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    loved ones. Ask and you shall receive. -----------------------------------------------------------

    Evening prayers(12 times each) – Jersey City -------------------------------------------------------
    Opening – Arabic Shahada Testimony
    Ashaadu ila ila-ha ila-allah wa;
    ashaadu anna mohammadan rasulu Allah.
    (There is only one God; and Prophet Mohammad is the last
    and final one of Him.)
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and
    Merciful. Amina.

    And - Arabic Al-fatiha Prayer
    Bismi -llāhi r-Raḥmāni r-Raḥīmi
    al-ḥamdu lillāhi rabbi l-ʿālamīna
    ar-Raḥmāni r-Raḥīmi
    māliki yawmi d-dīni
    ʾiyyāka naʿbudu wa ʾiyyāka nastaʿīnu
    ʾihdinā ṣ-ṣirāṭa l-mustaqīma
    ṣirāṭ al-lazīna ʾanʿamta ʿalayhim
    ġayri l-maġḍūbi ʿalayhim wa-lā ḍ-ḍāllīn
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and
    Merciful. Amina.

    1)Excitement - Spanish Gloria Patri Prayer
    Gloria al Pantocrator, al Hijo y al Espíritu Santo. Como
    era en el principio, ahora y siempre, por los siglos de los
    (Glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. As it
    was in the beginning, now and forever, forever and ever.)
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and
    Merciful. Amina.

    2)Joy - Polish Signum Crucis Prayer
    W Imię Ojca i Syna i Ducha Świętego
    (In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and
    Merciful. Amina.

    3)Sorrow - Vietnamese St Thomas Aquinas Prayer
    Lạy Shangdi, Đấng trong bí tích kỳ diệu này đã đ ể l ại cho chúng tôi một kỷ vật niềm đam mê của bạn; ban cho chúng tôi như vậy để tôn kính những bí ẩn thiêng liêng c ủa b ạn c ơ th ể
    và máu, mà chúng ta có thể tiếp tục cảm th ấy bên trong mình hoa trái phước hạnh của sự cứu chuộc ngươi. Ai sống và tôn trọng một Chúa là mãi mãi.
    (O God, who in this wondrous sacrament hast left unto us a
    memorial of thy passion; grant us so to venerate the sacred
    mysteries of thy body and blood, that we may ever continue
    to feel within ourselves the blessed fruit of thy
    redemption. Who livest and reignest one God, for ever and
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and
    Merciful. Amina.

    4)Confusion - Hindi Trisagion Prayer
    Pavitr Yah,
    pavitr paraakramee,
    pavitr amar ek,
    ham par aur pooree,
    duniya mein daya hai.
    (Holy God, Holy Mighty One,
    Holy Immortal One,
    have mercy on us
    and on the whole world.)
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and
    Merciful. Amina.

    5)Shock - English Salvation Testimony
    O Yah,
    I admit I am a sinner;
    I believe that I need Jesus Christ to overcome sin and
    I confess of my sins;
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and
    Merciful. Amina.

    6)Laughter - Hebrew Shema Testimony
    Shema Israel adonai elohanu adonai ehad;
    baruch shem kavod malchuto layolem vaed.
    (Hear oh Israel, Hashem is our God, Hashem is one; blessed
    be the name of His kingdom forever and ever.)
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and
    Merciful. Amina.

