• The Emcronexus (1/4)

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    The Emcronexus
    HUFA pragma
    Formerly Nazism

    1.Posutulates of the self help in fitting as they say those who do not
    fit in suffer
    2.allied axis political concatenation
    3.social network of daily bitch and moan
    4.work team
    5.some clues about ethnic identitys
    6.elaboration of the hufa as humidifier, unix, fiat moneys, and ayn rand postulates of the self
    8.filtered water technique called profosan
    9.the dangers of the jewish trespass
    10.the kill or be killed and survival of the fittest pragmaticism
    11.gifting moneys as a means of entry to industrys of smurfs around the
    12.primitive fountains of sleep, water, sovereignty, hegemony, memory,
    and vitality
    13.Maoist Transcendentalist economic system

    Whichever they are against I am all for as the the nature of the good is
    to overcome and defeat the bad. That is the entropy of our ontolgy with respect to the guru Christ Jesus. However, when we are in that of a
    process of enlightenement involving faith, practice, guidance,
    experience, study, and donating we are heavily challened by the world of
    wanton disregard and disrepect. It is like that as the those who are of
    the possession by the forces of Gandhi, Bodhai, and Kudaji seek to
    maintain thier brag of the Jewish religious war that collapsed more civilizations, countrys, communitys, churches, corporations, collusions,
    and whichever has a 'c' in it. That too, the allurement for the money
    getting justify the devils triangle weapon has bee the hallmark of the
    nearly 5,000 to 1 million years of failed ways of life that span this
    earth plane unto outer reaches of space. That is the issue the Jewish
    trespass and thier world of xenophobic trespass and jew baiting treachery
    poses to sentient life, whomever they maybe.

    Yet, amidst it all somethings work to offer a viable deterence against
    the Jewish and thier Jew baiting lackeys of whichever divestments the
    world over. At one time in my vector of life I happend to draft a
    Swastika on a drafting paper out of curiousity based on some ethnic
    newspaper article eloquently promoted by the then publisher of "The News
    India Times". It was an interesting read as it spanned many pages for
    some reason. As the forces that be, I would actually read that newspaper article in interest trying to figure out what it is all about. For some reason, which I later ascribed to the influence of the guru Christ Jesus
    I actually read a newspaper article and found benefit to it.

    I tell ya, for years shortly after my familys arrival to the land of the oppurtunity my dear mom was striken with cancer due to her own brothers jealousy that lead him to put some metalurgy poison that he gained
    knowledge of during his education in metalurgy. He was able to adroitly
    put the small white disk of somekind into my dear moms coffee or tea when
    he arrived from Nairobi, Kenya to visit her in Bensohurst, Brooklyn. It
    is like that in a world of money getting that is heavily based on Maoist Transcendentalism as the means of money getting using the caste like
    corporate pyramid structure of whichever Jewish mlm; whether it be known
    as multi-level markeitng or multi-level massacre. That is the danger of
    doing it the Jewish way.

    For the Jewish have time and time again proven themselves to be the
    harbingers of the unfit for human consumption products that have lead to
    a world of institutionalization of the enlightened; disparity between
    rich and poor; and lack of sovereignty and hegemony. For the Jewish seek
    to satisfy their own religious war and make extinct their existence.
    That has been the legacy of the Jewish and thier ways of life mitigated
    by suicide diets, sacrificial ways, sadomasochistic exercises, shelpistic(carrying a heavy burden of financial debt) relationships,
    stupifying affects, stupid ideas. That is the world of the Jewish whom
    so many are familiar with in the worship of the niggers known as Gandhi, Bodhai, and Kudaji Jewish masters of the Satanism. They typical ways of
    life of the worship of Gandhi, Bodhai, and Kudaji invovle vegetarianism,
    yoga, meditation, martial arts, idolatry, casteism, sports, chess, arguementation, multi-level marketing, and gambling. Those are the very
    ways of life so discourged by the very primal instincts of sex and food themselves.

    For it is through money we are able to procreate or sex and through the practice of prayer to the abrahmic almighty as the guru Chrsit Jesus we
    are able to acquire the foods fit for human consumption to help overcome
    a most holocaustic of an earth planet that can hurl a sentient being into maladys left and right, so thay say; as they say. Yet, to overcome the
    Jewish caveats(forbiddens), banalitys(impossibilitys), and divestments(failures) an individual needs viable deterences to make the
    Jewish and thier world of Jewish pride and prejudice called the evil
    empire of the JUBU satanists live up to the investments made in them.

