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    Guru Pragma viz Christ Jesus Prayers - December 2020
    by SPP(anon246813579@gmail.com)
    There is no that of a thing as a hundred percent. The clues I share are something of a process of enlightenment, which I am told is forever.
    Anyway, something to something. I hope it helps you as it has me.
    Believe it or not somethings work.. :-) ----------------------------------------------
    Documentarally, actually, theoretically, logically, financially, and evangelically the Guru pragma viz Christ Jesus prayers seems to work but
    again it is a work in progress. They say it is and ongoing effort, the
    so called everlasting life. The Guru pragma is open source and is
    intended to help people overcome the vicissitudes of the life conditions engendered through practices of the Dying Arts. I hope you too through
    the auspices of Christ Jesus also find the victorys I have by simply
    saying the words that have made a world of wonder possible.

    It is not without its' issues but they are a subtlety to those serious
    problems of negativity incurred through the waste of a life scenarios of
    the Satanic Dharma,
    Transcendentalist Mafia, Pagan Occult, Religious War, Zerosum Games, and
    Dying Arts to name a few. The Guru pragma is based on clues about psychological sets they have been mentioned by the evil ones. These
    extreme psychological sets are largely brought about by the control
    substances historically used by cult leaders such as Suma Chingk Hai and institutional systems, the world over, to further their blood money manufacturing techniques. They are as follows:

    Set 1:
    Sex and Aggression
    This one maybe caused by liquor and other acids that are unfit for human consumption.

    Set 2:
    Excitement, Joy, Sorrow, Laughter
    Note: This one is maybe caused by the cannabis that is put into food as
    either natural MSG or even into shower heads by criminals in places like
    Jersey City, NJ.

    Set 3:
    Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance
    Note: This one is probably brought about by the poisoning by
    Psychotropics as Depakote, Risperdal, and Invega. Depakote causes
    serious depression. Risperdal is a known anxiety inducing agent. Invega
    is known to cause incoordination.

    I have aliased a prayer of a certain juxtaposed language based on
    evidence of success in using such prayers to deal with such ideations implemented through the instruments of destruction by the evil empire of
    the JUBU. There is a lot going on out there in the cosmic consciousness,
    which is not always sensible. Sounds of rape, murder, insult, injury,
    and so on; not only through so called portals of entertainment as
    Niggervision but also in real life in our own backyard, as they say, so
    they say.
    I have found that by calling upon Christ Jesus seems to be able to help
    deal with such psychological issues to deprogram from negative influences
    and move into a more foreboding stasis. How long this will happen I am
    not too sure. They say it is forever. The so called everlasting life.
    Anyway, something is better than nothing.

    Indeed, following those nigger masters of the Dying Arts lead me into a
    series of regression, a state of hell if you will. But through Christ
    Jesus as my personal God(Higher Power), Guru(Godman), Gnosis(Way of Life)
    I seem to be recovering from such negativity. Ask and you shall receive
    is an understatement. I have no clue how it works but it does it. For example, I am now typing using a Dell computer using this wonderful Linux Fedora operating system. I am able to communicate to loved ones,
    friends, and others out there in my network. It is nice and a good way
    to make life worth living. As Victor Frankel mentions in his book "Mans' Search for Meaning", finding meaning and purpose in things like
    [education, sex, moneys, faith, property, and socialization] helps to
    deal with this holocaustic earth planet and it’s Jew baiting culture of whichever multi-level massacre scenario. The following are some nice
    projects I am working on to better myself and others in my meditation of
    the heart:

    1)CompuBBS is a tool to research and develop across the network in a
    sound and cogent way that is effective or results true

    2)Cybermatrix network of databases using possibly using the pulse,
    rectangle, tacohead waveform for the open source fiat like moneys

    3)Guru Pragma to further the ontology of the wonderful guru Christ Jesus
    and have a proper meditation of the heart

    4)Somanix(Minix, X11, React OS) open source productivity environment to
    free people from the precariousness of the Microsoft, which is a pathetic solution to a complex problem