    Closing - Greek Symbol of Faith
    Pistévo se énan Theó,
    Patéra Pantodýnamos,
    Dimiourgós tou ouranoú kai tis gis,
    kai ólon ton pragmáton oratón kai aóraton.
    Kai se énan Kýrio Iisoú Christó,
    o gios tou Theoú,
    genníthike apó ton Patéra
    prin apó óles tis ilikíes
    Fos fotós,
    alithinós Theós tou alithinoú Theoú,
    genníthike, den dimiourgíthike,
    mias ousías me ton Patéra
    metá apó poia óla ta prágmata éginan.
    Poios gia emás ántres
    kai gia ti sotiría mas
    katévike apó ton ouranó
    kai ensarkóthike apó to Ágio Pnévma
    kai i parthéna María
    kai égine ánthropos.
    Stavróthike gia emás
    ypó ton Póntio Piláto,
    kai ypéfere kai tháftike.
    Kai sikóthike tin tríti iméra,
    sýmfona me tis Grafés.
    Anévike ston parádeiso
    kai káthetai sto dexí chéri tou Patéra.
    Kai tha érthei xaná me dóxa
    na kríneis tous zontanoús kai tous nekroús.
    To Vasíleio tou den tha échei télos.
    Kai sto Ágio Pnévma,
    o Kýrios, o Dimiourgós tis zoís,
    Poios proérchetai apó ton Patéra,
    Poios mazí me ton Patéra kai ton Yió
    latrévetai kai doxázetai,
    Poios mílise gia tous profítes.
    Se éna, ieró, katholikó,
    kai apostolikí Ekklisía.
    Omologó éna váptisma
    gia ti synchóresi ton amartión.
    Psáchno gia tin anástasi ton nekrón,
    kai ti zoí tis epoménis epochís.
    (I believe in one God,
    Father Almighty,
    Creator of heaven and earth,
    and of all things visible and invisible.
    And in one Lord Jesus Christ,
    the only-begotten Son of God,
    begotten of the Father
    before all ages;
    Light of Light,
    true God of true God,
    begotten, not created,
    of one essence with the Father
    through Whom all things were made.
    Who for us men
    and for our salvation
    came down from heaven
    and was incarnate of the Holy Spirit
    and the Virgin Mary
    and became man.
    He was crucified for us
    under Pontius Pilate,
    and suffered and was buried;
    And He rose on the third day,
    according to the Scriptures.
    He ascended into heaven
    and is seated at the right hand of the Father;
    And He will come again with glory
    to judge the living and dead.
    His Kingdom shall have no end.
    And in the Holy Spirit,
    the Lord, the Creator of life,
    Who proceeds from the Father,
    Who together with the Father and the Son
    is worshiped and glorified,
    Who spoke through the prophets.
    In one, holy, catholic,
    and apostolic Church.
    I confess one baptism
    for the forgiveness of sins.
    I look for the resurrection of the dead,
    and the life of the age to come.)
    In the name of Jesus Christ, who is most Gracious and
    Merciful. Amina.

    Of course, a nice prayer addressed to Jesus Christ for
    yourself and your loved ones. Ask and you shall receive. -------------------------------------------------------

    Anyway, God bless and God speed for Jesus Christ is God.
    Always a pleasure. I want you to win over the vice grip of
    the Jewish blight upon humanity and their Satanic Dharmic
    ways of life engendering all sorts of social maladys. Good
    luck to you. All the best. You are forever in my prayers.
    Remember, Jesus Christ is the True gift blessed by God. -----------------------------------------------------------
    Signature: "The nature of the good is to overcome and
    defeat the bad" - divine voice -----------------------------------------------------------
    P.S. There is no that of a thing as a hundred percent.
    There is some good out there. Please find below yet
    another schema in my research and development of things.
    Remember, the prime directive is to never allow for the
    trespass of the Jewish diaspora comprising of the Yiddish,
    Zen, Vudu, Hindu, LGBTQ, Trini, Creole, Hapa, Hoon, and
    Roma upper caste ancestorys. Name has nothing to do with
    it. Pray about it. Read about it. So on and so forth.

    I have found the following to be helpful in dealing with
    medical issues:

    1)use of anti-biotics as the Bacitracin cream
    2)homeopathys as in the ones from Boiron
    3)vaccines as in the ones from whichever travel clinic
    4)gmo(s) as in the M&M's peanut candys.