    Notice the JUBU satanists major weapons are the devils triangle of
    hyperdermic syringe; control substances as psychotropics, narcotics,
    liquor, soya, tobacco, and steroids; as well as Jewish propoganda by any
    means necessary to inculate the worship of the false ways of life of
    Gandhi, Buddha, and Kudaji. For the Jew seeks to sieze the oppurtunity
    to only ruin the very whichever we find good and worthy of praise. That
    is the danger of the Jewish trespass and the naieveness that is so all
    over the place across this earth planet. Notice how far the Jewish have
    gone to war with whomever to justify the collapse of the most allured
    products the world over.

    1)Polynesian wars - realtys through making it only possible to acqurie a
    social worker, that is the middleman between low cost government housing,
    by going through only jail, institution, homelessness, and rehab for some
    or insane asylum, internment camp, deportation center, and indenturement
    zone for others.

    2)Indian wars - technologys(unix and whichever works by implementing 3
    major sabotages of memory, math, and maximin(worst case scenario) through
    the disruption of mmu memory management unit, math coprocessor, and cron scheduler.

    3)Cold wars -

    4)World wars - homeopathys of weakened pathogens as in vaccines(virus), gmos(bacterias), antibiotics(fungi), boirons(elemental poisons), and so
    on of whichever european homeopathic industrys list of pathogens

    5)Gulf wars - spiritualitys(halals as in beef as in cheese burger,
    mutton, venison, egg, cola, cake, sugar, and so on to even pork to the
    point of being a hundred percent ascetic looser)

    6)Manchu wars - fiduciarys(FIAT moneys) only gotten after so many odd
    years of Jewish slavery by the likes of our Network of 72 members as in
    the British, Africans, Orientals, Hispanics, Caribbeanese(Tamil, Taino,
    Terron, and Tiwi diasporas), and whomever allured by the world of the
    zerosum games of starvation, loans, mysogyny, slander(misinformation, complaining, unto insult to injury), ineptness, sports, and so on the
    Jewish have encouraged to justify their halatosis stench of a nigger
    breath the world over. For the Jew is a nigger whose only worth is to be killed and mass murdered. What else are you going to do? Never has it
    been proven that investment in the Jewish xenophobia through whichever
    sympathy vote tactic works. Remember, more civilizations have collapsed
    due to the Jewish divestment than by through any other form of allurement.

    Evangelical pandits have claimed their is a Jewish religiuos war going on already and we engage that war. Does it work? Sure it does. By going
    against the Jewish and accepting wichever they are against under the
    guidance of the guru Christ Jesus we find a world of wonder that is
    second to none. It is like that of an existence filled with the best the
    world has to offer in a world of criminality so heinous like you or I
    care to believe. You know, it is okay for a man that provides for his
    family only to be made into some artificially mechanized robot for the entertainment of the masses. Or even a women of beauty to be the object
    of scorn unto the point of serious abuse. Yet, that is the fashion that
    is the most preached and paid for the world over.

    You attack me, I attack you is the default in any relationship with the
    Jewish. For every strike there is a counter strike. But here is the
    deal. I find regardless of the size matters, image is everything, and
    surprise attack by the Jewish blight and thier lackeys among the Amricons comprising of the Gypsy, African, Oriental, Hispanic, British, and
    Caribbeanese of Tamil, Taino, Terron, and Tiwi diasporas the evidence
    presented to me indicates that just with one strike of a blunt object as
    small as an apple to the ear makes the Jewish and the Jew baiters
    defective at that ear that is struck to the point of being deaf. For

    For us of Indian, Christian, Muslim, Women, European, and Nazi that
    strikes similar strike makes the Jewish blight burned unto ash. At least
    that is what has become by the timeline of 2001-2004. For the nature of
    the good is to overcome and defeat the bad. The forces of the Jewish
    Satanism gets weaker over time. No doubt about this. That is the
    entropy of the boons granted to us by our illustrious guru Christ Jesus
    who was the first to arrive to this earth planet from beyond the universe
    to help sentient life overcome the Jewish niggardly ways of suicide and sacrifice. Through each ebb and flow of the solstices what was once of
    the Jewish is now becoming more and more ours.

