
    Care" - depriving her medicines, while poisoned to die.


    Open Letter to Canada’s Governor General of Canada,
    His Excellency, the Right Honorable David Johnson.

    Hello. My name Is John Kinal, and I am a citizen of Canada living in
    Winnipeg. Terribly, my mother was recently murdered right in front of
    me at Winnipeg's Health Science Center. Against her will, she was
    denied medical aid, and poisoned to die under an un-elected
    murder/suicide program titled, "Comfort Care". The moment the hospital
    told me they were poisoning her to die, because she was at "end of
    life" I demanded they stop immediately - that the allegation was
    obviously false.. Her doctor for that week, known as “Dr. T”
    (something like, Tazarasing) , agreed, and ordered the nurses stop
    poisoning Jennie Kinal. The head Nurse told AS RECORDED, that Nurse
    Delaney decided to disobey the doctor, and went ahead suffocating my
    mother, with an overdose of hydromorphone, along with an overdose of a diuretic. My mother was pronounced dead the next day from the lie she
    had, “multiple organ failure”. I was capable of reviving her from her poisoning, and I ran to the police, and spoke with the college of
    physicians and surgeons, begging to save my mother from these then
    caught, attempting first degree murder. The College's spokesperson
    Irene McDonald told, that they can not get involved in any criminal allegations, and that the police must be called in, while the police,
    told eventually, they never had one minute to give the allegation of
    attempted murder, because Mike at the Winnipeg Police's, Public Safety
    Building tells, they never allow capital crime investigations to
    happen at a hospital, because the doctor is always right, when it goes
    to court. RECORDED. I went to the police a total of seven times,
    trying to seek a defender of the criminal code of Canada's opposition
    to murder.. Never happened, but for laughs in my face, that my mother
    being tortured, being punched in the face by the nurse, was not
    something they would EVER get involved with. My mother was finally
    murdered right in front of me 30 days later, by Dr. Colister with
    Fentanyl and “Devil’s Breathe” in a conspiracy with Nurse Collette..

    This is an abbreviated synopsis, with all the evidence recorded, of
    the most serious of crimes. The day my mother was finally done in, her
    doctor from the week before, Dr. Semus, told me as recorded, that the
    first time they tried to have her murdered, had been expunged from her
    medical record. Despite my many hours of video recorded, documented
    the event with several nurses, and doctors.. And my recorded visits to
    the police.

    Here is a link, with a more detailed timeline..

    An Open Letter to Winnipeg's Mayor Brian Bowman https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/alt.religion/Mc_J5xk-Hzk

    The Winnipeg Police are complicit in the continuing murders of the
    poor in our city.

    All I ask, is a criminal investigation of my allegations be sought. I
    have several talks with nurses recorded.. One where nurse Charlene
    tells, of no one ever escaping their death sentences in seven years,
    given against our wills, on the hellish, 4th floor, Health Sciences
    Center.. Thousands of victims, who’s sin, seems to be, being poor.
    Please, don’t forsaken the value of my innocent mother’s life, Jennie
    Kinal. Demand a criminal investigation.. as the Chief Medical Examiner
    for our province tells me, he is forbidden to look at patients medical
    records. RECORDED. Refusing to allow an autopsy too, or to ask my
    mother’s doctor if she had ordered the stopping of the poisoning.. He
    is found complicit, by simply listening to the recorded phone calls
    yourself, or as a crime scene investigator.. I beg the Queen to
    intervene, to demand a fair measuring on this continuing crime scene.

    Contact me at your earliest opportunity, with any further follow up
    questions.. so we can get started on freeing ourselves of this
    dreadful tyranny, that apposes God and our Humanity. What I request,
    as a sovereign citizen, is my Right, a preliminary criminal
    investigation regarding this alleged murder scene, that will easily
    find these murderers in serious violations, of many laws designed to
    defend our liberties..

    I too, wish this wasn’t so.. The evidence speaks for ourselves..


