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    Still working on memory, math, maximin, prioritization, scheduling, and synchronization abilitys. Quite a bit of my abilitys were compromised
    after I applied for a patent for a regular expression search using maybe
    the egrep *.? or *.^ to search from the boot sector to the end of the
    data storage unit. The patent was awarded to a Jew named Mike Gold by
    the Jewish patent office. Go figure.

    I did mention the regular expression search on USENET but am unable to
    find it. That is the issue. Even the books I try to acquire from
    O’Rielly publications are not the same as I remember them. Anyway, I
    have full faith I will be able to recover my property, which I have lost
    by the age of 40. Such is life in a world of JUBU Satanism gone MAD or
    to say mutually assured destructive. Somethings work.

    Physical and psychological issues have improved but the elusive
    functionality is a bitch like you would not believe. Here in Jew York
    City, my biorythm is out of wack. My sleeping schedule is so not
    consistent. Simply to wake up in the morning at the crack of dawn and
    enjoy the vivifying influence of the sun and then to sleep to the cool
    chill of the evening is not my life anymore. After high school sometime
    in 1994 I became otherwise. That is the issue. The nigger culture of psychotropics, narcotics, liquor, soya, tobacco, and steroids took over
    like you would not believe. That is the thing. A world of forced
    consumerism to justify the nigger Maost Transcendentalism as an eocnomic system, Marxist Communism as a political system, and Mussolini Zionism
    as a spiritual system were the issues that vexed for the longest time.

    Can you believe it? We are herd and conditioned to believe in the
    Jewish Xenophobia as the basis of our emotional guidance. The Jew who
    is the nigger of the world by any stretch of the imagination proven documentarilly, actually, theoretically, logically, financially, and evangelically. If they evidence it surely they must be it. To me the
    Jews are none other than the upper caste diasporas of Yiddish, Zen,
    Vudu, Hindu, LGBTQ, Trini, Creole, Hapa, Hoon, and Roma people.

    I found late in life that the allurement of problem solving, publishing,
    and patenting is not the way toward successful survival. Never in my
    ancestry of those types of endeavors was it proven that success is
    possible by trying to make things better for the world of the Jewery.
    Time and time again, I notice those who are of the 3 sabotages in
    whichever system of things do succeed seriously well and good, for now. Although they evidence tend toward being genocided.

    This RUSA or USA OR US or YRUSA or ‘Fucken A that’s good Chinese food Inc.’ is a very dishonorable place. The destruction of the World Trade Center was the rude awakening of my life along with the television
    series “Smallville”. Who the fuck back then would have considered the stinken Jewish niggers as the evil ones.

    Sure they are assaulting people left and right. Sure, they are
    betraying the investment made into them. Sure, they are maintaining
    their Jewish xenophobic bias to the point of only having their Jewish
    niggers successful over all others. Sure, they are engaging in a
    religious war contaminating the air, water, and food supplys like
    thieves in the night through occult organizations as that of the Gandhi, Buddha, and Kudaji. But who the fuck had the exclusive understanding to
    really admit to the Jewish as the very onus of what is wrong with this

    Most still maintain the Jewish fetish like you would not believe with
    serious pomp and pageantry. They are known as Gypsys, Africans,
    Orientals, Hispanics, British, and Caribbeanese of Tamil, Taino, Terron,
    and Tiwi diasporas. In my homeland of the Indian subcontinent your
    Americons of Gypsys, Africans, Orientals, Hispanics, British, and
    Caribbeanese of Tamil, Taino, Terron, and Tiwi diasporas are known as
    the Rakshyasas or the Demon races.