    5)Anti-gravity engine using the equation e+f=m

    6)Wireless electricity generator

    7)Artificial intelligence dongle

    8)A viable water filtration tool that will output clean water on par with
    the Pellegrino mineral water and a possible homeopathic remedy of
    whichever weakened pathogens

    9)Evangelicalism as a viable spiritual system for the Indian subcontinent(Aryavarta) and the Deshi diaspora

    10)Existentialism as a possible economic system to reinforce and nurture
    the synergy or mutual success of a ratio of 1.618 and have women a part
    of the money making world rather than live in a world of dependency. The present Transcendentalist economic system reigning for possibly 5,000 to
    1 million years has been the ruin of anyone. We really need to provide
    people with another choice. We have to believe in flawless victory and
    in the FIAT like open source fiduciary network. Believe it or not
    somethings work. Those wonderful British itemized 4 letter pragmas are
    like the love affair that never quits.

    I find saying the below mentioned chantings and prayers for a recitation
    of 12 times each to be helpful. I use the number 12 because that is what
    those niggers of the Palmistry are against. My basic modus operandi in
    life is that whatever they are against, I am all for; within the wisdom
    of Christ Jesus proven documentarlly, actually, theoretically, logically, financially, and evangelically. So check it out!

    Please find below the morning, noon, and evening prayer lists I try to do
    on a daily basis to be able to deal with the shit culture of the evil
    empire of the JUBU. The evil empire of the JUBU comprises of the
    republics of the following waco transcendentalist mafias:

    1)Taiwan - Republic of the Zen(Dharma Drum)
    2)Israel - Repubic of the Yiddish(Lebovitch)
    3)Sicily - Republic of the LGBTQ(Temple of Satan[www.churchofsatan.com]) 4)Haiti - Republic of the Vudu(Jehova's Witnesses)
    5)Hawaii - Republic of the Hindu(Swaminarayan)
    6)Trinidad - Republic of the Trini(Sai Baba)
    7)Indonesia - Republic of the Creole(Ravi Das)
    8)Phillipines - Republic of the Hapa(Suma Chingk Hai)
    9)Tibet - Republic of the Hoon(Dalie Lama)
    10)Brooklyn(NY, USA) - Republic of the Roma(Srilie Prabupada)

    The modus operandi of the evil empire of the JUBU is to control people
    through the elicit use of psychotropics, narcotics, liquor,
    soya-neurotoxins, tobacco, and steroids which maybe known as human experimentation drugs, whether through their bullshit blessed food or
    through institutionalization by forced means under the pretense of
    medical malpractice. Psychologically, the evil empire of the JUBU
    controls people through forcing them into believing in mantras, koans,
    and zazen exercises through such corporations as Transcendentalism,
    Allopathy, Microsoft, Niggervision, Palmistry, and Insurance schemes of whichever bilk and swindel of anyones’ life, liberty, pursuit of
    happiness, property, faith, and propriety.

    The mantras are a repetition of meaningless phrases or words. The koans
    are repetitious focus on meaningless riddles. The zazens are focusing on
    the meaningless breath through repetitious breathing exercises. Focusing
    on meaningless things disrupt critical thinking. As such, those ways of meaninglessness, which are heavily taught and encouraged lead sentient
    beings to the point of institutionalization by the industrys of Transcendentalism, Allopahty, Microsoft, Niggervision, Palmistry, and Insurance. Hence, a culture of depravity.

    By any means necessary they will try to make the consumption of such
    control substances as in psychotropics, narcotics, liquor,
    soya-neurotoxins, tobacco, and steroids; which maybe known as control substances; possible. As well, by any means necessary the
    evil empire of the JUBU will try to use whichever means to have people
    focus on mantras, koans, and zazen exercises. It is like that among them
    and their Satanic 666 hell bent on the religious war of the Jewish
    ancestorys from ages hence for at least 5,000 to 1 million years.

    The Satanic 666 are the 6 people, places, and things working toward the
    mass murder of humanity in defense of their blood money and the
    harvesting of souls from others who are not of them for the sake of their Jewish fascist reign of ruin. Indeed, more civilizations have collapsed
    due to the Jewish divestment, than through any means of allurement.

