• GERMAN JEW Architect of collapsed condo suspended years ago for str

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    He won't be the only one - and it has zip to do
    with his religion. 60s/70s/80s was a HUGE HUGE
    real-estate boom. They built 'em as fast and
    cheap as possible. Tomorrow ? Who cares, hasn't
    happened yet !

    Capitalism DOES have some flaws - and this situation
    illustrates a few of them. Quick $$$ above and beyond
    all else was the mantra.

    Hate to say it, but a LOT of those big beachfront
    condos and hotels are probably in similarly horrible
    condition at this point. We're talking maybe a
    TRILLION dollars worth of construction - not to
    mention what all the residents paid for their
    ocean view. The insurance industry can't cope, not
    even close, and even the State can't afford to
    pay this tab. So, TOTAL loss.

    And what the fuck did Canada have to do with
    any of this ? OK, probably SOME gullible
    Canadians own US beachside condos ....

    Soon to be the next big hole in the ground.

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