• Re: Cannibal seeking native boymeat!

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    Dne sobota 1. ledna 2011 v 16:35:31 UTC+1 uživatel Roy napsal:
    I'm a cannibal and I want "the real deal" - the meat of young males.
    There used to be many cannibals who were seeking girlmeat, but I can
    tell you that males are much tastier than women.Females are just fat
    and bones while men do have "real meat" on their bones.
    Just take a look at their upper arms, chests and legs. Delicious!
    I will take male volunteers up to age 25 or I will pay CASH for young
    males up to age 25.
    I'm very interested in young native men, I heard that native
    men are delicious.
    You can sell me your sons, your husbands, your boyfriends or some
    other boys.
    I will also take small groups of young males, so you can sell me
    brothers, friends or similar groups of young males.
    Please note that I DO NOT want old male meat. Anybody who is older
    than 25 must be REALLY tasty or I won't eat him.
    You can send me a picture of your flesh or the meat of the young
    males you're going to sell:
    boyeater1979 on Yahoo
    Your looks don't matter - for me ass, legs, chest and upper arms are interesting. Your testicles and dicks are a nice hors d'œuvre.
    I also have a group on Google, where you can buy and sell boys or
    where you can offer yourself:
    I'm on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=100001034158972
    My group "Boymeat" on Facebook is here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_170409469663707
    I will also take crossdressers and transvestites, as long as they're
    young and meaty.

    i am meat male

    I don't care about sex, I'm meat, I don't want pain, I want to be defeated painlessly and spent in a man's stomach

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