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    And in this thirty-ninth jubilee, in the second week in the first year (39J2W1D), *TERAH* took to himself a wife, and her name was ’Êdnâ, the daughter of ’Abrâm the daughter of his father's sister. And in the seventh year of this week she bare him a son, and he called his name *ABRAM* {high father}, by the name of the father of his mother; for he had died before
    his daughter had conceived a son. And the child began to *UNDERSTAND* the errors of the earth that all went astray after graven images and after uncleanness, and his father *TAUGHT* him *WRITING*, and he was two weeks of years old, and he *SEPARATED* himself from his father that he might not
    worship *IDOLS* with him. And he began to *PRAY* *TO* *THE* *CREATOR* of
    all things that He might *SAVE* him from the errors of the children of men,
    and that his portion should not fall into error after uncleanness and vileness."

    The consideration is whether these might have significance to the volume of academic research which has been published on the ROTAS / SATOR square, but after more than a century, there is no consensus on its origin and meaning.
    The square comes in two forms: ROTAS (left, below), and the SATOR (right, below) where the ROTAS / SATOR ROMAN SQUARE is the NUMEN key to #65 - #1 =
    #64 understanding it as a modus operandi of #14 - PENETRATION (JUI) action where the TRIPARTITE COURSE OF NATURE MATRIX is then the field against
    which labour is applied in accordance with a direct sentence translation

    R O T A S S A T O R
    O P E R A A R E P O
    T E N E T T E N E T
    A R E P O O P E R A
    S A T O R R O T A S

    SATOR: (nominative or vocative noun; from serere, 'to sow') sower, planter, founder, progenitor (usually divine); originator; literally 'seeder'.

    AREPO: unknown word, potentially a proper name, either invented to complete
    the palindrome or of a non-Latin origin. In 1983, Serbian-American scholar Miroslav Marcovich proposed the term AREPO as a Latinized abbreviation of Harpocrates (or "Horus-the-child"), god of the rising sun, also called Γεωργός `Aρπον, which Marcovich suggests corresponds to SATOR AREPO. This
    would translate the square as: "The sower *HORUS* / Harpocrates checks,
    toils, and *TORTURES*" (see FATHOMING #9 to TETRA #7 as usage of: cè (測):
    1. to measure, 2. to test, 3. a measure of depth, 4. clear, 5.
    *INTERROGATE* *WITH* *TORTURE*, 6. deep, 7. to conjecture; to estimate).

    The son of Osiris and Isis is known as Horus the Child (Hor pa khered) who
    was transformed into the Greek god Harpocrates after Alexander the Great conquered Egypt in 331 BC. 'Harpocrates' also means 'Horus the Child' but
    the deity is considered to differ from the Egyptian Horus. Harpocrates was
    the Greek god of silence and confidentiality, the keeper of secrets, whose statuary regularly depicts him as a winged child with his finger to his

    TENET: (verb; from tenere, 'to hold') he/she/it holds, keeps, comprehends, possesses, masters, preserves, sustains.

    OPERA: (nominative, accusative or vocative [see opus] plural noun) work,
    care, aid, labour, service, effort/trouble; (from opus): (nominative, accusative or vocative noun) works, deeds; (ablative) with effort.

    ROTAS: (rotās, accusative plural of rota) wheels; (verb) you (singular)
    turn or cause to rotate.

    The earliest squares were found at Roman-era sites, all in ROTAS-form
    (where the top line is "ROTAS", not "SATOR"), with the earliest discovery
    at Pompeii (and also likely pre-A.D. 62). The earliest square with Christian-associated imagery dates from the sixth century. By the Middle
    Ages, Sator squares had been found across Europe, Asia Minor, and North
    Africa. In 2022, the Encyclopedia Britannica called it "the most familiar lettered square in the Western world". Some believe the square should be
    read as just three words – SATOR OPERA TENET, which they loosely translate as: "The Creator (the author of all things) maintains his works"; both of
    which could imply Graeco-Roman Stoic and / or Pythagorean origins.<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sator_Square>

    TETRA (INRI): #7 - 𝌌上 = #458 (chū (初): *INCEPTION*)

    shàng: 1. top; a high position, 2. top; the position on or above something,
    3. to go up; to go forward, 4. shang, 5. previous; last, 6. high; higher,
    7. advanced, 8. *A* *MONARCH*; *A* *SOVEREIGN*, 9. time, 10. to do
    something; *TO* *DO* *SOMETHING* *AT* *A* *SET* *TIME*; to go to, 11. far,
    12. big; as big as, 13. abundant; plentiful, 14. to report, 15. to offer,
    16. to go on stage, 17. to take office; to assume a post, 18. to install;
    to erect, 19. to suffer; to sustain, 20. to *BURN*, 21. to remember, 22.
    on; in, 23. upward, 24. to add, 25. to fix; to install; to apply (powder, makeup, etc), 26. to meet, 27. falling then rising (4th) tone, 28. used
    after a verb indicating a result, 29. a musical note