    An Open Letter to Winnipeg's Mayor Brian Bowman:
    Under no circumstances will the city allow a
    complaint of murder to be drawn and forwarded
    to homicide regarding the mass murdering of the poor..

    This was emailed to all city of Winnipeg councilors
    along with the Mayor, and many provincial MPs.
    Including the WRHA, and the two Colleges.
    Including the local papers. Think now of this
    time going by already, where innocent people are
    still not being defended from being murdered by
    the clear enemies of being fair as we free of
    their ungodly tyranny. We need a formal criminal
    investigation to start immediately.


    To All Concerned..

    An Open Letter to Winnipeg's Mayor Brian Bowman

    After talking with the RCMP, I am told that our honorable
    Mayor, has the right to ask for a preliminary criminal
    investigation, as to whether our laws have been broken,
    in respect to my recently murdered mother. Denied health
    care, while poisoned to die against her will and my own as
    wilful first degree murder. Understand it isn't that any
    officer of law in Winnipeg, has in anyway disagreed with
    this fair assessment - documented with evidenced video,
    and audio recordings included..But to blindly deny all
    rights to be defended, because Mike, at the front desk of
    the PSB states".. a judge always sides with the Doctor
    on criminal matters" - as the reason he gives for why all
    are forbidden to be defended by Law equally. He refuses
    to allow me file a formal complaint repeatedly. The
    recordings with Manitoba's Chief Medical Examiner,
    suggest there could be thousands of victims here.. The
    Chief apparently can't tell precisely, claiming, he too is
    forbidden from reviewing the provably doctored medical
    records, of all those alleged murdered, denied
    formal investigating.

    I, John Kinal, am available for any questions or interview.


    Winnipeg Police state unlawfully, under no circumstances will
    they allow a complaint of murder to be drawn and forwarded
    to homicide - for those of Winnipeg who are chosen, AGAINST
    OUR WILL, to be first degree murdered, at the Winnipeg Health
    Sciences Center.

    The Winnipeg police are complicit in the
    continuing murders of the poor in our city.

    Evidence on the continuing mass murders
    in Winnipeg by the grunter Police - 250+meg file
    MORE THAN 10,000 victims and counting.
    https://userscloud.com/zs4wl4ykfo1u http://www.promptfile.com/l/FA91DD8B9D-06E11597AB https://bitster.cz/file/e9e9a9
    http://www.rodfile.com/a6yzk2cjqap3 http://salefiles.com/o28cgirxtl6b/MURDERS_IN_WINNIPEG_NOT_BEING_INVESTIGATED_BY_CO_ICIT_POLICE.zip.html
    http://www.wizupload.com/woiuujqgh4ni http://sdilej.cz/7939567/05__/MURDERS_IN_WINNIPEG_NOT_BEING_INVESTIGATED_BY_COMPLICIT_POLICE.zip

    I am begging Humanity for help.. please be human..

    My mother Jennie Kinal was taken against her will and my own, and put
    into the Winnipeg Health Sciences Center mass murder program titled,
    "Comfort Care". Where my mother's medications as effective health
    treatment, was denied, while being poisoned with agents that suffocate
    and paralyze. We were told we could not leave, or stop them from
    poisoning her. When asked on March 8th, whether my mother could
    receive some help with her newly acquired chest infection - I had
    suggested penicillin or maybe a antibiotic.. Dr. Chisic told me as
    recorded, "we don't do that here in Comfort Care" SHE KNOWS she is
    committing murder with Dr. Colister, by denying my mother the care she deserves, while being poisoned.