    I have still yet to see a Chinese woman, who is so lauded and sought out
    for the world over for not only marriage but a serious sexual encounter,
    to not endeavor for a Jewish marriage. The same with the British men so handsome and all dressed with etiquette; that too, with a left part to
    boot. It is really swanky. Once a Jew baiter, always a Jew baiter, I

    For a number of years I could not sleep for nearly 3 months at a
    stretch. Did the Jew collapse the corporation that helps to make our
    lives possible all over again? After, the Crown Heights riots the Vudu
    of the Jewish diaspora became a serious problem for me. From college to
    work to whichever cognition it was like a nightmare on earth. For the
    nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad. Seem to be
    playing Spanish music this time around. The meditation goes on. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note:
    There is no that of a thing as a hundred percent.
    There is some good out there.
    Image is not everything.
    Things are not as they seem.
    Ignorance is not bliss.
    Silence is death.
    Apathy is dangerous.
    You have to believe in flawless victory.
    Prayer works.
    Somethings work.
    Never let your guard down.
    Beware of the sucker punch.
    Good luck to you.
    I want you to win.
    The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad.
    More corporations have collapsed due to the Jewish divestment than by
    through any other form of allurement.
    God bless and God speed for Jesus Christ is the Almighty Yah.
    You have to believe in a good beating.
    Don't give up.
    Just do it.
    Whichever they are against, I am all for.
    Eat a meat sandwich.
    Food is medicine.
    Mineral water is the source of life.
    Money is the essence of the very life, liberty, pursuit of happiness,
    property, and propriety we strive for.
    Money is what makes the world go round.
    No money, no honey.
    When men and women get together [money] gets in the way.
    Men are from Mars, women are from Venus; in a world without a prayer.
    You can never have too many friends.
    Fallacys breed contempt.
    Like begets like.
    The more things change, the more they remain the some; it's different.
    Life is like a snake shedding it's skin.
    It is possible to live again through prayer to the guru Christ Jesus. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Errata:
    I have not to many clues about the following people as they are
    unfamiliar to me:

    1)Vietnamese Saint Thomas Aquinas Prayer - Antartican Neanderthal?(Cave
    2)French Serenity Prayer? - Judean Negroid?(negro-black,
    3)Russian Sinners Prayer - Polynesian Capoid?(cape-cloak, oid-like;
    4)Polish Signum Crucis Prayer - British Caucasianese?(caucas-broad, ian-gentleman)

    Documentarilly, actually, theoretically, logically, financially, and evangelically how is the some proofs of truth evidenced? Again, I have
    noticed in those places where there are British type of people in
    stereotypical Polish citys as Jersey City, NJ and Buffalo, NY they are seriously like mystical beings who are able to represent a level of raw
    and natural beauty so stunning and even functionality. It is quite
    nice. However, are they genuinely British Caucasianese or a mix of some British and some other race? That is the doubt.

    Anyway, it is like this. That is why the efforts toward enlightenment
    are considered a process influenced by faith, practice, guidance,
    experience, study, and investing. To verify things we need to not only
    call upon Christ Jesus but also find some proofs of truth evidenced documentarilly, actually, theoretically, logically, financially, and evangelically, etc. I tell ya, ignorance is not bliss. There is alot
    going on out there. A world of deception by those of the Dying Arts.

    Take for example the Tamil, Taino, Terron, and Tiwi diasporas who for
    many years fooled people to think that the Tamils are the natives of the
    Indian subcontinent; the Taino as the natives of the Americas or even
    ethnic people of Spain; the Tiwi as the natives of Africa and by some
    accounts the first to arrive to America; and the Terron as natives of
    Italy and nowadays are playing the hustle of being Guyanese; when in
    reality the Tamil, Taino, Terron, and Tiwi are natives of the Caribbean Antilles and are of the Australoid race.

    To further their drug business through medical malpractices, medical
    mafias, and medical mlms the Caribbeanese have not only been the foot
    soldiers to the Jewish religious war but have time and time again
    admitted to the keyword of genocide. Genocide is a big word with big implications. Again, that is the issue of the ignorance which is not
    bliss. Those who partner with the Jewish devil and go against the very
    God they are signatory to, they incur the curse that God put upon the
    Jews, which is to be persecuted anywhere they exist.

