• Wats hate speech papist is talking abt?

    From brianlau1234@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sun Aug 11 10:56:58 2019
    If a leader or his leadership is plauble..i believe no one will give negative remark on him..
    If a leader had caused hardship to a segment of needy families ..he deserved to be told off.
    I dont know him personally, so why must i hate him personally.
    Its just that we fair minded ppl felt that this current leadership is not doing wats leadership need to do..or wat we singaporean expected them to do the right thing.
    Due to their sub standard style of leadership..it has caused some u fortunate needy families..or lonely elders committing sucide...ie the recent case abt a 49 years old jobless indian killed his own mother n he jumped down. This is one of the few
    unfortunate cases..its becos of the facult of the govt lacking to assist poor families. This current papist govt not only lack of provide adaptable welfare to needy familes..instead they forcefully locked up those needy families its breadwinner life
    saving retirement fund..causing these needy families nowhere to go...commiting sucide is the only way out.
    In fact this papist govt need to be told off.
    We dont hate ppl that we dont know them personally. We only loathe the system implemented by this current bunch of useless ministers n PM..

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  • From brianlau1234@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Mon Aug 12 23:46:45 2019
    We are talki g abt lousy leader whose policies were simply pathetic n flawed.. Why cant we undermine them..on wats they spew out..just no experience n no leadership quality..but drawing professional salary..

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