        #77 - NOUMENON RESONANCE FOR 27 DECEMBER 2023 as [#10, #5, #2, #10, #50] /
        #427 - NOUMENON RESONANCE FOR 27 DECEMBER 2023 as [#10, #400, #10, #5, #2] / [#10, #5, #10, #2, #400] /
    #458 as [#40, #400, #10, #5, #2, #1] = yᵉhab (H3052): {UMBRA: #17 % #41 = #17} 1) to give, provide; 1a) (P'al); 1a1) to give; 1a2) *TO* *PLACE*,
    *LAY* (*FOUNDATIONS*); 1b) (Hithp'al); 1b1) to be given; 1b2) to be paid

    WHERE #458 = #451 - PRAXIS OF RATIONALITY + #7 - ASCENT (CHANG): "Once the individual rises to high position, he must maintain the support of those
    below. Otherwise, his subordinates will surely undercut him. Nor can safety
    be assured the individual whose ambitions lead him to rise too

    APPRAISAL #9: Perched on a *ROTTEN* stump,
    First he faces *RUIN*, then finds a firmer base (棲于菑初亡後得基). FATHOMING #9: Perched on a stump, then on a firmer base,
    Means: He later secures good men.

    qī (棲): 1. to nest; to perch; to roost, 2. *TO* *PERCH* (*OF* *BIRDS*);
    *TO* *STAY*; *TO* *DWELL*, 3. to stay

    yú (于): 1. in; at, 2. in; at, 3. in; at; to; from, 4. to go; to, 5. to rely on; to depend on, 6. to go to; to arrive at, 7. from, 8. give, 9.
    *OPPOSING*, 10. and, 11. compared to, 12. by, 13. and; as well as, 14. for,
    15. Yu, 16. a *CROW*, 17. whew; wow

    zī (菑): 1. *A* *FIELD* *RECENTLY* *OPENED* *FOR* *CULTIVATION*, 2. to weed grass

    chū (初): 1. *AT* *FIRST*; *AT* *THE* *BEGINNING*; *INITIALLY*, 2. used to prefix numbers, 3. used as a prefix indicating the first time or part of something, 4. just now, 5. thereupon, 6. an intensifying adverb, 7. rudimentary; elementary, 8. original

    wáng (亡): 1. *TO* *DIE*, 2. to flee, 3. to not have, 4. to lose, 5. to perish; to be destroyed, 6. to leave, 7. to forget, 8. dead

    hòu (後): 1. after; later, 2. empress; queen, 3. *SOVEREIGN*, 4. behind, 5. *THE* *GOD* *OF* *THE* *EARTH*, 6. late; later, 7. arriving late, 8. *OFFSPRING*; *DESCENDANTS*, 9. to fall behind; to lag, 10. behind; back,
    11. then, 12. mother of the designated heir; mother of the crown prince,
    13. Hou, 14. after; behind, 15. following, 16. to be delayed, 17. to
    abandon; to discard, 18. feudal lords, 19. Hou

    de (得): 1. potential marker, 2. to obtain; to get; to gain; to attain; to win, 3. must; ought to, 4. to want to; to need to, 5. must; ought to, 6.
    de, 7. infix potential marker, 8. to result in, 9. to be proper; to fit; to suit, 10. to be satisfied, 11. to be finished, 12. result of degree, 13. *MARKS* *COMPLETION* *OF* *AN* *ACTION*, 14. satisfying, 15. to contract,
    16. marks permission or possibility, 17. expressing frustration, 18. to
    hear, 19. to have; there is, 20. marks time passed

    jī (基): 1. base; foundation, 2. *BASIC*; *FUNDAMENTAL*, 3. a radical, 4. basis

    The arrogant individual finally repents his earlier *ERRORS*, humbling
    himself in order to win the support of worthy followers. For the throne,
    worthy officials, in the words of the Odes, are the necessary "BASE OF THE STATE."" [CANON OF SUPREME MYSTERY (4 BCE), Nylan 1993, page 130]

