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    A little while ago I was looking at the dreamcatcher I brought
    my niece Hazel from Vancouver years ago (this used to be my
    room, later her room, and now is a spare room but my room
    again while I am here Thursday lunchtimes to Tuesday mornings
    acting as backup home care for my brother for a while).

    I considered various possibilities to align dreamcatchers
    with including Sola the sun but none worked. THen I
    tried the inventor of dreamcatchers but it seems that
    he or she has reincarnated. Then I tried avatar type
    Glooskap but that didn't work. Finally I managed to
    facilitate a soul alignment between all current abd
    future dreamcatchers and the devi type associated with
    Glooskap (she would have been his main inspirer and
    perhaps eventually romantically involved with him).
    Does anyone know her name?

    Such an alignment is similar to the alignment between
    Jesus and the bread and wine.

    Assisted shaktipat recipients, which includes all native
    spiritual leaders who are at least minor good as defined
    by Goddess (the ruler of the region all/everything, who
    many call God, and who I divine is the creator of Cosma,
    the someone who is that which most modern cosmologists
    believe began with the Big Bang, though I don't include
    that divination as part of my definition of Goddess since
    such perineum click divination has been unreliable for
    me, as you probably know. Also I think Cosma is a subset
    of all/everything.) should now have the soul alignment
    ability, soul fragment retrieval ability, funnelling
    ability, matchmaking ability, various other abilities,
    and enhanced creativity.

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