    While the Caribbeanese people maybe of the 4th Prophet who maybe Greek;
    the Symbol of Faith seems fitting for the Caribbeanese people since the
    Tamil, Taino, Terron, and Tiwi diasporas are the most exemplary in the
    areas of influence where Greek language, philosophy, history, mythology, fraternity, and theology are evidenced. Others among the Caribbeanese
    people I have seen in places like jail, institution, homelessness, and
    rehab who are not that familiar with Greek culture show a level of
    crassness that is maybe only ameliorated through serious practice of
    prayer, chanting, and meditation under the possible mention of the Greek
    Symbol of Faith testimony of the Synekdemos. Again, somethings work.

    The Polynesian or to say ethnic people of Australia I have no clue about
    and am not familiar with too much. I may have seen one at one work
    environment but not much of a relationship with him. That too, is Daryl
    Hanna of the 'Clan of the Cave Bear' movie an Antartican Neanderthal who
    is of British and some other mixed race? Anyway, let us pray about it
    so that the ontology of the guru Christ Jesus makes us aware of and
    enlightens us about such doubts.

    Dear Jesus Christ the Messiah my Guru who is the Almighty Yah;
    \Help us sentient beings to find the proper entry for the above mentioned social orders of Negroid, Capoid, Caucasianese, and possibly Neanderthal
    people so that they may partake in the exclusive understanding of your
    love and enlightenment to be able to escape from the vice grip of the
    false ways of life heavily mitigated by the Devils’ Triangle weapon,
    commonly known as the hyperdermic syringe of Judea;
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most gracious and merciful;
    Amina, Amina, Amina. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prayer works and prayer to the guru Christ Jesus works the best!

    .c0N0c. .:' .xNX: .,;. ,kNKo.
    .:ON0c. .::' .xNK: .,c,. ;ONKl.
    .;ON0l. .::;kNKo,c,. .c0N0c.
    ;kNMXxcccccccccccccccccccd0NWNXOocccccccccccccccccccdXMWO:. .oNMMKxdddddddddddddddddddkXWWWN0xdddddddddddddddddddx0WMXl.
    ;OWXo. .,::ONKd;:' .lKNk,
    .cKW0: .,c,..xNXc .::' ;ON0:
    .dNNk' .:,. .xNK: .:;. 'xNXo.
    ,kWXo. . .xNK: . .oXNk'
    .cKW0: .xNK: :0W0:
    .dXNk' .xNK: ,kNXo.
    ,kNXo. .xNK: .oXNx'
    :0W0: .xNK: .:0W0;
    .oXNk' .xNK: ,kNXl.
    ,kNXo. .xNK: .dNNx'
    :0W0: .xNX: .cKWO;
    .oXNk' .xNXc ,OWKl.

    Spiritual Holy Cross ASCII - SPP --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.Posutulates of the self help in fitting as they say those who do not
    fit in suffer
    They say in Buddhism that those who do not fit in suffer. Again, while I
    admit that the clues among the Buddhists, Gandhians, and Kudajians are interesting we just cannot try it thier way and even trespass among them
    with wanton disregard and disrespect. For the Jewish xenophobia is more dangerous and all over over the place than anything. At one time in my
    life I was in a state of psychological critical mass that more
    overwhelming than anything. Many times I would inquire from people here
    and there "how do you make sense of this world"; what made this country
    of America advanced while me and my people are in a world of abjectness;
    that too, what is wrong with me"?. Such questions arising out my
    existential doubt were the rumination that too me to psychiatric ward
    after psychiatric ward unto institutionalization then onto homelessness,
    jail, and hopefully finally rehab. During such a process I discovered
    some clues that helped me and whomever be able to overcome the recidivism
    into states of hell time and time again.

