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    Hi Jason,
    Have to put it this way because of what we're doing to
    build a Roma Nation Mandate.

    Persons of mixed Romani and other [Mikmaq etc] can if they
    are interested be included as Voters.

    Each will need to say so and provide an email address.

    Having said this, we need just as much to have alliances
    with people, especially those fighting land issues. We were
    allied to First Nation organizations and flew their flag during
    the ten year Siege of Dale Farm [which involved a riot police
    assault using Tasers in 2011]

    Brexit has caused us to postpone the 11th Congress.
    chair DT

    Good luck in your campaign

    To Whom It May Concern

    This is to inform you that Jason M. Croteau of m'ikmaq

    lejeneue family line roots

    is a candidate member of the IRU (International

    Romani Union).

    The IRU, which has its roots in the 1st World

    Romani Congress, in London in 1971, has held

    ten such Congresses since that date for the purpose

    of maintaining a collective representation

    on behalf of M'igmaq, wabanaki , Abeneki Nation in canada and usa and other roma communities

    around the globe.

    The 10th Congress, which took place last year in

    Skopje, Macedonia, adopted a program under the

    title Democratic Transition, which has the aim of

    creating a grass-roots electoral roll. It with this

    work that Mr Croteau is assisting.


    Grattan Puxon

    chair IRU Democratic Transition Commission


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