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    I heard on the news today that the coming full moon will be
    a total lunar eclipse and a Super Full Blood Flower Moon.
    The eclipse will peak near the exact time of full moon,
    which is 0414 UTC MAy 16, 2022, so Sunday night in
    North America and early Monday morning in the Vatican.

    This blood moon reminds me of the song Red Moon on
    Bill Bourne and Shannon Johnson's album Dear Madonna,
    though is that song the red moon was rising and the
    pope was John Paul, whereas this time the moon will
    be setting in the Vatican and the pope is Francis.

    I also relate the coming full moon to the clamshell in
    the Haida legend of The Raven and the First Men and
    think it could mark the start of sudden evolution,
    including of adults. I also relate it to the wheel
    in Ferron's song The Cart, which I associate with my
    healing circle working (global binding of criminals
    and good advice for others).

    But perhaps most importantly I relate the coming
    blood red moon to the Beothuks' ceremonial
    use of red ochre.

    However my predictions have generally failed,
    but sometimes when you cry Wolf the Wolf does come.

    For further reports from me see the thread "gradual progress"
    on alt.religion.druid .

    (And by the way, Francis's trip to Canada in July to
    apologize to indigenous people on their territory
    for residential schools abuse was confirmed today.)

    Followup-To set to alt.native .

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