    I find whichever remedy that uses the homeopathic concept
    of a weakened pathogen as in virus, poison, bacteria,
    parasite, and so on seriously helps toward a viable cure
    from whichever malady. For nearly 20 years life was a
    veritable hell trying to deal with the criminal attacks and
    contaminations that try to justify the shit culture of
    psychotropics, narcotics, liquor, soy-neurotoxins, tobacco,
    and steroids unfit for human consumption. In a way, I
    notice the poisons I just mentioned maybe useful in the
    following way:

    1)Psychotropics - possible fertilizer

    2)Narcotics - possible perfume ingredient using the Bach
    flower perfume making technique patented by Suneel Ramaney
    using some well thought out standard of some wonderful

    3)Liquor - possible cleaning solvent, just cleaned my hard
    wood floors with a bottle of Heineken

    4)Soya - possible clothing dye or coloring agent, which
    maybe safer than others as it tends to go into our mouth

    5)Tobacco - possible paint ingredient, especially for the
    production of black and blue paint

    6)Steroids(aloe, ginseng, acai, and other forbidden herbals
    from the naturopathy world of whichever ethnic tradition
    out there) - possible pest repellent(just put a bottle of
    ginger beer in a cup for the pests to enjoy the other day);
    seems to work; too early to tell

    Some nice detoxes I have discovered in my travels here and
    elsewhere have been the following, especially when eating
    fish, which often has high amounts of mercury and such.

    1)CharcoCaps Activated Charcoal - helps with hallucinations
    eating things like fish
    2)Magnesium Citrate Oral Solution - helps with mania?
    3)Pectasol Chelation Complex - helps with ocd?
    4)Metamucil? - helps with insomnia?

    1)Pellegrino Mineral water - helps with depression
    2)Lactose intolerant milk - helps with anxiety
    3)Cola - helps with insomnia?
    4)Pom pomegranate juice - helps with incoordination?

    The trick with drinks is that the acid is to be poured into
    base. For example, the pomegranate juice, which is like an
    acid, should be poured into the clean filtered water, which
    is like a base.

    Profosan water filtration:
    The following is a list of steps toward a possible viable
    water filtration technique that could help with dealing
    with the contaminations in the various water supplys out
    1)Boiler - to boil the water
    2)Pumping up a pipe - for gravity filtration
    3)Faucet tap filtration - Activated charcoal filtration
    using tools as Waterdrop National Science Foundation faucet
    4)Distiller - Using distiller which boil the water and
    condense the steam which forms back into clean water
    5)Refrigeration filtration - Using a cylindrical water
    pitcher to better capture impurities at the bottom of the
    6)Pellegrino mineral water addition - to assist with vital
    nutrients that aid and abhet health
    7)Something else is needed to help deal with the plastic
    taste from the chlorine and fluoride in most water supplys
    to make it homeopathic.

    While the filtration technique may pass as being on par
    with Pellegrino mineral water, there still remains the
    issue of making it homeopathic where the pathogens in the
    water are made weakened to the point of developing a
    resistance to through the immunity.

    As well, the caveats or forbiddens in most of the occult
    organizations seem to be the most helpful such as beef,
    pork, cola, egg, cake, sugar, and so on. Our digestive
    system is like a recycling system for the body in a way.
    You are what you eat is true in a sense. To repair vital
    organs and even to maintain them we need nutritious food as
    in beef, pork, egg, cola, cake, breads, dairy, fruits,
    sugar, and so on to replace lost or worn out body parts.
    The American food pyramid is a good guideline toward such a
    healthy way of life. Who says it's not possible to escape
    the starvation diets of the ascetics? Through prayer and
    petition there is a world of abundance and wonder that
    awaits you. You just have to ask and you shall receive.
    Do or try, there is no do not.

    The following is a nice recipe technique which I discovered
    from a book, which talked about the GUNA pragma for food
    stuffs. Although I found this clue from a book of the
    Satanic Dharma called "The Hindu Mind" by Bansi Pandit, it
    did give some interesting insight into a world that I am
    trying to let go of. In it is mentioned that "[fruits are
    sweet; vegetables are sour; meats are spicy]". In that way
    I tend to cook in the following way. I hope it helps you
    and you are able find some satisfaction in the whole meal.
    It is something to something to some level of culinary
    proficiency. Still in the works.

