• Germany must combat "right-wing extremism", nation destroyer Merkel

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    https://www.reuters.com/article/us-germany-crime/germany-must-combat- right-wing-extremism-merkel-says-after-politicians-murder-idUSKCN1TN0C9
    BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany=E2=80=99s Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday=
    said the=20
    state must rigorously fight right-wing extremism following the murder of =
    prominent politician.
    The arrest of a man with suspected far-right sympathies over the shooting=
    this month of Walter Luebcke, a regional ally of Merkel known for his pro=
    migrant views, shocked Germany and prompted calls for a more pro-active=
    government response to anti-immigrant extremists.

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    What the f has 15 or so pages of unformated text-dump got to do with usenet discussion groups?


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