• Pap sure to win in tis coming GE..

    From brianlau1234@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sun Nov 10 11:57:11 2019
    Must congraluate CECB in advance la

    See...how clever he is now !! CÄn go to UN n gave a speech... Now mainland netcitizen hailed him as a 'eero'for speaking against those honkies students..then back home he finished off WP ppl...he also want to finish off his nephew.. Nowadays very smart..
    pap sure to win this GE wan..
    Sg soooo lucky to hv him as PM
    Wat we singaporean need to do ïs must tell allah..tell jesus..tell lord shiva...CECB cannot up the lorry.. Cos he is the savïor for abt 1000 homeless ppl..sleeping in park n void deck all over Sg. After tis GE..n pap claimed victory he wił then
    himsele as 'minister menthol' heng swee kiat as seat warmer PM..n u know la...lee Congyi will be DPM.. Its all in the familee again..so shiok !!


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