    Step 1:
    Use lard(pork fat) or ajar(beef fat) as the oil in most
    liquid oils are synthetic and unfit for human consumption.
    That too quite a number of oils are used as gasoline
    additives. Lard is pork fat, while ajar is beef fat. The
    GUNA pragma to encourage food as medicine is about
    replenishing body parts with food stuffs that are fit for
    human consumption. For example, a nice piece of beef maybe
    good for the muscle, while fish maybe good for the heart.
    Something like that. The digestive system is basically a
    recycling system that takes necessary nutrients and applys
    it to worn out or damaged body parts. I wonder if we eat
    some cow eye ball or something like that and is it able to
    defeat blindness or something. Something to consider. For
    me eating a nice dollar cheese burger for one month at
    McDonald’s helped to heal a broken hip tendon I had for 10
    years. Go figure.

    Step 2:
    Use a pinch of seasoned salt, sugar, ans chili spices.
    A)Seasoned salt -
    B)Seasoned sugar - white sugar, jaggery, cinammon
    C)Seasoned chili - mango achar, cayene pepper, sambar(this
    is a spicy tomatoe powder of the Deshi Indian subcontinent
    found in business districts as “Little India” like at 74th
    Street and Broadway in Jackson Heights near the R train to

    Step 3:
    Use some green as in oregano and Italian seasoning as well
    as coriander powder and cumin powder

    Step 4:
    Use some ranch dressing of about a teaspoon to meld in the

    Step 5:
    Use spaghetti sauce as a Sofrito. I never could get a
    Sofrito that does not spoil beyond a day after I open the

    Step 6:
    Now this gets interesting. Use spices of a give region of
    the world that is best known for the various food
    ingredients out there. For example:

    A)Orient – Schechuan pepper pickle for pork
    B)Indian Subcontinent – Panch faron or 5 seeds for egg
    C)Arabia – Sumak for ?
    D)Russia - ?
    E)Europe - Adobo/Sazon for fish
    F)Africa - Cajun seasoning for pork?
    G)Americas - Taco seasoning for beef
    H)Britania - ?
    I)Australia - ?
    J)Native lands of Tamil(Tamilnadu), Taino(Tawantinsuyo),
    Terron(Transylvania), Tiwi(Tazmania) - Jerk seasoning for
    K)Judea(Taiwan, Israel, Sicily, Haiti, Hawaii, Trinidad,
    Indonesia, Philippines, Tibet, Brooklyn(NY, USA) –

    Step 7:
    Use a pinch of Kabuli Hing or Asafetida.

    Step 8:
    Garam Masala for light meat
    Curry Masala for dark meat

    Unlike the JEDI of the Star Wars movie saga, though,
    through prayer to Christ Jesus it maybe possible to get
    back what we once lost. I tell ya, at one time I saw me
    dear mom's spirit, who passed away due to cancer. That
    gave me some solace in life. It was for that reason why I
    was able to move on and further the volarization and
    inundation of the Network. I wonder how my dad will appear
    to me. That too even my bitch sister out there in the wild
    blue yonder. That is the beauty of Christ Jesus, which no
    movie or magic can capture. It is different. Something to

    Hopefully, someday I can share with you a way in how to
    deal with those astrological curses we are all so vexed
    with at one time in our lives or the others. Boy, can they
    do a mind trip on us to engender a serious anxiety attack.
    To me the Astrologys found in common newspapers are like
    death threats by criminal regimes who seek to further the
    hostaging by the Satanic forces of the corporations of
    Transcendentalism, Allopathy, Microsoft, Niggervision,
    Palmistry, and Insurance. For me the transit of Pluto in
    the Greek astrologys and that of Saturn in the Indian
    astrologys was like the most horrific. It was during those
    years I went in and out of institution, jail, homelessness,
    rehab, and so on. Again, the astrologys are nothing more
    than criminal threats toward some form of victimization,
    made into a business, industry, and whichever other form of
    bilk and swindle.

