• Okinawan sh't port should be shot, deported, reshot to keepthem there,

    From Hunter Barnes@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jun 30 19:01:26 2023
    To the soviet dordo pirate still trying to steal from dead (as trying to produce more for fake id for russian illegal dogface), of okinawa
    (especially those ugly dog wigger trying to take sdf.org till that regiatration name runs up, and anyone trying to keep "big brother (1923)" or "back in the ussr" from being viewed, etc...)
    At least I have all the dates right in my head, and enough to bury you russian pirate for 20 years in russian federal prison/potatoes and water mostly/pig house... Steven M. Jones June 25, 1962 - Sep 8, 2016 https://app.box.com/s/
    maukync80erjyqdcwipx4vbgef7kajzh F'king surrender please, ..before steven died, (y'all didn't even know he was black, or his favorite food was steak, or his family. ..he asked me, right before he died, eamonnw/pegesus as my witness, what was his lot,
    outloud I promised him he was correct about his mortum date, and he would have his wish concerning his work, rather than you soviet dog pirate, stealling it, working against his wishes.. Do you really think you dordo russian methhead pirate of okinawa
    are gonna overcome my promise..any of you wanting sdf may attempt validating me, first one of you to do so gains co-sysop of sdf, rest gain new:50:/psh 000 ... send any requests to wheel@sdf.org

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