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    Since I mentioned Bill Bourne and Shannon Johnson
    in the other thread I will consider them.

    I know Bill Bourne’s former musical partner Alan MacLeod
    fairly well and met Bill Bourne in the W.I.S.E. Lounge
    in Vancouver once, where I gave him a slightly burnt
    oatmeal cookie, ha.

    Bill Bourne is straight-type-2 but not in my species
    and had an old lock which recently has been

    Shannon Johnson is a lesbian in my species and
    when she and Bill Bourne were in homo sapiens
    there would have been a bridge/friendship/trust
    attraction between them.

    A very good match for Bill Bourne is bif (woman
    attracted to both genders) Charlotte Black Elk.
    Her name popped into my head even though
    I din’t remember having seen a picture of her
    before, and I have since checked her picture.
    I think Bill Bourne has some association with
    some Northern Alberta natives and may be
    part native.

    However there are also some natives in my species,
    which is multicultural, multiracial, and multireligion.
    (Again homo sapiens globally has split into
    55 equal species in ghuman species group,
    and there is no longer any sexual compatibility
    across species boundaries, though the physical
    evolution is yet to come.)

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