    The Satanic 6 people are the Gypsys, Africans, Hispanics, Orientals(Vietnamese), British, and the Native people of the Tamil,
    Taino, Terron, and Tiwi diaspora. Their level of wanton disregard and disrespect toward human life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, property,
    faith, and propriety is more than anything. There is not a sentient
    being who has not been affected by their evil influence from time

    The Satanic 6 places are the hell wholes of the industry's of Transcendentalism, Allopathy, Microsoft, Niggervision, Palmistry, and
    Insurance corporations of whichever bilk and swindle. Most people are
    herded and conditioned to be victims of that kind of systemic nightmare
    on earth made into the Transcendentalist economic system here in America
    to India and whichever else out there. It is like that among them and
    their niggardly ways of jail, institution, homeless shelter, rehab,
    deportation center, and internment camp. An Irish chap in prison told
    me that those ways of hostaging, as in the Transcendentalism, are the
    ways and means by which this America gets its' bills paid. So many are murdered and their very life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, property,
    faith, and propriety are taken so that yet another reiteration of the
    failed Jewish investment strategy is done, which they call blood money.

    I tell ya, my application for American naturalization was an entry into a
    world of serious darkness filled with the issues I mention. Indian
    citizenship was different. Somewhat of a light weight version of the
    above mentioned delusions.

    The Satanic 6 things are the very unfit for human consumption poisons
    which have become the opiate of the masses. The Satanic 6 things are
    none other than the psychotropics, narcotics, liquor, soya-neurotoxins, tobacco, and human experimentation drugs that are commonly sold as
    vitamin pills the world over to whichever wonder drug of the industry of Allopathy. From rural farming villages in India to post modern urban
    citys of America we see a world inundated with a pill culture that just
    never works. Yet, they are so used to furthering the religious war aims
    of the Jewish diaspora and their penchant to trespass
    into whomevers' republic so that they amass a sizable fortune that
    comprises of maybe 80 percent of the worlds' GDP. Ain't no joke. They
    say at least 80 percent of the people in this republic of the RUSA are on
    the pill, either recreationally or institutionally. Here where I live
    the requirement to take a pill by injection is the norm for housing.
    That too I just cannot find an employment where some control substance is
    not encouraged. Nearly every employment I have had where a nigger Jew is evidenced the use of either psychotropics, narcotics, liquor, soya- neurotoxins, tobacco, steroids, and whichever other human experimentation
    drug is the norm. It seems like with each form of incorporation as in C-
    Corp, S-Corp, LLC, LTD, Non-Profit, Charity, and so on we see a control substance tacked on to their business practices. It is like a horror
    more grander than you or I can possibly dream. Trying to survive a
    family or even oneself is more of a nightmare than anything underneath
    the sun.

    The level of spin doctoring they do to justify the blood money
    manufacturing through the kill organizations of Transcendentalism,
    Allopathy, Microsoft, Niggervision, Palmistry, and Insurance schemes of whichever bilk and swindle is more than anything. That is the issue we
    face as a humanity in the now. The dangers of those control substances
    is more than anything. From hormonal imbalances to cancer to whichever
    other malady of the Allopathy industry we see a world gone mad or to say mutually assured destructive through the ignorance which is not bliss
    enacted by the Jewish diaspora and their evil empire of the JUBU.

    I find in life, whichever the nigger Jews are against, those things tend
    to vivify my life in more ways than one. Take for example the beef,
    pork, egg, cola, cake, and sugar that is so lambasted the world over in whichever stage of the Transcendentalism and their foot soldiers in the
    worship of Bodhai, Gandhi, and Kudaji. It is like that among them and
    their zerosum games for whichever ascetic endeavor of the dionysianism or
    to say the worship of the very poison itself. Dionysis was the god of
    wine, which is a serious acid that can be used not only to clean a floor
    fully but also deteriorate precious organs of our faculty. Thus, again, disrupting the sentient mind.

