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    Dark circles can occur for a myriad of reasons, one among which is dry skin—a dehydrated under-eye area allows the blue and purple blood vessels to point out through. If you’re in need of hydration to assist with this, you’re in luck: The kitchen
    hero expressed almond oil doubles as a dark circle demolisher.

    “The primary constituents in expressed almond oil that benefit the skin are the fatty acids linoleic and monounsaturated fatty acid ,” Heather Wilson, esthetician and director of brand name development at InstaNatural told Byrdie. This duo helps to
    hydrate, reduce inflammation, and support the barrier function of skin because of high levels of vitamins B and E also as phytosterols.
    Sometimes under-eye circles are most noticeable once you awaken , and if that’s the case, grab an additional pillow—and rethink your sleeping position.

    treatment of eye bags naturally can help “If dark, puffy [bags under your eyes] seem to be the morning problem, consider sleeping on your back with an additional pillow in order that fluid doesn’t pool overnight, an Illinois-based dermatologist. “
    Keeping your pillow shielded from pollen with a protective envelopment also can help when allergies are the culprit.” Top it off with a silk pillowcase for extra skin-saving benefits.
    The next time you purchase groceries, Kimberly Snyder, Well+Good councillor and celeb nutritionist, suggests adding these fruits and veggies to your handcart .

    “They balance important electrolytes like potassium—it controls fluid levels within the body to reduce the puffiness around your eyes, which aggravate the dark circles—while adding healthy diet and essential beauty nutrients that help deaden this
    specific issue,” Snyder says. Make this summer asparagus soup and you’ll beat puffiness below the neck, too


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