    I tell ya folks, there is an inherent evil that exists. At one time I
    would tell my Gypsy friend from Bangladesh that "you have to believe
    there is that of a thing as evil." That evil is the very ingorance which
    is not bliss. A world of false ways, false diets, false meditations, and
    false moneys. It is that of all over the place nightmare evidenced to me documentarally, actually, theoretically, logically, financially, and evangelically. It is like that in a world of competition for resources
    gone mad or to say mutually assured destructive. That is the danger of indentifying with, befriending with, investing into, and even worshiping
    those of the Jewish diaspora all for naught or as they elaborate about
    the nothing as the no one thing which is the everything.

    As we all know, the nothing is no the everything. The world of no money,
    no desire, no food, no shelter, no sex, no housing, and even no mind are
    more dangerous than anything. That is the creulty of the Jewish
    religious war eminating out of Taiwan, Israel, Sicily, Haiti, Hawaii,
    Trinidad, Indonesia, Phillipines, Tibet, and Brooklyn(NY, USA). The 'X-
    Files' television series starring David Duchovney seriously indicates the result of the world of institutionalization mentioned in the log book of
    the same as in x-files. There are alot of x-files logbooks out there.
    Indeed, give the preponderance of evidence I sincerely state there is no
    that of a thing as fiction. Whichever the Jewish propoganda evidences
    through newspaper, television, internet, movies, radio, and video games
    are typically a republican documentation of some reality that is out thier
    of failed ways of money getting. That is how holocaustic the world of
    the JUBU satanic influence there is.

    The Jews may complain about their so called Holocaust of maybe 6 majore concentration camps. But, who can complain about the Jewish religious
    war death camps of the corporations of Transcendentalism, Allopathy,
    Microsoft, Niggervision, Palmistry, Insurance, Gambling, Legality,
    Pedagogy, Security, and Utilitys? The world of those corporations have
    through forced consumerism of the control chemicals of psychotropics, narcotics, liquor, soya, tobacco, and steroids hostaged nearly 90 percent
    of the the worlds' GDP. That is the danger.

    As a result nearly 5 of our Network of 72 members have admitted to the following:

    British - Inquisitioned
    Africans - Balkanized
    Orientals - Massacred
    Caribbeanese - Genocided
    Hispanics - Decimated

    I too, out of frustration with their time and time again patronage of the Jewish trespass and Jew baiting treachery admit, "what is wrong with me,
    where is this promised genocide, they are all over the nigger place."
    Life with the Maoist Transcendentalism as an economic system is one of Antagonism and Alienationism revoling around the Nothing the Jewish brag
    of as the no one thing that is the everything. What is there?

    Yet, amidst it all it is possible to find a way to make it work under the postulate technique mentioned by Ayn Rand in her book "The Fountainhead",
    which was a clue I gathered from the former senator Hillary Clinton of
    New York, RUSA. Indeed, there is some good out there. Through prayer
    and study of the Bible I was able to make some sense of it after chancing
    upon a yet another clue that mentioned that those of the Rand institute
    named after Ayn Rand say "I am this, I am that". In that way, I recalled
    how so many say some identity for themselves regarding the "I am".
    Especially, the Jewish who are proud to claim they are Jewish or Gypsy or Blacks and so on and even Coptic. In that way the Jewish are able to
    evidence a sovereignty and hegemony unlike others, since so many are into Jewish slave words other than their own.

    At some point in my I admit to being and A.B.C.D. or to say American born confused Deshi. From something to something the keyword Deshi lead me
    toward other words that helped me come back from the state of hell due to
    the hostaging by the world of the Gandhianism, Buddhism, and Kudhajism.
    Why do I say hostaging when so many deny it and claim the ways of the
    Satanic Dharma as a way of life. I tell ya, most of my life when I was
    growing up with my immediate family the world of Gandhianism, Buddhism,
    and Kudajism was not that much of a reality or practice. While my family
    was gifted some Mahabharata, Ramayana, Krishna wooken plaque, and later a Ganesh idol by some Jewish religious warriors seeking to further their
    Jew baiting world of institutionalization of the enlightened, disparity
    between rich and poor, and lack of sovereignty and hegemony.