    But there is hope. A chance to reclaim what was once lost and even
    stolen by the very harbingers of the Satanic Dharma and their Temples of
    Satan, largely promoted by the republics of Taiwan, Israel, Sicily,
    Haiti, Hawaii, Trinidad, Indonesia, Phillipines, Tibet, and
    Brooklyn(NY,USA). While they may say words as God, Jehova, and Satanam
    we find they have an origin in the very abusers of history. It is as
    God – G.O.D. is in a real way the acronymn for the worst known beings the earth planet was vexed with. G is for Gandhi; O is for Bodhai or Buddha
    as they say; D is for Kudaji or Godman is some Coptic language, which is
    the language family of the Jewish diaspora. I find the use of the word
    God by those of the upper caste Jewish tribes to be very auspicious and helpful. Rare few among the ethnic people of the world seem to be able
    to pull off calling upon God. That too the word God is heavily used in
    the halls of Transcendentalism, Allopathy, Microsoft, Niggervision,
    Palmistry, and Insurance. Each time one calls upon God, they are thrown
    into the pit of snakes mixing with those Jew baiters of the Gandhi,
    Bodhai, Kudaji ethos.

    In a way, the Jewish diaspora are Gypsy by ethnicity, Negroid by race,
    and of the Coptic language family documentarily, actually, theoretically, logically, financially, and evangelically. That too the 3 pillars of the
    mass ruin who are of the Gandhi, Bodhai, Kudaji are Jews themselves.
    They say, in this timeline that Gandhi is a Hindu Vaishya or Merchant
    caste. They say, Bodhai(Buddha) is of the Kashatriya or Warrior caste.
    They say, Khudaji is of the Brahmin or Priestly caste. The Hindus maybe
    from Hawaii ancestorly as evidenced by the politician Tulsi Gabbard and
    even Hindu propoganda that stems from Hawaii corporations as in Mantra
    Corp. as well as the most prolific author on USENET known as Dr. Jai
    Maharaj, and known Hindu Satanist. So many look upon India as the source
    of the Satanic Dharma and even is lambasted in pop culture from church to whichever stereotype. Like the book “Zen and the art of Motorcycle maintenance” say, in search for enlightenment they [look upon India],
    while walking [even ruminating] about the victorys of the Jewish blight.
    Hence, the term Americonartist to those of the Gypsy, African, Oriental, Hispanic, British, and Native people of the Tamil, Taino, Terron, and
    Tiwi diasporas.

    However, most of their devoutees and harbingers of those Demigods are
    largely of the Gypsy, African, Oriental, Hispanic, British, and Native
    people of the Tamil, Taino, Terron, and Tiwi diasporas. Not only are
    they the practitioners but also the publishers, promoters, patrons; and
    the well known Priests, Politicians, Professionals, Police, Professors,
    and Philosophers. Even the former President Bill Clinton was a disciple
    of the Zen cult leader of Taiwan known as Suma Chingk Hai.
    I must say, the evil empire of the JUBU, much like Iraq and it’s boast of
    the “sword of Islam” are quite successful with their respective boast of the “Hyperdermic syringe”. In my travels, I find the ways of Islam are quite interesting if you are able to wield it through the recitation of
    the Shahada. The Shahada I found was in the hidden recesses of the Institutional system. That is the one which worked and I share with you
    in this draft of things to become; a world so filled with wonder unlike
    what I was used to among those of the Dying Arts. The list of benefits
    I have observed from the various testimonys of the Prophets are as

    Arabic Shahada testimony– helps in dealing with criminals
    English Salvation testimony– helps in dealing with homelessness
    Hebrew Shema testimony– helps in dealing with institutionalization
    Greek Symbol of faith testimony– helps in dealing with rehab

    In a way, the Arabian Abrahamic traditions indeed do evidence successes
    in the basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, vaccines, technologys, and gaudys. I am happy to report to you somethings work. Like this Unix I am
    using to type this report.
    Gandhi - The book “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle adequately
    describes the narcissistic ideations of the Gandhians. The book
    encourages all throughout the power of now and doing things in the now.
    Dealing with the banality of the Gandhians, life is like that where a
    sentient being is brought to the level of Star Trek mach speed stupidity
    at great expense to comfort and belonging. The instant world of the
    Gandhians is more penalizing than anything. Gandhi is that of a nigger.
    More unreasonable and criminal than you can believe. The Gandhian will
    boast of education while encouraging the culture of the pill. God forbid
    if you ever fall down in life amongst a Gandhian. It is like being put
    to death by whichever you have invested relations into. That is the
    danger of the Gandhians. The Gandhian is like a Satanic snake. The
    great pretenders, if you will. Among the Gandhians, there is no support system. So beware.