    Let me tell you, we are headed toward a golden age unlike before. The
    Kali Yuga of the Jewish niggers will span for nearly 10 to the exponent
    of 29 years for nearly infinite years but infinity itself. As the Jewish
    loose more than you or I can possibly dream more and more, which is not
    less; our forces of the ontology an our network of 72 will become
    valorized, inundated, and amlerioated. Philosophically, the nature of
    the network is to go across this earth planet into the universe. For
    now, the spiritual and political successes have evidenced here and there
    in one measure to another. But, for us sentient beings of the humanoid
    design we are still mired in an economic system binding us to the forced consumption of unfit for human products. That is the danger.

    We believers need an economic system that fit for our ontology of the
    guru Christ Jesus and not that of the worship of things that decay as in anthropromorphized dietys of Gandhi, Buddha, and Kudaji. For it is only
    the guru Christ Jesus who can show us the truth, the way, and the life.
    What is there in the practice of mantra, zazen, and koan practices on the useless, nothing or meaningless things. While I too admit the Jewish
    occults of Gandhi, Buddha, and Kudaji have interesting clues, especially
    in their books; the ways of life Gandianism, Buddhism, and Kudajism are
    more dangerous than meets the eye. The true horror of such evil ways
    reveal themselves in anybodys life vector more overwhelming than
    anything. That is when the chance to enter the paradox of the heart

    Paradoxically as it may seem prayer works and prayer to the guru Christ
    Jesus works the best. Just do it! The following are some nice daily
    chantings I mention in synopsis to a more juxtaposed on under the username
    of anon246813579@gmail.com under the title of 'the deprogram evangelical savoire'. So give it a try to help yourselves and your loved ones,
    whomever they maybe. They are as follows: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Deprogram Evangelical Savoire
    (Literal Ablutions)
    “The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad.”

    I may know somethings of god but I do not know god in full. The clues I
    share are just a brainstorm of clues I have gathered here and there
    using the GURU pragma itemized by the British, as mentioned on the
    internet. To me, man needs a proper meditation of the heart. The world
    of money getting engenders a world of hurt unlike anything. Dealing
    with the economic mire is so vexed with criminality from those of the
    devils triangle weapon known as the hyperdermic syringe to even the age
    old religious war by the Jewish diaspora it self. Yet, the quest for enlightenment can never be given up for we are fundamentally as Descarte mentions to be sentient beings or to say res cogitans. It is nice to
    know that there is somethings out there that reinforce and nurture the
    sentient being and the things fit for human consumption. So, check it
    out. I hope it helps you as it has helped me. Again, the following are
    just clues I have gathered to someday maybe network using something I
    call the Sneakerweb using the WIFI tablet for open source educational
    purposes. For me, after I nearly lost my mind due to criminal attacks
    in my tour de force employment in I.T.)information technology), I found
    the prayers to Christ Jesus were able to get me back. That too as my
    support system changed after my dear parents passed away, understanding
    the guru Christ Jesus as the heavenly Father and the body of Christ as
    the mother helped immensely get back to that sense of being a part it,
    albiet a little differently. Let, meaning and purpose proven
    documentarally, actually, theoretically, logically, financially, and evangelically guide you. Folks, we have one life to live. Let's make
    the best of it filled with family values, communal harmony, and
    spiritual pride and prejudice... Pray about it! Remember, food is
    medicine and not some adhoc mix of rocks from some periodical table of
    elemets in a chemistry chart conartistly promoted as a wonder drug. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    The Literal Ablutions of the Deprogram Evangelical Savoire is based on
    the GURU like pragma viz Christ Jesus prayers. Try to say the following chantings morning, noon, and evening for a recitation of 12 times each,
    then do a nice personal prayer in your own language addressed to Jesus
    Christ for yourself and your loved ones or whichever. Ask and you shall receive.

    The some clues that I have gathered are from a life vector of nearly 45
    years trying to escape the vice grip of the institutional system out
    there whether illegally, recreationally, or institutionally. The GURU
    like pragma viz Christ Jesus prayers are quite helpful when it concerns
    gaining success in the basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, vaccines, technologys, and gaudys. So check it out! I want you to win.