    [#52, {@1: Sup: 52 - MEASURE: TU (#52); Ego: 52 - MEASURE: TU (#52)}
    #73, {@2: Sup: 44 - STOVE: TSAO (#96 - MALE DEME IS UNNAMED {%33}); Ego: 73
    #79, {@3: Sup: 42 - GOING TO MEET: YING (#138); Ego: 79 - DIFFICULTIES: NAN (#204)}
    #70, {@4: Sup: 31 - PACKING: CHUANG (#169 - I TROUBLE MYSELF ONLY WITH MY
    70 - SEVERANCE: KE (#274)}
    #17] {@5: Sup: 48 - RITUAL: LI (#217); Ego: 17 - HOLDING BACK: JUAN (#291)}

    TELOS TOTAL: #291



    #412 - ONTIC CHECKSUM TOTAL: #169 as [#6, #10, #20, #300, #30, #6, #40] = kâshal (H3782): {UMBRA: #350 % #41 = #22} 1) to stumble, stagger, totter;
    1a) (Qal); 1a1) to stumble; 1a2) to totter; 1b) (Niphal); 1b1) to stumble;
    1b2) to be tottering, be feeble; 1c) (Hiphil); 1c1) to cause to stumble, *BRING* *INJURY* *OR* *RUIN* *TO*, overthrow; 1c2) to make feeble, make
    weak; 1d) (Hophal) to be made to stumble; 1e) (Piel) bereave;

    #169 as [#80, #30, #1, #50, #8] = plánē (G4106): {UMBRA: #169 % #41 = #5}
    1) a wandering, a straying about; 1a) one led astray from the right way,
    roams hither and thither; 2) metaph.; 2a) mental straying; 2a1) *ERROR*, *WRONG* *OPINION* *RELATIVE* *TO* *MORALS* *OR* *RELIGION*; 2b) error which shows itself in action, a wrong mode of acting; 2c) error, that which leads into error, deceit or fraud;

        #245 - NOUMENON RESONANCE FOR 27 DECEMBER 2023 as [#200, #40, #5] / [#5, #200, #40] /
            #247 - NOUMENON RESONANCE FOR 27 DECEMBER 2023 as [#1, #200, #6,
    #40] /
        #348 - NOUMENON RESONANCE FOR 27 DECEMBER 2023 as [#6, #1, #200, #40, #40, #50, #5, #6] /
    #665 - ONTIC CHECKSUM TOTAL: #169 as [#5, #200, #10, #40, #400, #10] /
    #685 - ONTIC CHECKSUM TOTAL: #169 as [#5, #200, #10, #40, #400, #10, #20] = rûwm (H7311): {UMBRA: #246 % #41 = #41} 1) to rise, rise up, be high, be lofty, be exalted; 1a) (Qal); 1a1) to be high, be set on high; 1a2) to be raised, be uplifted, be exalted; 1a3) to be lifted, rise; 1b) (Polel); 1b1) *TO* *RAISE* *OR* *REAR* (*CHILDREN*), cause to grow up; 1b2) to lift up, raise, exalt; 1b3) to exalt, extol; 1c) (Polal) to be lifted up; 1d)
    (Hiphil); 1d1) to raise, lift, lift up, take up, set up, erect, exalt, set
    on high; 1d2) to lift up (and take away), remove; 1d3) to lift off and
    present, contribute, offer, contribute; 1e) (Hophal) to be taken off, be abolished; 1f) (Hithpolel) to exalt oneself, magnify oneself; 2) (Qal) to
    be *ROTTEN*, be wormy;

    #169 as [#30, #30, #100, #9] = lâqaṭ (H3950): {UMBRA: #139 % #41 = #16} 1) to pick up, gather, glean, gather up; 1a) (Qal); 1a1) to pick up, gather;
    1a2) to glean; 1b) (Piel); 1b1) to gather, gather up; 1b2) *TO* *COLLECT* (*MONEY*); 1b3) to glean; 1c) (Pual) to be picked up; 1d) (Hithpael) *TO* *COLLECT* *ONESELF*;

    #93 - DEME CHECKSUM TOTAL: #265 as [#30, #1, #2, #50, #10] /
    #133 - DEME CHECKSUM TOTAL: #265 as [#30, #1, #2, #50, #10, #40] = ʼeben (H68): {UMBRA: #53 % #41 = #12} 1) stone (large or small); 1a) common stone
    (in natural state); 1b) stone, as material; 1b1) of tablets; 1b2) marble,
    hewn stones; 1c) precious stones, stones of fire; 1d) stones containing
    metal (ore), tool for work or weapon; 1e) weight; 1f) plummet (stones of destruction) also made of metal; 1g) stonelike objects, eg hailstones,
    stony heart, ice; 1h) *SACRED* *OBJECT*, as memorial Samuel set up to mark where God helped Israel to defeat the Philistines; 1i) (simile); 1i1)
    sinking in water, motionlessness; 1i2) *STRENGTH*, *FIRMNESS*, *SOLIDITY*;
    1i3) commonness; 1j) (metaph); 1j1) petrified with terror; 1j2) perverse,
    hard heart;