    The JUBU have so many excuses to justify their wanton
    disregard and disrespect toward anyones' life, liberty,
    pursuit of happiness, property, faith, and propriety. Hell
    hath no fury like a man scorned. Does that prediction of
    "you will get all that you desire" ever become true in my
    life? Anyway, let's pray about it.

    One thing for sure is that it was after those horrendous
    influences of Pluto and Saturn that I was able to enter the
    gateless gate of the Arabian Abrahamic traditions and even
    become a believer of this wonderful guru Christ Jesus. So
    could that mean that if people are aware of such clues
    sooner they will be able to better offset such Astrological
    death threats. Is it possible to reach out to those in the
    Pluto and Saturn transit and maybe help them find the
    protection and successes like I have? Who knows? Better
    soon than later. I found those gaudys as the Navratna do
    not really work. But prayer works and prayer to Christ
    Jesus worked the best.
    The following is a nice informal prayer I do daily to help
    me deal with it:

    Informal Prayer:
    O Allah,
    I love you Allah.
    I need yo Allah.
    I am sorry for my debts Allah.
    I thank you so much Allah.

    Dear Jesus Christ,
    Please help me overcome and defeat the evil empire of the
    JUBU emanating from the republics of Taiwan, Israel,
    Sicily, Haiti, Hawaii, Trinidad, Indonesia, Philippines,
    Tibet, and Brooklyn(NY, USA). Help me to destroy and
    holocaust the Jewish diaspora of the Yiddish, Zen, Vudu,
    Hindu, LGBTQ, Trini, Creole, Hapa, Hoon, and Roma
    ancestorys along with their industrys of Transcendentalism,
    Allopathy, Micorsoft, Niggervision, Palmistry, and
    Insurance schemes of whichever bilk and swindle of
    anyone's' life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, property,
    faith, and propriety.

    Please make me successful in the areas of:
    0)food, shelter, clothing, vaccines, technologys, and
    1)education, sex, moneys, faith, property, and
    2)sleep, water, sex, food, and self preservation
    3)love, life, duty, rest, comfort, and convenience
    4)compassion, charity, generosity, wisdom, patience, and
    5)life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, property, faith, and
    6)health, wealth, prosperity, peace, happiness, and safety
    7)memory, will power, sovereignty, hegemony, patience, and

    Help me to be proficient in the areas of:
    0)reading, writing, arithmetic, programming, drafting,
    designing, troubleshooting, science, calisthenics, and

    1)elementary, inspectional, analytical, syntopical,
    researching, and developing reading levels

    Help me to:
    0)rectify the wrongs in my life; recover and recoup from my
    losses; redeem myself; retaliate against those who have
    wronged me; be rich, wealthy, affluent, and successful;
    resolve my issues; be reimbursed;
    be rewarded; be repatriated; and be reinforced; and even to

    1)saved, successful, sufficient, sovereign, salient,
    sentient, scholarly, studious, sheltered, and safe

    Help me toward my fiduciary investments involving
    camaradery, reciprocity, synergy, unity, infidelity, and
    whichever other mutuality in defense of the nature of the
    good to overcome and defeat the bad.

    Help me in my research and development of the compubbs;
    cybermatrix; guru pragma; somanix(minix, x11; react os
    concatenation); evangelicalism as a possible spiritual
    system for the Deshi diaspora of the Indian
    Subcontinent(Aryavarta); anti-gravity engine; wireless
    electricity generator; artificial intelligence dongle; a
    water filtration tool possibly called Profosan to output
    filtered water on par with Pellegrino mineral water and a
    homeopathic remedy; and maybe existentialism as a viable
    economic system.
    Please bless all sentient beings with which I have just
    prayed for including my family, country, kith, kin,
    network, alliance, community, society, race, relatives;
    other people who have it worse; the potentials,
    benefactors, beneficiarys, and those people; respectively,
    synergistically, successfully, sufficiently, saliently; of
    the past, present, future, now, and oblique.