    God bless and God speed for Christ Jesus is the Almighty Yah. Remember,
    the Guru Christ Jesus is the true gift blessed by God. There is no
    other. So beware of the use of the words God, Satanam, Jehova, Diablo, Lucifer, Devil, and Kudhaji in your prayers; as they are a pointer to
    the forces of the Satan or false ways of life that are self destructive.
    Words have power. When you use the correct words in prayer and petition
    then something becomes. A whole world of wonder awaits you. So try

    The following are recommended chantings to help the respective people
    enter the Arabian spiritual traditions and find a proper meditation of
    the heart, or to say emotional guidance, that helps to overcome the
    limelight of the world of 'institutionalization of the enlightened'.
    What is enlightenment but a process of faith, practice, guidance,
    experience, study, investing, and so on; whether it be secular or
    othewise? So give it a try. Nothing worse than being a victim of
    medical malpractices, medical mafias, and medical mlms; as you know.

    In my process of enlightenment something seriously worked to be able to
    enter the body of Christ. On the fateful day of August 10, 2014 I was fortunate enough to enter the gateless gate of the Arabian Abrahamic
    traditions by reciting the Shahada under an Imam at some place that had Pastoral Services. For me, the saying of the Shahada as mentioned below
    was the very thing that turned the tide of disillusionment into one of
    hope. Again, I felt some possibility of a new lease on life to have
    some excuse to be able to live in accordance to my nature and nurture.

    Nothing wrong with liking to eat, sleep, sex, socialize, study, suffice, synergy, spirituality, succeed, open source, and evangelize. Yet, those
    are the very things which the Jewish diaspora of the Gypsy ethnicity and Negroid race or the Coptic language propriety are hell against to
    justify their religious war against humanity from ages hence. There is
    that of a thing as evil. It is them, the stinken Jews.

    I find as one grows older one becomes more and more a part of the body
    of Christ. For the Guru Christ Jesus was the first to help sentient
    life overcome the ascetic and dogmatic ways of the Jewish blight with
    their penchant for wanton disregard and disrespect toward each and
    everything that evidences deep thought. It is like that in a world of
    kill or be killed and survival of the fittest. Yet, the following maybe
    the means by which so many others are also able to gain the protection
    of salvation in belief of Christ Jesus. Whichever it maybe the literal
    or constant mention is always the Salvation testimony of Admit, Believe,
    and Confess(A.B.C.), since the Guru Christ Jesus is the center of our

    The following is a list of the major human races of this earth planet: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    Race - Realm
    1)Xanthocroi(mixed color) - Gaiariekh
    2)Chimangolka(chi-blessed, mangolka-brave) - Americas
    3)Cromagnon(cro-yeller, magnon-great) - Manchuria 4)Australoid(austral-southern, oid-likeness) - Arawaks or the Antilles
    or The Caribbean or Caribbeana or Tropicana?
    5)Capoid?(cape-cloak, oid-like; ubiquitous) - Australia?
    6)Neanderthal?(Cave like) - Greenland?
    7)Congoid?(congo-mountainous(bantu), oid-like) - Africa 8)Caucasianese(caucas-broad, ian-gentleman) - Britiania or United
    Kingdom or Caucasia
    9)Negroid?(negro-black, id-instinctive) - Judea or "The Land of the
    Crazys" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    The following are the alias to the major races of this earth planet with
    some hypothetical testimony to say to enter into the gateless gate of
    the Arabian spiritual traditions and escape the world of forbidden food
    stuffs; for, food is medicine:

    1)Arabic Shahada testimony – Deshi(Indian), Parsi(Arabian),
    Khomi(Russian), and Shami(European) Xanthocroi(mixed color)

    2)English Salvation testimony – Canadian, Mesoamericanese, Latino, and Hispanic Chimangolka(chi-blessed, mangolka-brave)

    3)Hebrew Shema testimony – Chini, Thai, Ainy, and Malay Manchurian Cromagnon(cro-yeller, magnon-great)

    4)Greek Symvollum(Symbol of Faith) testimony - Caribbeanese(Tamil,
    Taino, Terron, Tiwi) Australoid(austral-southern, oid-likeness)

    5)Russian Sinners Prayer – Australian Polynesian Capoid?(cape-cloak, oid- like;

    6)Polish Signum Crucis Prayer - Antartican Neanderthal?(Cave like);
    those of 2 race mixes where one of the race mixes is the British
    Caucasianese and another of whomever that are not Jewish.