        #77 - NOUMENON RESONANCE FOR 27 DECEMBER 2023 as [#1, #6, #50, #20] / #87 - ONTIC CHECKSUM TOTAL: #104 as [#30, #1, #6, #50] /
    #737 - DEME CHECKSUM TOTAL: #265 as [#30, #1, #6, #700] = ʼâven (H205): {UMBRA: #57 % #41 = #16} 1) trouble, wickedness, sorrow; 1a) trouble,
    sorrow; 1b) idolatry; 1c) *TROUBLE* *OF* *INIQUITY*, *WICKEDNESS*;

        #221 - NOUMENON RESONANCE FOR 27 DECEMBER 2023 as [#1, #4, #10, #200, #6] /
        #245 - NOUMENON RESONANCE FOR 27 DECEMBER 2023 as [#1, #4, #10, #200, #10, #20] /
        #276 - NOUMENON RESONANCE FOR 27 DECEMBER 2023 as [#6, #1, #4, #10, #200, #10, #5, #40] /
    #265 as [#40, #1, #4, #10, #200, #10] / [#1, #4, #10, #200, #10, #40] = ʼaddîyr (H117): {UMBRA: #215 % #41 = #10} 1) great, majestic; 1a) of waters of sea; 1b) *OF* *A* *TREE*; 1c) *OF* *KINGS*, *NATIONS*, *GODS*; 2) great
    one, majestic one; 2a) *OF* *NOBLES*, *CHIEFTAINS*, *SERVANTS*;

        #268 - NOUMENON RESONANCE FOR 27 DECEMBER 2023 as [#40, #10, #200, #8, #10] /
    #265 as [#40, #10, #200, #5, #10] = miséō (G3404): {UMBRA: #1055 % #41 =
    #30} 1) *TO* *HATE*, *PURSUE* *WITH* *HATRED*, *DETEST*; 2) to be hated, detested;



    "Your in denial, no real faith would allow this - you #410 - *DEVIL* lover. Time to take out the trash: nuke all forced changes and [eastern] Europe.

    DOLF @ 1220 HOURS ON 27 DECEMBER 2023: "And what do you think of these BOOK
    OF JUBILEES [TETRADS (Terah): #42 - 𝌯迎 = #493, (Serug): #40 - 𝌭法 = #491,
    (Abram): #43 - 𝌰遇 = #494] / DOAIST CANON OF SUPREME MYSTERY (太玄經) GRAND
    INCEPTION (Tàichū: 太初) parallelisms as substantiated faith within the ALMIGHTY as #104 - ʼĕlôhîym (H430): *THE* *TRUE* *GOD* which has precedence to yours as IDOLATRY?"



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    Juden Gay Porn Targets Children <remailer@domain.invalid> wrote:
    BERLIN (Reuters) - German hard rock band Rammstein has provoked
    outrage among Jewish groups and politicians with a video advertising
    its new album in which band members appear dressed as concentration
    camp prisoners.

    In the short video, available online, band members appear dressed in
    the striped uniforms of concentration camp prisoners with nooses
    around their necks.

    "With this video, the band has crossed a line," Charlotte Knobloch,
    a Holocaust survivor and former president of the Central Council of
    Jews in Germany, told mass-selling daily Bild.

    "The instrumentalisation and trivialisation of the Holocaust, as
    shown in the images, is irresponsible."

    Felix Klein, the government's commissioner for anti-semitism, said
    if the video was simply to promote sales, "I think it is a tasteless exploitation of artistic freedom."

    Rammstein are no strangers to controversy.

    Since launching in Berlin in 1995, the band has courted controversy
    with its albums, which have touched on such subjects as
    sadomasochism, homosexuality, incest, abuse, necrophilia, pyromania, cannibalism and sexual violence.

    In 2009, the government banned Rammstein's hit album "Liebe ist Fuer
    Alle Da" ("Love is For All") from public display in stores because
    of its depictions of sado-masochism.

    https://www.reuters.com/article/us-music-rammstein-jewish/german- rock-band-causes-outrage-with-nazi-camp-video-idUKKCN1R82OU/


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