• Year of the Rat, once again

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    In early 1996, as I write on


    "Early in the Chinese year, in the Year of the Rat, when I, my sister Anne
    and her two daughters were travelling west from St. John's to Lakeview along the Conception Bay Highway, a large rat raced Olympic fashion rapidly to the edge of the road and made a flying leap to hit our car. We backed up to find
    it was dead and I dragged it off the road, and later thought that it had committed self-sacrifice and would be reincarnated in higher form after
    hitting the "car of ma.” “

    Anyway, it has come around again, and I hope that I will come out of my low years into a period of centred clarity and sustained productive creativity before I turn 56 in a few weeks time (55 is a special number for me).

    From the above incident I say that Rat is a species someone of other species
    of significant sign (SSOSOSS) to me and is thus a minor deity to me. I define
    a species someone as the smallest in mass someone containing a species, so it is like a collective consciousness of a species only it also contains bodies.

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