    7)German Sanctus Prayer - African Congoid?(congo-mountainous(bantu), oid-

    8)Vietnamese Saint Thomas Aquinas Prayer? - British
    Caucasianese(caucas-broad, ian-gentleman)

    9)French Serenity Prayer? - Judean Negroid?(negro-black, id-instinctive)

    Note: I mention the Serenity Prayer to be an appropriate entry into the
    world of the Abrahamic traditions for the Jewish Negroid race because
    here in Jew York City, colloquially known as New York City, the serenity
    prayer is the only thing that is taught and encouraged in various Jewish
    occult corporations, where there is evidence of a Jewish leader. So,
    that maybe that the Serenity prayer is the one that may help the Jewish
    enter the gateless gate of the Arabian spiritual traditions and overcome
    their medical issues. I must admit there is some good even among the
    Jews but there is a world of hurt where they are not the so called good
    people who apparently did no wrong.

    Only in the "church" can you really admit to this and have the issue
    dealt with. In other places you are forced to be deaf, dumb, blind to
    the whole Jewish trespass and Jew baiting treachery engendering a
    culture of serious wanton disregard and disrespect. Such banalitys,
    caveats, and divestments have been the reason why so many civilizations, corporations, communitys, countrys, collusions, concatenations, and
    whichever has a 'c' in it end up in ruin. The Jews may speak of
    education but it is really prayer to the Guru Christ Jesus who makes it
    real. Remember, Jesus Christ is the true gift blessed by God and even educator. It was always prayer that ever got us the clues that helped
    us pass the Jewish world of academic infidelity and even plagiarism.

    1)Arabic Shahada Testimony
    Ashaadu ila ila-ha ila-allah wa;
    ashaadu anna mohammadan rasulu Allah
    (There is only one God;
    and Prophet Mohammad is the last and final one of Him)
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and Merciful.   
    Amina, Amina, Amina.
    Helps with the world of criminalty and culture of jail and prison.

    2)Hebrew Shema Testimony
    Shema Israel adonia elohanu adonai ehad;
    baruch shem kavod malchuto layolem vaed
    (Hear oh Israel, Hashem is our God, Hashem is one; blessed be the name
    of His kingdom forever and ever)
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and Merciful.   
    Amina, Amina, Amina.
    Helps with the world of mental institutionalization and the culture of
    the pill.

    3)English Salvation Testimony
    O Yah,
    I admit I am a sinner;
    I believe that I need Jesus Christ to overcome sin and death;
    I confess of my sins;
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and Merciful.   
    Amina, Amina, Amina.
    Helps with the world of homelessness and transcience. Given your
    resources this os a catalyst that will acquire for you more than before.
    Ask and you shall recieve.

    4)Greek Symbol of Faith
    Pistévo se énan Theó,
    Patéra Pantodýnamos,
    Dimiourgós tou ouranoú kai tis gis,
    kai ólon ton pragmáton oratón kai aóraton.
    Kai se énan Kýrio Iisoú Christó,
    o gios tou Theoú,
    genníthike apó ton Patéra
    prin apó óles tis ilikíes
    Fos fotós,
    alithinós Theós tou alithinoú Theoú,
    genníthike, den dimiourgíthike,
    mias ousías me ton Patéra
    metá apó poia óla ta prágmata éginan.
    Poios gia emás ántres
    kai gia ti sotiría mas
    katévike apó ton ouranó
    kai ensarkóthike apó to Ágio Pnévma
    kai i parthéna María
    kai égine ánthropos.
    Stavróthike gia emás
    ypó ton Póntio Piláto,
    kai ypéfere kai tháftike.
    Kai sikóthike tin tríti iméra,
    sýmfona me tis Grafés.
    Anévike ston parádeiso
    kai káthetai sto dexí chéri tou Patéra.
    Kai tha érthei xaná me dóxa
    na kríneis tous zontanoús kai tous nekroús.
    To Vasíleio tou den tha échei télos.
    Kai sto Ágio Pnévma,
    o Kýrios, o Dimiourgós tis zoís,
    Poios proérchetai apó ton Patéra,
    Poios mazí me ton Patéra kai ton Yió
    latrévetai kai doxázetai,
    Poios mílise gia tous profítes.
    Se éna, ieró, katholikó,
    kai apostolikí Ekklisía.
    Omologó éna váptisma
    gia ti synchóresi ton amartión.
    Psáchno gia tin anástasi ton nekrón,
    kai ti zoí tis epoménis epochís.
    (I believe in one God,
    Father Almighty,
    Creator of heaven and earth,
    and of all things visible and invisible.
    And in one Lord Jesus Christ,
    the ony-begotten Son of God,
    begotten of the Father
    before all ages;
    Light of Light,
    true God of true God,
    begotten, not created,
    of one essence with the Father
    through Whom all things were made.
    Who for us men
    and for our salvation
    came down from heaven
    and was incarnate of the Holy Spirit
    and the Virgin Mary
    and became man.
    He was crucified for us
    under Pontius Pilate,
    and suffered and was buried;
    And He rose on the third day,
    according to the Scriptures.
    He ascended into heaven
    and is seated at the right hand of the Father;
    And He will come again with glory
    to judge the living and dead.
    His Kingdom shall have no end.
    And in the Holy Spirit,
    the Lord, the Creator of life,
    Who proceeds from the Father,
    Who together with the Father and the Son
    is worshiped and glorified,
    Who spoke through the prophets.
    In one, holy, catholic,
    and apostolic Church.
    I confess one baptism
    for the forgiveness of sins.
    I look for the resurrection of the dead,
    and the life of the age to come.)
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and Merciful.   
    Amina, Amina, Amina.
    This is helpful for the world of recidivism, which is a reiteration or repetition of going in and out of jail, institution, homelessness, rehab
    and such.

