• War Sacrifices

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    War Sacrifices

    JUBU Wars -
    In this age of apocalypse -
    Involving :
    Death, desease, war, famine, pestilence, strife, contagion(financial) --------------------------------------------------------------------- #)alienators - atagonists(jewish slur - control substance) --------------------------------------------------------------------- 0)revolutionary wars - evangelicals 1)polynesian wars - hispanics(indian - liquor)
    2)indian wars - caribbeanese(kama~chamaar - tobacco)
    3)cold wars - british(asian - soya)
    4)world wars - orientals(? - psychotropics(msg))
    5)gulf wars - africans(? - steroids)
    6)manchu wars - gypsys(? - narcotics)

    In hostaging the people who have been warred against they are heavily brainwashed to be branded with some slur word of the JUBU. For example,
    here in the America the Deshis of the Indian subcontinent are encouraged
    to be Asian, which is a Jewish slur word for the long standing Bristish
    slaves of the JUBU. In the Indian subcontinent on the other hand the
    Deshis are there are encouraged to be something of the Kama or to say
    Chamaar, which is a Gypsy slur word for the Caribbeanese of the Tamil,
    Taino, Terron, and Tiwi long standing Jewish slaves. Other words of the Caribbeanese that are encouraged in the Indian subcontinent are maybe
    mufta, patel, singh, and so on.

    Indeed, the JUBU are largely comprised of the Gypsys, Africans, Orientals, Hispanics, British, and those Caribbeanese of Tamil, Taino, Terron, and
    Tiwi diasporas. For nearly 5,000 to 1 million years the JUBU have been
    the harbingers of this Age of Apocalypse.

    Through the use of the hyperdermic syringe of judea the JUBU are able to
    herd and condition many into the allurement of the Jewish dogmatic fascist supremacy across this earth planet. The contamination of air, water, food supplys is the cumpulsory in the effort toward mainting their proud
    tradition of the Jewish religious war in whichever sphere of influence.

    The corporations of Transcendentalism, Allopahty, Microsoft, Niggervision, Palmistry, Insurance, and Gambling are the means by which the JUBU control
    the mass populace by heavily controling their eyes, ears, and nasal
    passages. It is like that among them and thier world of wanton disregard
    and disrespect.

    Typically, the JUBU of the Jewish diaspora implement 3 major sabotages in whichever system of things. The typical modus operandi of the JUBU is a progrom of anti-Indian, anti-Christ, anti-Muslim, anti-Women,
    anti-European, and anti-Holocaust that has lead many organizations that
    have a 'c' in it to be destroyed by serious weapons of mass destruction.
    The following is are serious red flags of warning of things to become:

    Pentagram star - death by war using weapons of mass destruction Hexagram
    star - death by holocaust Heptagram star - death by americanism or to say
    human experimentation

    In a way, major empires that have come and gone evidence the pentragram
    star. As well, major regimes as that of the Jews evidence the hexagram
    star. Now here is the deal, major occult organizations evidence the
    heptagram star. This they know but still do it. That is what they are

    While they have accesss to be best that the world has to offer, they
    choose a world of hurt so vexed with serious penaltys the world over. They
    have even calculated their own extinction as a species of this earth
    planet. As they say, "that is what [they] choose to do."

    Yet, it must be said the nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the
    bad. Again, somethings work. There is indeed some good out there. While
    the list of alienators and antagonists is not that concietedly simple, we
    see a paradox that implicates a probable vector unlike theirs of the
    worship of the Satan either as Jehova, God, Satanam, Kudaji, Diablo,
    Lucifer, or even the Devil itself.

    Life in a way as it stands is alot like the French cartoon series known as
    "The Little Prince"; where the individual is a Prince using the power of Abrahamic spiritual prayer, chanting, and meditation to help oneself to be
    able to negotiate this world of the "idiot and wrong" as mentioned by
    Alois S. Nazi. It is like that and made even more evident in the world of money getting where such Abrahamic prayers assist to call upon divine
    weapons as the sword of islam, body of christ, shield of david, greek
    fire, iron maiden, verging wall, polish math, and pig latin.

    Spiritual, political, financial countermeasures are important in dealing
    with the JUBU and their world of forced consumerism and the hyperdermic
    syringe stabbing. Typically, the JUBU use Maoist Transcendentalism,
    Marxist Communism, and Mussolinist Zionism to make their Jewish religious
    war ploy effective. Such a level of all over the place implementation of
    such propoganda and legal writs have lead many of our Network of 72 into serious losses. Notice the following results of the JUBU religious war by
    the timeline of 2021.

    Gypsys - Holocausted Africans - Balkanized Orientals - Massacred Hispancis
    - Decimated British - Inquisitioned Caribbeanese - Genocided

    Indians - Bastardized Christians - Bastardized Muslims - Bastardized Women
    - Bastardized Europeans - Bastardized Nazis - Bastardized

    While the Prime Directive is to mass murder the Jewish of the Group of 10
    our Network of 72 has evidenced serious losses. Much of it is due to the Jewish fetish so popular among the women and the Jewish slave identity
    among the men. It is like that in their world of domestic violence,
    communal war, and religous war; which a politician as Al Gore mentioned as "nothing beyond death and taxes" in his book "An Inconvenient Truth".
    Such is their lives looming in a maticee of a given dimension of the
    ignorance which is not bliss of not only keywords for themsleves but also serious isms and pragmas that help them to gain the much touted family
    values, communal harmonty, and spiritual pride and prejudice. For some
    reason, they seek to war with those that offer such things. That has been
    the legacy of thier Jewish divestment strategy the world over. That too
    in defense of a narrative that has been all too repeated. Is it the
    sympathy vote that they all seek to be made excused for the crimes they so seek?

    Whichever it maybe the level of herd mentality for such a cozy and chubby relationship they have with one another to engender the Jewish endgame of
    a towering infreno is more documented in whichever media of the Jewish propoganda than anything underneath the sun. That is what they are like.
    War rarely changes it. No Indian wars, World Wars, Cold Wars or whichever other wars out their made them any less Jew baiters or proud Gandhians, Kudajiers, or Buddhists. Indeed, we see among those of whomever that the forces of Maosist Transcendentalism as an economic system; Marxist
    Communism as a political system; and Mussolinist Zionism as a spiritual
    system have a vice grip on the minds, bodys, hearts, souls, eroses, and ethoses. Much of this is mitigated by the manipulation of the eyes, ears,
    and nasal passages of our Network of 72 adherentys of thier Dying Arts or
    to say worship of some adhoc contrived diety of Gandhi, Buddha, and

    The Network of 72 and their respective smurf talents are as follows: --------------------------------------------------------------------- 0)Oriental(Chinis..) - sexuality 1)Indian(Deshis) - technology 2)Arabian(Parsis) - spirituality 3)Russian(Khomis) - library
    4)European(Shamis) - homeopathy 5)African(Pygmys..) - realty
    6)British(Saxonys) - grocery 7)Hispanic(..) - fiduciary
    8)Australian(Maoris..) - hospitality 9)Caribbeanese(Thiwis..) - security

    The Group of 10 of Jewish Satanists are as follows: ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    0)Yiddish 1)Zen 2)Vudu 3)Hindu 4)LGBTQ 5)Trini 6)Creole 7)Hapa 8)Hoon

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

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