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    From Hunter Barnes@21:1/5 to All on Tue Jun 13 08:12:05 2023
    After Japan followed birds following the sun, they via inbreeding, malnurishment, slavery, white slavery, piracy, and con artistry, made the hawaians, the russians, the blackies in australia and africa, then built stonehenge and cheops (and left) before
    anyone would get there.
    You are all pirate they made.

    Rylysine Picolinate is the only antidote for radioactive dirty rye acid.
    If you actually see your flesh come off, the aliens pull your face off and put it in their bag, or you honestly believe you can fly from the top of a building or jump through a fire pit, ... ..you're probabbly not even peeking yet, and only rylysine
    picolinate will bring you down.
    Even a hippie could whip such up via boiling clean fresh steril rye for 36 hours.
    ˙pǝʌɹǝsǝɹ sʇɥƃᴉɹ ll∀
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