    Jennie Kinal was finally murdered at the Winnipeg Health Sciences
    Center by Dr. Collister and Nurse Collette. Earlier in the day that
    they committed this murder, my mother and I meet with Dr. Collister,
    that I have recorded - of Dr. Collister, talking to me and my mother,
    of how he wants to give my mother 'Devil's Breath'.. (the worst thing imaginable - as it stops the lungs from expelling phlegm.) I say no,
    because it will only exacerbate her newly acquired chest infection. He
    can only agree.. and ends our conversation stating, no new poisons
    will be prescribed.. (as too we received promise from Dr. Chisic) But
    Dr. Collister, the murderer, arranges with Nurse Collette to give
    'devil's breath', mixed with her fentanyl when I am absent the room..
    of which my mother soon succumbs during the next shift, at the cruel
    hands of night Nurse, Charlene. Who when I briefly rushed home,
    thinking she was someone I could trust, she phones me to tell, my
    mother will "not be walking out the front doors". And no, she will not
    revive.. "We don't do that here."

    The Winnipeg police are complicit in the continuing mass murders of
    the poor in our city.

    I explain in detail, with recordings of me speaking with the
    police, and the Chief Medical Examiner.. The city refuses to
    allow me to submit a complaint of murder. Trouble yourself to
    listen. Lives are still being stolen, simply for being poor.

    Winnipeg Police state unlawfully, under no circumstances will
    they allow a complaint of murder to be drawn and forwarded
    to homicide - for those of Winnipeg who are chosen, AGAINST
    OUR WILL, to be first degree murdered, at the Winnipeg Health
    Sciences Center. My mother was denied her needed medicines,
    while punched out and suffocated. All evidence is freely
    available. She nor I, did we will her to die murder victim as
    suicided.. We went to the hospital for help.. If others had
    warned us, we wouldn't have sacrificed our lives to these mass
    murderers. The Winnipeg police, as recorded several times,
    OFFICIALLY claim they are to be left unaccountable as lawless.
    There are many other victims here, denied our rules of law.

    like anyone else would

    We the People

    Please support a criminal investigation on the recent
    murder of Jennie Kinal in Winnipeg. The city forbids
    all police agencies from enforcing OUR law against
    premeditated murder.. at the Health Sciences Center
    4th floor - "Comfort Care" ..mass murder in fact.

    Being civilized, is naturally progressing in understanding.
    All the prophets will justice as fair say here.. as too,
    the astute Atheist. Willing to be free of tyranny.

    They are mass murdering the poor in Winnipeg today..

    The only power they have, is our indecision to do right for another.


    My mother Jennie Kinal and I, were not asked if we
    willed to have her end her life in the Winnipeg Health
    Sciences Center, by them placing my mother in "Comfort
    Care" - depriving her medicines, while poisoned to die.

    Did not sign anything to agree to 'Comfort Care'.

    Justice done is freedom won.

    SHOCKING AUDIO - Winnipeg Police Admit Being Complicit in Mass
    Murdering the Poor of Winnipeg - SHOCKING AUDIO

    http://4downfiles.net/8m9q0a0939mj.html http://www.anafile.com/9nb41bwp6oib.html
    http://www.promptfile.com/l/B678EFF372-AA2A26149C http://www.filefactory.com/file/1xhwj2sccvop http://www.gigasize.com/get/1rkgy8r9o3c
    http://exfile.ru/482136 http://www.edisk.cz/stahni/51088/FILING_for_MASS_MURDER_in_WINNIPEG.mp3_3.27MB.html

    Who cares for Winnipeg murder victims?

    Jennie Kinal and I, were not asked if we willed to have her end her
    life in the Winnipeg Health Sciences Center, by them placing my mother
    in "Comfort Care" - depriving her medicines, while poisoned to die.
    Did not sign anything to agree to 'Comfort Care'. All Winnipeg police
    officers clearly wouldn't support this wicked criminality continuing,
    but they are not made aware, as the complaints are not allowed to be
    filed. LISTEN TO THE COPS TELL ME SO AS RECORDED. We can't remain
    silenced on this matter of our families being first degree murdered at
    the lawless hospitals. It's justice for us or further we go bust. All
    invites for friendship welcomed.. Murderers Allowed To Walk Free in
    Winnipeg - Police forbidden to investigate.. WE DID NOT SIGN TO DIE
    BREATH. Allow the truth to prevail.. Are you not human? Warn innocent
    people of these crimes.. save lives..