    Most know this in their heart of hearts, but due to the policy of
    containment by the Jewish megaindustrys of Transcendentalism, Allopahty, Microsoft, Niggervision, Palmistry, Insurance they are not able to
    seriously divorce sooner than later. Like they say, “there is a succour
    born every minute.”

    I found in life that prayer works and prayer to Christ Jesus works the
    best to be able to call upon a higher power to find the support system of
    the Guru Christ Jesus so victorious the world over to effectively defeat
    the dogmatic and ascetic ways of the Jewish blight. ----------------------------------------------
    Bodhai : Gott - Goetz - Gauth - Gautama Buddha - The second nigger of the Buddhist lineage to have blighted this earth planet to engender a mass
    suicide through idiotic ways of life as in vegetarianism, yoga,
    meditation, martial arts, idolatry, casteism, sports, chess,
    argumentation, and multi-level marketing. The Made in Taiwan Zen cult
    Dharma Drum is infamous for the dissemination of the way
    of the God or to say Gautama Buddha. So much of Jewish propaganda is
    heavily immersed in the themes of the Zen ways of life. Even the tried
    and true mantra of the "One nation under God in liberty and justice for
    all", here in America, has become an entry into a life of serious use and
    abuse filled with all sorts of austerities which largely justify the
    diasporas’ wanton disregard and disrespect of the ways of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, property, faith, and propriety. As a result, the trespass into other peoples' propriety has occurred to further the money,
    name, and fame tactics of the Jewish diaspora. Again, through the
    culture of the pill and forced institutionalization by any means
    necessary of the Jewish blight we see an end game where the Jews are
    leading many, like the Pied Piper of Hamlin into an abyss of death.

    The destruction of the World Trade Center, Louisiana, Iraq, Hispania, Caribbean, and their Rule by Might of Hongkong, Pakistan, Germany,
    Morocco, and Argentina are an evidence of Jewish divestment that never
    worked. Yet, they do it. That too with a Bible, Quran, Tanackh,
    Synekdemos, and whichever form of enlightenment to boot.

    It is proven throughout history that such a trespass, albeit successful
    for some time, incurs a serious penalty. It is for that
    reason why so many of the Jewish divestment strategy were holocausted in
    places like Europe, Russia, China, and nowadays in Arabia. What else can
    you do among them as they try to not only betray their own laws and
    agreements but also whomevers' to justify the torture and torment of
    humanity. Ask yourself this: Is it better to starve to death with vegetarianism or eat food that is abundantly farmed and made so that we
    can further successful survival? Nothing wrong with beef, pork, egg,
    cola, cake, and sugar but those are the very things they are against not
    only in the anals of history but in the meditation centers of the
    winners’ circle. Ask yourself also this: Is it better to take some adhoc
    mix of rocks conartistly promoted as medicine like Gypsy snake oil, than
    some sound and cogent homeopathy like a vaccine, gmo, homeopathics, antibiotics, and whichever weakened form of pathogen to be implemented
    into the body for the immunity to develop resistance to? Indeed, nothing
    wrong with vaccines but how many can get them that easily without some
    barrier like an excuse more grander than being persecuted. For me to get
    a vaccine I have to be more than an conartist. The requirements are that Jewishly banal. The sad fact is that most vaccines here in the Tri-State
    of New York, New Jersey, and Pensylvania are thrown into the Jersey

    I tell ya, the vaccines are seriously life saving things. For, I have
    noticed the homeopathy style of treatments largely from Europe are the
    very remedys that work unlike the culture of the pill.

    They will tell you that the heart is better fed through starvation diets
    as vegetarianism; or drinking a serious poison as red wine; or even to do torturous exercises as weight lifting or tennis or swimming or martial
    arts or even the backbreaking yoga; or tirelessly work like a Jewish
    corporate slave carrying on the burden of not only the indebted life but
    the survival of family, country, kith, and kin at great expense to
    oneself; and even to take some adhoc mix of rocks conartistly promoted
    as a cure all medicine. That type of ascetic mindset goes even further
    to the development of serious industrys of mass murder to claim that some
    adhoc concoction of rocks from a periodic table of elements will cure
    whichever malady out there and even give you clear thinking, which is
    commonly known as Psychiatry.

