• Seven men arrested after shouting racist insults and doing Nazi sal

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    On 7/12/2020 4:30 PM, BeamMeUpScotty wrote:
    On 7/12/20 5:05 PM, FBInCIAnNSATerroristSlayer wrote:
    Whites were NEVER CIVILIZED, they "merely cunningly brainwashed
    everybody TO THINK that whites are civilized".

    / - /

    Non-Whites SHOULD HAVE USED the SAME STANDARDS for genocidal White
    Christian THIEVES what WHITES use for "Non-Whites/Thieves/Burglars" https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/uk.sport.cricket/fSisNB-GG0E/JbMST-WwBAAJ

    - and this is a thought- through contribution to an intellegent discussion?

    Mann oh Mann how deep has the usenet fallen in the years I was away!

    So now we should all be trying our hardest to replace decadess of white raceism down on colourds by colourd racism down on whites!??

    And that will be p r o g r e s s?



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