    Did not sign anything to agree to 'Comfort Care'.

    freely available.

    Mass Murderers Allowed To Walk Free in Winnipeg


    What are we going to do?
    How about just taking the link for the story, and
    forwarding it to those who you believe should hear the good news?
    That we're not putting up with mass murder in Winnipeg any longer.
    Fair say all the way has you win too, a better world.. Please I
    beg you, be human. Judge this incredibly serious matter for
    yourself. The top recording is of me speaking with the head of
    all murder investigations in the province.. Telling he doesn't
    support getting to understand what the cause is ever of any,
    murdered in Winnipeg under this not elected program titled,
    "Comfort Care" where they ON PURPOSE.. deny medicines the
    patients needs, while then being poisoned to die with opiates,
    along with concoctions that stop the patient from breathing
    effectively, while spreading infections. Thousands of victims
    so far, according to my contact, directly connected - and the
    Chief Medical examiner stating in a recording in the archive..
    too.. of "thousands" being put down this way in Winnipeg. .
    My mother, nor I, did not sign into being murdered, or as they
    call, suicided.


    Save Lives

    In Winnipeg, the police state they will not investigate
    capital offenses that occur at Hospitals, because judges
    always side for doctors in criminal matters. Recording
    available. But in my case, with my mother, it was the
    doctor that ordered Jennie Kinal no longer be poisoned,
    with end of life medications.. but the nurses went ahead
    anyway to attempt murder.. for it was proven, Jennie Kinal
    did not have "multiple organ failure" - and they needed
    to cover up their murderous crimes against the poor as
    disadvantaged. Fair say all the way means we're living
    civilized lives, not being murdered as forsaken in
    Winnipeg.. Save lives in Winnipeg by warning others
    of this program titled, "Comfort Care" - It's a matter
    of life and death.

    Save innocent lives by allowing the truth to prevail. By
    warning others, you save lives.. Do right for ourselves,
    Love justice. Love freedom. Love life.


    "No one goes into palliative care without signing documents."

    John Kinal - Never signed anything. And it's the medical doctor who
    ordered my mother no longer be poisoned.. but my mom was according to
    the medical record, and the head nurse.. and two other nurses.. all
    to attempt cover of the fact, she never had 'multiple organ failure'.

    "Who never signed nothing? And how did your Mom end up at the
    I take it they didn't kidnap her too? Who poisoned your Mom? Again
    are allegations of wrong doing. Multiple organ failure would be a
    of death, not something anyone could live with."

    John Kinal - That's right. That's why it is so clearly, attempted
    murder on Feb 2nd when it was alleged, she had "multiple organ
    failure" .But lived for more than 30 days longer.. While the police
    refused to investigate, while the College of physicians are forbidden
    to involve themselves in criminal matters. The audio recordings are
    available.. They are murdering the poor, under "Comfort Care".. My
    mother entered the hospital in hopes to be helped with her thyroid
    condition, that had cause swelling in her legs.. Instead they pumped
    steroids and other things into her veins non-stop, which caused
    from the minute after giving her health card information.. then kept
    near a coma, doped with Fentanyl 80X more powerful than morphine, and hydromorphone to seriously hamper breathing,. to her subsequent murder
    on March 8th with "Devil's Breath".


    Listen: People of the world.. In Winnipeg, if a
    capital offense occurs at a hospital.. the College
    of Physicians and Surgeons can not get involved, and
    the concern needs to be forwarded to police.. while
    the police in Winnipeg state, they never allow officers
    to investigate capital crimes that occur in hospital..
    Recording available. THAT'S A BIG PROBLEM. For everybody.
    We, the People have to face this fair. Don't fear
    standing on principle.. This is really a serious
    matter, of murder going unpunished. We all need to
    defend ourselves fair.. Who do the Winnipeg Police
    Department think they work here for? It is we the
    people of Winnipeg.. The Winnipeg police department
    is complicit, as an accessory to mass murder by
    refusing to enforce our laws. Minimally,
    obstructionists. That Law against murder we must
    enforce. They get a fair say, before conviction can
    be gained.. We love all honorable cops.. as they are
    of us, willing freedom. The freedom to not be
    murdered. Fair say all the way means cops win too,
    hip hip hooray!