    What they really do is to control people to be of a malady and then die prematurely only to rob whomever of the very life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, property, faith, and propriety we so strive for? Indeed, it
    is like that among those of the Satanic 666 and the evil empire of the

    But documentarlly, actually, theoretically, logically, financially, and evangelically such banalitys as that of the Dying Arts tend
    toward a state of hell at best or even eternal damnation. That is what
    is there in a holocaustic world filled with serious pathogens and the
    Satanic 666 people, places, and things..

    While I admit the industrys of Transcendentalism, Allopathy, Microsoft, Niggervision, Palmistry, and Insurance have a little bit of interesting
    clues; most of their thing is seriously wrought with corruption and
    crimes toward humanity more than anything I have read about. They say
    around 80 percent of humanity is on the pill of some kind or the other.
    They are so advanced that they can map the vector of anyones' life to
    capture their moneys for something that just never works. The enemy
    literally knows us better than we know ourselves. The 1998 movie “Dark City” starring Rufus Sewell, Kiefer Sutherland, Jennifer Connelly,
    Richard O'Brien, Ian Richardson, William Hurt is a stark depiction of the
    dark underbelly of life here in New York City often referred to as Jew
    York City.

    Among the Satanic 666 of people, places, and things; such things as
    pastoral services and fiat moneys through social security benefits are
    quite helpful for anyone trying to find some means of support system in a
    world filled with serious economic horrors. But here's the deal, to get
    those wonderful life assistance support services one has to go through a battery of jail, institution, homeless shelter, rehab, internment camp,
    and deportation center.

    That is what I have discovered in my over 25 years of trails and
    tribulations trying to get the accreditation to justify the employment
    for the garnering of moneys, which those of the God boast as the "root of
    all evil". An Odyssey much like that of Odysseus repeated in the most
    post modern way like the book "The Odyssey" by Homer of Greek antiquity.

    Was it the religious war of the Satanic Dharma that I was fighting
    unknown to myself until many years later through so many efforts toward
    prayer, chanting, and meditation in the wrong way using such words as
    God, Jehova, and Satanam in my practice that I was vilified or made
    wronged? Was it the forces of the great fallacys of the priests,
    professionals, police, professors, and philosophers of the Jew baiting
    culture working toward yet another failed Jewish investment strategy for
    all concerned? Was it again the ignorance which is not bliss of the
    Dying Artists trying to further their ethos of silence, stillness,
    stupidity, stupefying, shleping(carrying a heavy burden of a debt),
    suiciding, sacrificing, and even subjugating ways of the Satanic Dharma
    of the Jewish diaspora, who again are of the Yiddish, Zen, Vudu, Hindu,
    LGBTQ, Trini, Creole, Hapa, Hoon, and Roma upper caste ancestorys? That
    maybe, as history is replete with such failures from the Nubian kingdom
    of Egypt to the New Age Movement of the evil empire of the JUBU, to even
    my homeland of the Indian subcontinent, which is known as Aryavarta. ----------------------------------------------Kudaji : Khudaji
    inculcates the worship of the Satanam of the Satanic Dharma. The book “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert Heinlein is a serious portrayal of what it is like being among those of the Kudaji. The level of alienation
    is so much that it leads toward institutionalization after so many
    attempts of failed escape from them.

