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    From Hunter Barnes@21:1/5 to All on Mon Jun 5 03:46:13 2023
    An irishman, a russian, a mexican, and an american are sitting, stranded in a boat.
    Realizing they will probably die at sea...
    The irishman tosses his bottle about 1/8th left..
    says, "here's to life!"... ..we've got alot of this where I come from.
    The russian pulls a handfull of coins from his pocket, tosses them overboard, saying, "here's to life. We've got alot of these where I'm from.."
    The mexican looks up, looks down, pulls a can of hidden tomatos, stalls, chucks it, says, "F' it, we've got alot of these where I come from."
    The american looks at all of them, tosses the russian and the mexican overboard.

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