    "Here's a list of grief counselors who can help you.."

    Things are true for us to find too. Without needing a
    reflex reaction, to hear of such foolishness.. as the
    cause for why Winnipegger's are cheated to die victims..
    denied Justice.. denied equal protection under the laws
    of Canada.. it is for you friend.. a sad day to reflect
    on our TRUE circumstance.. as measured correct, 100%.
    Facts are facts.. and no one can thwart our fair
    measure being human. Freedom is Justice.

    All the evidence is made publicly available my friend.
    Read the facts for yourself to be horrified. Recording at
    the police desk, telling no.. they will not allow any
    investigations.. no matter what. It's like a death cult.
    And yeah.. it is rather terrifying to learn, I tell the
    truth. Cops of course are good on general terms, but they
    have to obey the rules too. The truth is better than the
    lies, while further innocent lives are lost due our
    inaction in further silence. Why this happens is
    difficult to talk on, as it is a part, speculative.
    The whole branch of medicine, called "death meds", or,
    'end of life' medications, if you ask me, is extremely
    faulted in error. However, it is for really happening
    across North America too. Medicines to stop breathing,
    or to spread infections, are clearly poison to the
    thinking man or woman.. In Winnipeg the patient and
    family have no rights defended whatsoever. We need
    to demand a public inquest.. as so, the facts are
    brought to the attention of everyone being civilized.

    An Open Letter to the Crown Prosecutors of Canada

    The Oath of Crowns "pursue Justice where ever it leads.."

