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    From Hunter Barnes@21:1/5 to All on Mon Oct 9 21:34:51 2023
    I am completely, willing, to partner with the M.J. (michael jason fox) foundation to the extent of it's mission statement.. ~, H.

    Hunter R. Barnes
    8:04 PM (birthday, oct 9, 2023, 46.) (reon)
    I have trouble believing in anything that can't keep itself or it's actors/actress alive, especialy, if slinging old sh't pills that never helped any, even a nigger... GOD Bless our niggers/skaters, without such, our work would feel in vain.. I could
    show you, what died, not trying to, it's my birthday, I turned 46.
    ~, Dr. HRB, PhD, D.S., ...

    P.s. ..concerning actual djinn, if you can't handle one, third step of N.A., green corkless bottle X2 for two nickles is the trade to go.for.
    ~, H.@46

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