    I tell ya, there is that of a thing as evil. It was shortly after my
    family was gifted the books by C. Rajagopalachari titled "Mahabharata"
    and "Ramayana" that my dear mom was stiken with cancer and later pronouced
    dead after only 7 years of abuse largely over money. Notice, the current economic system does not allow for women to take part in the money
    getting efforts but so many from husband to government licensed officials demand women to work at all cost to their life, liberty, puruit of
    happiness, property, faith, and propriety. That is the danger of those Raksyasas or Demon races of the Americons who are largely Gypsys,
    Africans, Orientals, Hispanics, British, and those people of Tamil,
    Taino, Terron, and Tiwi diasporas known as the Caribbeanese from the
    Antilles or Arawaks near Florida in America. Most of those historically
    are proud Jew baiters hell bent on a religious war no matter how they
    present themselves in defense of a world of extremes. It is like that.

    The inventorys of the Americons are largely those mock synthetic grocerys
    made of psychotropics, narcotics, liquor, soya, tobacco, and steroids.
    You would be surprised how evil the Americons are to make a poison into a medicine, food stuff, cool drink, condiment, cosmetic, and even a snack.
    The dangers of the Americons spans the entire earth planet unto the world
    of even Star Trek reality. Again, there is that of a thing as evil. A
    world where it is okay to be part and parcel of the domestic violence,
    communal war, and religious war that torments and totures sentient life masterminded people, places, and things that are weaker than anything
    even though they present themselves as post modern beautys, that too
    glossy with a part of the hair to boot. Simply do not be naive. For the Americons like nothing more than to sucker punch and leave you dead to be slaughter by thier instruments of destruction. Among the Americons, when
    it concerns looserism, it is mutual. While, indeed, there is some good
    even among the Americons; there is a huge world of hurt more than
    anything underneath the sun. So beware of the sucker punch.

    The basic premise in any political engagement is that "[those who
    trespass loose, they encounter a force greater than themselves]" as
    mentioned by Leo Tolstoy in his wonderful book "War and Peace". So, in
    this of a postulate technique using the "I am" I try to use words for
    myself that are not of the Jewish. Again, it is a process of
    enlightenment aided by faith, practice, guidance, experience, study, and donations. The postulates in question are as follows: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0.Metaphorically, I am a Satyarguido???
    1.Ethnically, I am a Deshino.*
    2.Racially, I am a Xanthocroi.
    3.Linguistically, I am a Staniarynicua.*
    Helps with the locution or to say speaking abilitys without disruption of
    the words and ideas being mentioned.

    4.Politically, I am a Satrapuisa.
    During the days of the Suma Chingk Hai influence the keywords puisa and
    later the mention of satrap as an alias to marawati occurred. The
    keyword puisa was mentioned vocally in a car ride using a used brown
    diesel engined mercedez in a world of euphoria for a brief timeline of
    the 1997 A.D. year by the wife of Zihua Dong name Tracey Dong. Then, the keyword satrap was discovered through an internet search at the residence
    of 9031 48th Avenue in Elmhurst, Queens under the Bangladeshi muslim
    landlord of Olam. The search for the keword of Satrap was done as
    another reference to the keword mentioned as Marawati or Bangladeshi

    5.Spiritually, I am a Muslimaoist.
    Helps with the spiritual presentation without being incriminated.

    6.Dietarily, I am an Incognegro.
    Helps to overcome the world of soya neurotoxin mock synthetic grocerys.

    7.Financially, I am a Feminazi.*
    This helps with the acquistion of moneys from higher powers as government through stimulus or welfare schemes and so on. Does it go that way where collection moneys of past due amounts are also garnered.

    8.Functionally, I am a Vegetarianiga.
    Indeed, the Caribbeanese gentleman at the AFMEPF board meeting room was functional as was well attired and spoken. The Caribbeanese there also
    are able to be functional and not be so incriminated for it amidst a
    world of antagonisms toward black people, which the Caribbeanese are stereotyped as when it the real Black people are the stinken Jews of the Yiddish, Zen, Vudu, Hindu, LGBTQ, Trini, Creole, Hapa, Hoon, and Roma
    upper caste ancestorys.