    5)Russian Sinner’s Prayer
    Kyrie Hesous Christea,
    sinea boziya,
    pomiluea menea gresnaog
    (Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.)
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and Merciful.   
    Amina, Amina, Amina.
    This helps with possibly deportation. Not sure as of yet.

    6)German Sanctus Prayer
    Heilig, heilig, heilig
    Goel, Herr aller Mächte und Gewalten.
    Erfüllt sind Himmel und Erde
    von seiner Herrlichkeit.
    Hosanna in der Höhe!
    Hoch gelobt sei,
    der da kommt im Namina des Herrn!
    Hosanna in der Höhe!
    (Holy, holy, holy, lord God of hosts.
    heaven and earth are full of thy glory
    Osanna in the highest.
    Blessed is he that commeth in the name of the lorde:
    Glory to the, o lorde in the highest.)
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and Merciful.   
    Amina, Amina, Amina.
    This helps with traveling in a world that is chaotic and confusing.
    What map really works when things change like more than anything,
    especially in a world of JUBU extremism seeking to hostage you or anyone
    for the blood sacrifice they seek in front of their altars of the
    Satanam? There is that of a thing as evil. Ignorance is not bliss.
    Silence is death. Apathy is dangerous. You just cannot let your guard

    7)French Serenity Prayer
    O Allah,
    accorde-moi la sérénité
    accepter les choses que je ne peux
    pas changer le courage
    de changer les choses que je peux
    et la sagesse de connaître la différence.
    Vivant un jour à la fois,
    profiter d'un moment à la fois.
    Accepter les difficultés comme voie
    vers la paix.
    Prenant, comme il l'a fait,
    le monde pécheur
    tel qu'il est,
    pas comme je le voudrais.
    Confiant qu'il fera tout bien
    si je m'abandonne à sa volonté;
    que je puisse
    être raisonnablement heureux
    dans cette vie,
    et suprêmement heureux
    avec Lui
    pour toujours.
    (O God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change the
    courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the
    difference. Living one day at a time,enjoying one moment at a time.
    Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace. Taking, as he did, the
    sinful world as it is, not as I would have it. Trusting that he will
    make all things right if I surrender to His will; that I may be
    reasonably happy in this life, and supremely happy with Him forever.)
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and Merciful.   
    Amina, Amina, Amina.
    This helps in dealing with rehab and the world of addictions or to say
    forced consumerism of the control substances of psychotropics, liquor,
    soya, tobacco, narcotics, and steroids; which create serious imbalances
    that disrupt the bodys’ homeostasis or to say natural balance in dealing
    with existence in this earth planet.

    8)Polish Signum Crucis Prayer
    W Imię Ojca i Syna i Ducha Świętego
    (In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.)
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and Merciful.   
    Amina, Amina, Amina.
    This is a serious weapon and seems to have been mentioned prior to the unleashing of the Conrona virus. As a result, the JUBU extremists of
    the corporations of Transcendentalism, Allopathy, Microsoft,
    Niggervision, Palmistry, and Insurance took a heavy hit; possibly up to
    a minimum of 600 million.

