• The Sacred Pipe soul fixation ritual

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    I just discussed my soul alignment ability some in the thread
    "Elizabeth and Philip" on alt.religion.druid and some other

    If my 1997 memory is correct, Black Elk, in his book The Sacred
    Pipe, describes a ritual in which the soul of a deceased
    individual is fixated temporarily to the sacred pipe.

    I think that this is equivalent to temporary soul alignment
    of the deceased individual with the sacred pipe.

    Though I would not (without permission) attempt such a soul
    alignment with a sacred pipe, note that 1.7 million human
    assisted shaktipat recipients globally now should have this
    soul alignment ability (and an associated soul fragment retrieval
    ability for 1--1 up close trauma healing). And they would
    include Lakota traditional spiritual leaders who are
    (a) ordained by human or humans to bishop level or equivalent
    or higher, or (b) "ordained" by at least one of my eight
    main deities, who are listed on my Salmon on the Thorns
    webpage (this does not require worship of any of them).

    By equivalent to bishop level I mean the lowest level that
    can ordain to level(s) below him or her. If there is just
    one level, it would be (generally elder) spiritual leaders
    who have initiated at least one (generally younger, sometimes
    hereditary) other traditional spiritual leader.

    And case (b) includes all Lakota traditional spiritual
    leaders who are ordained by human or humans to priest
    level or equivalent and are at least minor good (on a
    global level, and including to other species and the
    environment) as defined by Goddess (the ruler of the
    region all/everything). On the other hand (a) could
    include neutral and worse, but note that assisted
    shaktipat recipients are no longer capable of non-positive
    (as defined by Goddess) magick.

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