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    On 22 Sep 2021, Bob Duncan <bob7duncan@gmail.com> posted some news:sifdl4$quu$3@news.dns-netz.com:

    Penis enlargement surgeries reportedly occur in Germany more than any
    other country

    A German man has died after a botched penis enlargement surgery that has resulted in criminal charges against the unlicensed practitioner.

    The German newspaper Bild reported last week that a man identified as a 32-year-old Martin M. died from blood poisoning and organ failure after
    Torben K., 46, injected his penis with silicone in an effort to enlarge

    Torben K. reportedly admitted to injecting Martin M. after the two met on
    a gay dating website and acknowledged he "injected him at my own risk."

    Bild reported that Torben K. is not a licensed medical practitioner and injected the other man after he expressed a desire to have a "really large penis."

    Torben K. had reportedly injected himself with silicone before and ordered
    the oil, which is intended for cleaning surfaces, from the United States.

    Torben K. reportedly claimed that Martin M. was jealous of his penis and
    large testicles after the two met.


    The defendant has admitted to injecting several people for a price of 200 euros.

    "We have discussed internally and decided not to comment on this case at
    this time (while the proceedings are ongoing). We ask for your
    understanding," said a spokesperson for the medical clinic where Martin M. died.

    Torben K. is now facing charges of committing "dangerous bodily harm
    resulting in death and violation of the Alternative Medical Practitioners

    The Guardian reported in 2014 that Germany was the "world's capital" for
    penis enlargement surgeries with one in five surgeries taking place in the country.

    https://www.foxnews.com/world/german-man-dies-lover-botched-injection- enlarge-private-parts-report?dicbo=v2-LRnskht

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