    In the name of [Hashem], who is most Gracious and Merciful.
    Amina, Amina, Amina..
    Indeed, it is not too late to pray to Christ Jesus. For
    Jesus Christ is the only one to assist in the meditation of
    the heart in a sound and cogent way more effectively than
    by any other means. God bless and God speed for Jesus
    Christ is God. Always a pleasure. I want you to win over
    the forces of the Satanic Dharma and the shit culture of
    psychotropics, narcotics, liquor, soya-neurotoxins,
    tobacco, and steroids (aloe, ginseng, acai, and other
    forbidden herbals of the naturopathy traditions of the
    world). Good luck to you. All the best. May you and your
    people through the auspices of the Guru Christ Jesus be
    well, happy, prosperous, peaceful, safe, and healthy.
    Remember, whichever they are against I am all for through
    the auspices of the Guru Christ Jesus. If it ain't beef,
    pork, egg, cola, cake, sugar; Indian, Christian, Muslim,
    European, Women, and Holocaustists; and whichever places
    out there; the JUBU(Judeo-Buddhists) have so many caveats
    or forbiddens toward people, places, things, ideas,
    animals, and patents that just work for sentient life,
    liberty, pursuit of happiness, property, faith, and
    propriety. Jew = NGR; Kill the NGR.; Hiel Hitler! -----------------------------------------------------------
    The millennium has witnessed the following dimensions of
    attack as mentioned on Wikipedia by people of the military,

    1)Attack by air - World Trade Center using aeroplanes
    2)Attack by sea - Louisiana using boats
    3)Attack by land - Iraq using cars by engaging in car
    4)Attack by swamp - Hispania using ambulance to unleash the
    Coronavirus possibly using used hyperdermic syringes from
    some Jewish business?
    5)Attack by space - could the Caribbean be attacked using a
    train like the astrotrain they mention in cartoons as
    6)Attack by information - could it be the republics of
    Hongkong, Pakistan, Germany, Morocco, and Argentina; the so
    called lands of Rule by Might; using motorcycles like they
    mention is some nigger fucken movie of the Jewish
    propoganda machine controlled Hollywood?

    Will those attacks by space and information be another form
    of suicide ritual of hostages who did not know any better
    in life? What is this? I tell ya, ignorance is not bliss.
    It is for this reason why I share the clues I have gathered
    in my vector of life traveling through the dimensions of
    this NYC and other parts of the earth planet inundated with
    those niggardly ways of the evil empire of the JUBU. Like
    you and whomever of the JUBU hostages I was fortunate
    enough to be reached out
    to here and there. What they say is true in Greek
    Philosophy, "People tend to do the good". But here's the
    deal, to find that good and even to understand it as good
    we need a higher power as the Christ Jesus to
    call upon regularly through prayer and petition. For Jesus
    Christ is the only one who can show us the truth the way
    and the life in a world filled with more madness and mayhem
    than we can fathom.

    .c0N0c. .:' .xNX: .,;. ,kNKo.
    .:ON0c. .::' .xNK: .,c,. ;ONKl.
    .;ON0l. .::;kNKo,c,. .c0N0c.
    ;kNMXxcccccccccccccccccccd0NWNXOocccccccccccccccccccdXMWO:. .oNMMKxdddddddddddddddddddkXWWWN0xdddddddddddddddddddx0WMXl.
    ;OWXo. .,::ONKd;:' .lKNk,
    .cKW0: .,c,..xNXc .::' ;ON0:
    .dNNk' .:,. .xNK: .:;. 'xNXo.
    ,kWXo. . .xNK: . .oXNk'
    .cKW0: .xNK: :0W0:
    .dXNk' .xNK: ,kNXo.
    ,kNXo. .xNK: .oXNx'
    :0W0: .xNK: .:0W0;
    .oXNk' .xNK: ,kNXl.
    ,kNXo. .xNK: .dNNx'
    :0W0: .xNX: .cKWO;
    .oXNk' .xNXc ,OWKl.

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

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