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    From brian lau@21:1/5 to All on Tue Dec 24 15:05:36 2019
    Due to large scale fresh water sipping into the soil..even.combining with those huge 'water pockets' (to replace oiĺ tat hv been sucked up) by oil driller..
    These combination of large scale water clouted inside the inner core would then pushes those lava upward. Lava by nature do contain oil residual..n it float on top of water.. Tat is probably the cause u see old volcanos starting to erupt again...due to..
    water pushing lava upward to various volcanic iota..
    Water replacing oil inside the earth's inner core..has more or less disrupted the whole orbital process on planet earth.. Due to tat...we r now facing phenomenal earth activities (on its environment) never seen before..

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