• The young man who travelled to find Glooskap

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    I have previously said on at least some of these groups that
    I believe that Glooskap was once human and was similar
    to those such as Buddha, Krishna, Moses, and Jesus,
    though he did not have the common seven years of
    low years but rather fourteen years, as did Jacob and Rama.
    I also said that his primary siddhi was probably weatherworking,
    not healing as in the case of Jesus.

    Now some time ago on CBC Radio One I heard a MI’kmaq
    story which I think was about an endless winter, and a
    young man who had to travel seven years to get to
    Glooskap and seven years back, and he had to do it
    twice, for a total of 28 years. But I have divined that
    no human had low years of more than 14 years, and
    there was only one cetacean, a humpback whale of
    about 4000 years ago, who had low years of 18 years.

    But now my own low/working/uncreative years, which
    began on January 29, 1996, round up to 28 years,
    so it could be that that story predicted me. :-)

    I have previously emailed Mi’sel Joe about Glooskap,
    but in my second email I said I wouldn’t email him
    again unless he had questions for me, so I won’t.

    For my recent and ongoing progress see alt.religion.druid .
    I had said I would give up until January 29, 2025, but
    given the situation in the Middle East I need to at least
    try my global new age onset workings one more time.

    For background material see my Salmon on the Thorns web page.

    https://www.nfld.com/~dalton/dtales.html Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page) "And the cart is on a wheel; And the wheel is on a hill
    And the hill is shifting sand; And inside these laws we stand” (Ferron)

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