    9.Criminally, I am an Amerindian.
    Helps with criminal ideations and not be so caught up the doing the wrong thing. They say the Indian can make the Chinese criminality legit.

    10.Culturally, I am an Australatino.

    11.Intellectually, I am a Hindustani.*
    Helps really well with tweaking code in a simply way without confusion of difficult to understand indeations.

    12.Professionally, I am a Caribbeanese.
    ??13.Methodically, I am a Polynesian???
    14.Sexually, I am a Procannibal.
    15.Communally, I am a Mechicanother.
    16.Eruditely, I am a Hungwailo.+
    17.Scholarly, I am a Dravidianese.*
    Helps with writing and practicing the documentation of some truths out

    18.Artistically, I am a Caucasianese.
    Helps with artistic sensibility and production.

    19.Avocationally, I am a Californian.
    20.Militarily, I am a Nondoctor.
    21.Ancestrally, I am a Qutbrown.
    22.Nationally, I am a Foreigneren???
    23.Instinctively, I am an Africana.*
    24.Pragmatically, I am a Guyanese???
    25.Competitively, I am a Pakistani???
    Seems to pass with respect to letting go of the grasp into the world of
    jewish fight scenes.

    26.Ontologically, I am a Wealthyankee.
    27.Martially, I am an Antipolice.
    28.Occupationally, I am a Banglangel.
    29.Calisthenically, I am a Volkiskorean???
    ??30.Ambidextrously, I am a Russianative.
    31.Existentially, I am a Eurotrash.
    32.Vocationally, I am a Paisablackey.
    33.Institutionally, I am a Paramericon?+
    34.Diplomatically, I am a Spanisherb.
    ??35.Punctually, I am a Francophonedaridic.
    36.Philosophically, I am a Synhalese???
    37.Morphologically, I am a Polakike.?+
    38.Vocally, I am a Multitaliano.
    39.Ironically, I am a Teluguishomey.
    40.Truthfully, I am a Zionisturd.*
    This postulate is quite helpful for some sense of the some truths that
    are out there.
    ??41.Mnemonically, I am a Hankuchinky.
    Indeed, the former Korean high school student and the Chinese high school student had a leve of memory and recall after so many years of graduation
    from high school. That too the former roommate Dilip Tiwari would
    mention the keyword chinky in reference to the Orientals. Dilip Tiwari
    claimed he just remembers things and there is no words for it. Could the negative canotation of chinky help with the juxtapostion with the hanku keyword? Probable but not sure as of yet.(date: 7/17/2021)

    42.Sensually, I am a Brooklynite.*
    This postulate is quite helpful for some nice sense of sight(eyes), sound(ears), touch(skin), taste(taste), smell(nose), and feeling(hair).

    43.Antithetically, I am an Indochini???
    Helps with opposition without incrimination.

    44.Aesthetically, I am a Kalistani.

    45.Photogenically, I am a Kashmirese.

    46.Comedically, I am a Gujuwendel.
    Helps with a comedic presentation of the issues out there as in the
    Jewish extremes.

    47.Recreationally, I am a Rajuksingumby.
    Indeed, the Bangaldeshi rajs, Cantonese juksings, and Catholic guidos are
    into the culture of recreation as in pool, ping pong, video games, and
    such. The Karom recreation hall in Flushing, Queens is very much
    attended by such enthusiasts of the zerosum games. They are able to.