    9)Vietnamese Saint Thomas Aquinas Prayer [https://thomisticum.com/aquinas-prayer-before-study]
    Hỡi Đấng Tạo Hóa không thể nào sánh được, Đấng giàu sự khôn ngoan của
    Ngài đã chỉ định ba thứ bậc của các Thiên thần và đã đặt chúng theo thứ
    tự kỳ diệu hơn các tầng trời cao nhất, và ai đã phân bổ các yếu tố của
    thế giới khôn ngoan nhất: hãy làm theo bạn, người nghệ thuật trong sự
    thật là nguồn ánh sáng và sự khôn ngoan, cam chịu soi sáng bóng tối của
    sự hiểu biết của tôi về những tia sáng của Thine độ sáng vô hạn, và loại
    bỏ xa tôi bóng tối gấp đôi trong mà tôi được sinh ra, cụ thể là, tội lỗi
    và sự ngu dốt. Do Thou, người có bài phát biểu hay nhất cho lưỡi của trẻ
    nhỏ, hướng dẫn lưỡi của tôi và đổ vào đôi môi ân sủng của phước lành của
    Ngài. Cho tôi sự quan tâm của sự sợ hãi, khả năng ghi nhớ, phương pháp
    và sự dễ dàng trong học tập, cái nhìn sâu sắc trong diễn giải và tài
    hùng biện phong phú trong bài phát biểu. Hướng dẫn phần đầu của tôi, chỉ
    đạo sự tiến bộ của tôi, và đóng dấu của Ngài trên công việc đã hoàn
    thành, Ngươi, người nghệ thuật chân chính Thượng đế và con người chân
    chính, người sống và tôn nghiêm thế giới không có hồi kết. (O Creator ineffable, who of the riches of Thy wisdom didst appoint
    three hierarchies of Angels and didst set them in wondrous order over
    the highest heavens, and who didst apportion the elements of the world
    most wisely: do Thou, who art in truth the fountain of light and wisdom,
    deign to shed upon the darkness of my understanding the rays of Thine
    infinite brightness, and remove far from me the twofold darkness in
    which I was born, namely, sin and ignorance. Do Thou, who givest speech
    to the tongues of little children, instruct my tongue and pour into my
    lips the grace of Thy benediction. Give me keenness of apprehension,
    capacity for remembering, method and ease in learning, insight in interpretation, and copious eloquence in speech. Instruct my beginning,
    direct my progress, and set Thy seal upon the finished work, Thou, who
    art true God and true Man, who livest and reignest world without end.)
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and Merciful.   
    Amina, Amina, Amina.

    10)Urudu Saint Francis Xavier Novena Prayer [https://novenaprayer.com/2020/06/09/powerful-prayer-by-st-francis-
    Ae mere khudawand Allah!
    mujhe sakhavat karna seekhiye.
    mujhe aap ki khidmat karne ka dars den jaisa ke aap mustahiq hain.
    dainay ke liye, aur qeemat ginnay ke liye larnay ke liye aur zakhamo par tawajah nah mehnat karna aur aaraam talabb nah karna.
    mazdoori karna, koi ujrat nahi talabb karna,
    jaan lo ke mein teri marzi se karoon ga.
    mujhe –apne pak rooh ke fazl se mazboot karo
    aur apni jaan ko meri jaan se salamat rakho ke mein azad hon har terhan
    ki be cheeni, khuloos aur pareshani se mujhe hamesha ki khwahish karne
    mein madad karen jo khush hai aur aap ke liye qabil qubool hai taakay
    aap ki marzi meri marzi ho.
    (O my Lord Jesus Christ!
    Teach me to be generous;
    teach me to serve You as you deserve;
    to give, and not to count the cost;
    to fight and not to heed the wounds;
    to toil and not to ask for rest;
    to labour, seeking no reward,
    save that of knowing that I do Thy will.
    Fortify me with the grace of Your Holy Spirit
    and give Your peace to my soul that I may be free
    from all needless anxiety, solicitude and worry.
    Help me to desire always that which is pleasing
    and acceptable to You so that Your will may be my will.)
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and Merciful.    --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brainstorm:

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