• Sgs hv been short changed by papis govt in many ways..!!

    From brianlau1234@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Thu Nov 28 06:40:10 2019
    On life style, on jobs, on cpf on public housing n on cost of living..
    Like tat how to survive ?

    No doubt malaysïa domestic n political landscäpe are not as stabilise due to the majority illiterates (melayu) calling the shot..the chinese n indian able to wriggle themselves out frm the lopsided policy going agaïnst these two races.
    The availability of food ïs not a problem for the chinese..as for the indian community..only a small segment of indian were the poorest. Reason is most indian leaders are too selfish...cos they r too smart.
    Chinese communities build small towns ..ie puchong 101, cheras, pasang or even outlying area like Kota Tinggi..wit hi rise buildings n condo..wit swimming pool.. Can say life is good for the chinese.
    Dont beĺieve just ask any malaysian worker working in Sg..whether they prefer to stay in Sg or malaysia wit their family.. Most will chose malaysia for better lifestyle.
    Sg shld changed its name to 'chindian'not sïngapore

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