• Some indigenous popthroughs so far

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    For background on poopthroughs see the thread
    "Jesus popthrough has been applied"
    on e.g. alt.religion.christian, though the Jesus
    popthrough won't be applied for at least a few more hours.
    My thread "Collaborators are now ready to proceed"
    on alt.religion.druid may also be of interest.

    Some indigenous popthroughs that have been applied
    so far are:

    1. That of an honourary Maori avatar type and Maori
    devi type, less than 200 years ago, applied
    0511 UTC April 13, 2023,

    2. An indigenous Turtle Island one of 602 years ago,
    applied 2049 UTC April 13, 2023,

    3. Quetzalcoatl, applied about 0405 UTC April 14, 2023.

    Also the Glooskap one will soon be applied.

    The first two above were part of a series of 40 (32 human
    and 8 cetacean) recent ones that were still on and have
    been supplanted in reverse chronological order. Then
    beginning with number 41 (humpback whales of about
    4000 years ago) they have been in decreasing size of
    original surface area.

    Indigenous Christians may also be interested to note
    that the Jacob one was applied before the Quetzalcoatl
    one, and the Moses and Jesus ones are yet to come.

    But what effects are on so far? Are warning signs for
    criminals on yet? I don't know. But charisma modulation
    should be on, and read access of the evolving global
    species balance and healing circle prescriptions
    for those with appropriate abilities and to some
    extent by intuition/common sense.

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