• 'Masks make us slaves': thousands march in Berlin anti-lockdown pro

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    Men will take off the masks but women will be forced to continue to wear
    them and then for the masks to become fashion and become the Muslim Face coverings and then maybe a full Burka so that in the end it is a way to
    "boil the frog in the water" and by that I mean a way to use force and nudging to convince women that they need to wear a "face covering for
    medical reasons" so that they will NOT resist.

    If the powers that be said that face coverings were for Sharia law too
    many women would reject it. BUT SAY IT"S FORE FEMINISM and women;s
    health care like wearing a pink ribbon is for the breast cancer
    "solidarity" then women will accept it just as the FOOTBALL PLAYERS want
    men to kneel during the NATIONAL ANTHEM at FootBall games to get them
    used to kneeling and then tried to expand that to kneeling to Blacks...
    and that would be expanded again to the next level and then you men
    would spend all your time on your knees to your new Communist masters.

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    What a load of idiotic drivel!!!

    No really - some people should take a trip to the labour exchange instead of flooding usenet with dumm crap.


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