    The meditation on the Satanam and the ways of life of the Satanic Dharma largely promoted through cult organizations of Taiwan, Israel, Sicily,
    Haiti, Hawaii, Trinidad, Indonesia, Phillipines, Tibet, and Brooklyn(NY,
    USA) is the very thing that has made monkeys of seriously astute people
    the world over. Many who are academically gifted and talented are mass marketed the meditation on the Satanam through cult organizations as
    Suma Chingk Hai of Taiwan. It is through the meditation on the Satanam
    that people are forced into a life of destitution in the lap of luxury as America and most developed places of the world. ----------------------------------------------
    Jehova :
    Je = Jewish
    H = House
    Ov = Of
    A = Hades

    Indeed, the Jehova's witnesses are the most proselytizing to hostage
    whomever for the sake of their Jew baiting culture. Are the Jehova’s Witnesses really a Vudu cult of Haiti? They are able to package a mock religion that is a pathetic imitation of Islam. The word Jehova is from
    the tetragramaton of YHWH, that is not to be used in prayer. That too,
    the Jehova’s witnesses do not consider Jesus Christ to be a God, Guru, or Gnosis. Indeed, the Jehova’s witnesses ways of life and teaching is in direct opposition to mainstream doctrine and understanding of the Arabian Abrahamic traditions. Apparently, the Jehova's' Witnesses claim to have defeated the forces of the Nazis. How did that happen through their shit culture of the pill is not evidenced. Especially, when the culture of
    the pill is more holocaustic and unforboding than the Nazi movement
    itself. Among the Nazis, their death camps may have been a up to a
    handful. But the death camps of the Transcendentalism, Allopathy,
    Microsoft, Niggervision, Palmistry, Insurance of the JUBU is like all
    over the place from unmapped rural villages to the space station to
    killer class submarines to whichever in between right in our own
    backyard. But they will delude people through the promotion of the
    worship of the Jewish House of Hades, which they have truncated as Jehova,
    to further their Satanic 666 aims of caste like corporate slavery of
    whichever multi-level massacre. That too the Jehova's witnesses have
    packaged a faith that is a pathetic imitation of Islam that results
    unlike Islam.

    In the face of the evil ones the Jehova's Witnesses ways just do not
    work. There is a world of hurt out there filled with all sorts mafias,
    gangs, and syndicates of whichever ideation. I find if you do it the
    wrong way you end up seriously victimized. The forces of jail,
    institution, homeless shelter, rehab, internment camp, and deportation
    center are no joke and are only defeated through the recitation of the
    Arabic Islamic Shahada and whichever under the auspices of the Guru
    Christ Jesus.

    Those businesses of the Satanic 666 will do anything for the sake of
    their blood money. Ain't no FIAT moneys encouraging some level of
    synergy or mutual success. The blood money of the Satanic 666 is a
    serious issue for many as it seeks to mass murder anyone for the sake of
    yet another failed Jewish divestment strategy; like for example, the destruction of the World Trade Center, drowning of Louisiana, devastation
    of Iraq, and even the decimation of Hispania. Apparently the Satanic 666
    and their evil empire of the JUBU have plans for a
    strike by space against a major realm and attack by information against a
    major movement. Will it be the Caribbean, and their infamous Rule by
    Might comprising of Hongkong, Pakistan, Germany, Morocco, and Argentina? Surely, those are the stomping grounds of the Jewish fetish in
    Niggervision and whichever disappointing experience with those people.

    I have found those places as in the World Trade Center, Louisiana, Iraq, Hispania, Caribbean, and the Allied Axis of Hongkong, Pakistan, Germany, Morocco, and Argentina seem to be destroyed for the same reason why so
    many other occult organizations go inferno. In my vector of life from
    1975 to now I have observed certain end games of the devotees of the
    Gandhi, Bodhai, and Kudaji as in the Waco, Texas branch Davidian compound massacre, Jim Jones mass suicide, Heavens Gate Millennium cult suicide,
    OSHO Rajneesh murder by American and Indian governments.

    In a way, whenever you have any family, country, kith, kin, and
    corporation populated with such lackeys of Gandhi, Bodhai, Kudaji we see
    a scenario popularized by Bruce Willis as the towering inferno. Bruce Willis’ saying “Yippie Kai Yea” before the occult corporation goes inferno is like what becomes when the world of Transcendentalism,
    Allopathy, Microsoft, Niggervision, Palmistry, and Insurance are invested
    into. One has to let go of such things to be able to escape from their
    nuclear containment much like that of the implosion or an atomic bomb
    either through fission or fusion.

    To me e=mc^2 really means “everyone is munching on control chemicals”.

    [continued in next message]

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