    My mother, Jennie Kinal, was first degree murdered at the
    Winnipeg Health Sciences Center on March 8, 2016. There was
    also an attempt made on Jennie Kinal's life on February 2 and
    3 2016. All documented as proven easily. When contacting the
    College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba, and speaking
    with the investigative Community's spokesperson Irene Mcdonald
    regarding the attempt at murder incident, whereas I forwarded
    the Committee the evidence.. Irene advised me that such a
    criminal allegation was something they can not as ever
    investigate.. and that the complaint needed to be brought
    to the attention of the Winnipeg police.. Of which I did, in
    total five times. The fifth time, on April 29 2016, Mike at
    the desk told me, that under no circumstances do they allow
    any officer of law to investigate capital crimes that occur
    at hospitals, due the Doctor always being correct.. Recording
    available. They didn't tell me of their willingness to BLINDLY
    be, accessories to mass murder of Canadians until then. When
    I first brought the indisputable evidence of the attempt at
    murder, they did not tell me then, they would have all
    honorable police officers denied my pleas for mercy, or
    warn me that they would not be defending my mother's life
    left held in jeopardy, no matter what the facts were.
    Instead it was told that someone would look at it repeatedly.
    Of which at no time did they phone anyone to clarify an
    understanding. To simply validate the claim, only took one
    phone call to Dr. T, of which they refused to do. Caring
    not for the well being of my mother, a Canadian citizen
    who was attempted to be murdered, upon my repeated requests
    for the police to protect.. Nor did they at any time talk
    to me, about how they found the facts lacking, or hard to
    grasp. The evidence of the attempted murder is a solid as
    it comes.. While the murder consists of Dr. Collister
    telling my mother and myself, that his suggestion of
    "Devil's Breath" and another drug to mix with Jennie's
    Fentanyl, that "doesn't cross the blood brain barrier"
    would NOT instead be administered, due my wise words
    explaining why such action will bring about only harm
    to my mother, with a contagious chest infection just
    acquired the day before. Of which he does not disagree
    with as recorded. Why? As I state, to hamper my mother's
    ability to expel phlegm will do her no good obviously.
    Not knowing then what "Devil's Breath" was as deadly,
    and completely inappropriate obviously. But then as
    documented fully, Dr. Collister goes ahead secretly in
    a conspiracy with Nurse Colette to administer just such
    a poison when I am not present, gone for coffee. Again,
    recorded as administered by the day nurse, the night
    nurse Charlene shows me the order herself, again, as
    recorded. Once administered, Jennie becomes paralyzed,
    then shortly in hours dies. A woman diagnosed with mild
    back pain the entire two weeks prior by Dr. Semus..
    A woman ready to go home as diagnosed by Dr. Necozy
    the two weeks prior to that. But diagnosed by Dr.
    Collister as having no more than 14 days to live.. on
    February 2.. and on March 7. [NO COMPLAINTS DEPARTMENT]
    He failed at murder, then to cover his attempt, a month
    later, went ahead and tried again.. Dr. Semus informed
    me, that the hospital removed the entire February
    incident from the books. The incident recorded as
    transpiring by three doctors, three nurses, including
    the head nurse of which I speak with for near a hour on
    the matter as recorded as well. There have been no
    investigations on Dr. Collister's actions for near a
    decade as clearly being among psychopaths. For the
    Winnipeg Police to forbid Justice, because they believe
    in something of a death cult, that costs a great many
    innocent lives needs to be brought to the Public's
    attention, and halted immediately. Accessory to murder
    in not what OUR police are for. Many more lives are
    still threatened by this mass murder program called,
    "Comfort Care" - an unelected death sentence given to
    thousands of Manitobans with families who have complained
    of "similar incidents" of murder, according to my private
    discussions with a provincial employee familiar with the
    numbers. I have heard from three acquaintances in my
    personal life, that claim near identical scenario. 'No
    choice, your loved one will now be denied needed medicines,
    while given poisons to hamper breathing', and so on..
    This needs a public inquest, or a truth commission to
    uncover this unholy nightmare. Let's do right by saving
    innocent lives, not hide to see further needlessly die
    victims to our cowardice of being professionals. This
    is very much an issue that involves aboriginals and the
    poor most especially, not only the elderly, but the
    young as well.

    Please, I beg you with everything I am.. save innocent lives..
    Forward this information. It is life and death. Care for those
    of our society you are not absent from my friends or foes.

    Important: The Public must be warned.. Save lives.. Support a Public

    My mother, Jennie Kinal, was murdered in a
    Winnipeg hospital, on March the 8th, 2016
    under a program of first degree mass murder
    called.. "Comfort Care"..

    (..this on the first attempt at murder..)
    Introduction to the Case: back-from-the-dead http://4downfiles.net/quzeo2mzsfhu.html

    Shortened synopsis..

    I wad told Jennie had multiple organ
    failure, and was on end of life medication.
    I said bullshit, she was great just hours
    ago.. The head Doctor, Dr. T, called a halt
    to the death meds.. Telling Nurses, if
    Jennie experiences any discomfort, I am
    to be phoned to okay the death meds once
    more.. I am phoned for such action the next
    day, arrive in under 7 minutes, to find
    my mother pronounced clinically dead by
    RN Delaney, due organ failure.. I revive
    my mom to discover, she has no organ
    failure.. Being doped everyday under
    Forward this information to everyone who
    loves their mother.. The Police most
    especially. They have been caught attempting
    first degree murder of made helpless innocent
    old folks at Winnipeg's Health Sciences

    Suggestions to the RCMP on how to conduct criminal
    investigations regarding the murder of Jennie Kinal,
    that happened on March 8, 2016, at Winnipeg's Health
    Sciences Center, 4H.

    There are two major crime scene involved in this matter..
    There was the attempt at murder made on February 2,2016,
    and the murder that took place on March 8, 2016.

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