    48.Internationally, I am a Bicolored.???

    light skinned - gwailo
    dark skinned - indian
    women - caucasian
    daughters - americon
    Kama - Boddhai
    Swami - Gandhi
    Brahmin - Khudaji
    Lohan - Arlohan - Arahat

    || Volunter??? Progumby(fascismo || mafiosi || swami)???
    Rajuksingumby(Bangladeshi Raj, Cantonese Juksing, Hispanic Gumby)
    Gwailoccidental? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overcoming that world of hurt, especially one of disability is helped
    immensely when I say the right word for my self. An individual needs a
    sense of self. That is what Jet Li mentions in his song of "Wong Fei
    Hung". He clearly indicates "man must be of self". Jet Li's plight to
    find enlightenment and even the world of family values, communal harmony,
    and spiritual pride and prejudice is felt by so many. Yet, his practices
    of vegetarianism, yoga, meditation, martial arts, idolatry, casteism,
    sports, chess, arguementation, multi-level marketing, and gambling are
    more disillusioning than anything. For me, those practices were fleeting
    at best. Practices of false ways of life that took me nearly 20 years
    and then some to be able to somewhat get back to where I belong. That is
    why I share the clues and others in my postings under the username of anon246813579@gmail.com. But, alas, as the Pastor mentions there is a
    world out there where such mentionings are seriously controversial and
    can get a person murdered by the Jewish and their lackeys among the
    Americons posing either as Indians, Christians, Muslims, Women,
    Europeans, and even Nazis. Again, beware of the sucker puch by the
    Americons. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.allied axis political concatenation
    In my vector of life I find certain people of the world influence each
    other based on common geographic regions, which I call Allied Axis. Take
    for exampley my Allied Axis of peninsula regions invovling Korea, Dravida, Scandinavia, Nigeria, Columbia. The influences they are for me are as

    Koreans - sexual
    Dravidians - educational
    Scandinavians - spiritual
    Nigerians - residential
    Columbians - financial

    It is like that.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.social network of daily bitch and moan
    To be able to tackle those JUBU satanists, there is power in numbers. We
    are social beings after all, especially when it concerns the meditation
    of the heart. The world of criminality by those of the devils' triangle divestments are so threatening that we need power in numbers. For,
    silence is death. Noting worse that being victimized and being silent
    about it to the point of doing some Judeo-Buddhist meditation to focus
    that energy into our throat through silent intonation and then explode it
    as a red hot iron ball of pain worse than a sore throat. Yet, that is
    what is encouraged upon so many the world over. Even among the Americons
    I have seen Vietnamese men who have part of their throat cut off by the practices of the Dying Arts heavily preached by the Jewihs diasporas'
    Satanic Masters licensed by the governments of Taiwan, Israel, Sicily,
    Haiti, Hawaii, Trinidad, Indonesia, Phillipines, Tibet, and Brooklyn(NY,
    RUSA). The killfile for my dail bitch and moan is as follows: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    The killfile for the war against the JUBU Satanists through induction or
    from the specific to the general is as follows:

    JUBU(Judeo-Buddists) of:
    0)Taiwan - Empire of the Zen
    (Dharma Drum[https://www.chancenter.org/en/])
    1)Israel - Empire of the Yiddish
    2)Sicily - Empire of the LGBTQ(Zoroastrianism)
    (Temple of Satan[https://www.churchofsatan.com/])
    3)Haiti - Empire of the Vudu
    (Jehova's Witnesses[https://www.jw.org/en/])
    4)Hawaii - Empire of the Hindu
    5)Trinidad - Empire of the Trini
    (Sai Baba[http://saibaba.org/])
    6)Indonesia - Empire of the Creole
    (Ravi Das[https://www.shrigururavidasji.com/])
    7)Phillipines - Empire of the Hapa
    (Suma Ching Hai[http://www.godsdirectcontact.org/])
    8)Tibet - Empire of the Hoon
    (Dalai Lama[https://www.dalailama.com/])
    9)Brooklyn(NY, USA) - Empire of the Roma
    (Hari Krishnas[https://www.iskcon.org/]) ------------------------------------------------------
    Niggers of:
    0)negroid race
    1)gypsy etnicity
    2)jewish diaspora
    3)coptic language familys
    4)upper caste tribes
    5)judean expats?
    6)jubu citizens?
    Harbingers of JUBU(The 9 Lives):
    Corporations of:

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