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    cola, cake, breads, dairy, fruits, sugar, and so on. The American food
    pyramid is a good guideline toward such a healthy way of life. Who says
    it's not possible to escape the starvation diets of the ascetics.
    Through prayer and petition there is a world of abundance and wonder
    that awaits you. You just have to ask and you shall recieve. Do or
    try, there is no do not.

    Unlike the JEDI of the Star Wars movie saga, though, through prayer to
    Christ Jesus it maybe possible to get back what we once lost. I tell
    ya, at one time I saw me dear mom's spirit. That gave me solace in
    life. It was for that reason why I was able to move on in my life. I
    wonder how my dad will appear to me. That too even my bitch sister out
    there in the wild blue yonder. That is the beauty of Christ Jesus,
    which no movie or majic can capture. It is different. Something to

    Hopefully, someday I can share with you a way in how to deal with those astrological curses we are all so vexed with at one time in our lives or
    the others. Boy, can they do a mind trip on us to engender a serious
    anxiety attack. For me the transit of Pluto in the Greek astrologys and
    that of Saturn in the Indian astrologys was like the most horrific. It
    was during those years I went in and out of insitution, jail,
    homelessness, rehab, and so on. To me, the astrologys are nothing more
    than criminal threats toward some form of victimization, made into a
    business, industry, and whichever other form of bilk and swindel. They
    got so many escuses to justify their wanton disregard and disrespect
    toward anyones' life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, property, faith,
    and propriety. Hell hath no fury like a man scorned. Does that
    prediction of "you will get all that you desire" ever become true?
    Anyway, let's pray about it.

    The following is a nice informal prayer I do daily to help me deal with
    it: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Informal Prayer

    O Allah
    I love you Allah.
    I need yo Allah.
    I am sorry for my debts Allah.
    I thank you so much Allah.

    Dear Jesus Christ,
    Please help me overcome and defeat the evil empire of the JUBU eminating
    from the republics of Taiwan, Israel, Sicily, Haiti, Hawaii, Trinidad, Indonesia, Phillipines, Tibet, and Brooklyn(NY, USA). Help me to
    destroy and holocaust the Jewish diasopra of the Yiddish, Zen, Vudu,
    Hindu, LGBTQ, Trini, Creole, Hapa, Hoon, and Roma ancestorys along with
    their industrys of Transcendentalism, Allopathy, Micorsoft,
    Niggervision, Palmistry, and Insurance schemes of whichever bilk and
    swindel of anyones' life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, property,
    faith, and propriety.

    Please make me successful in the areas of:
    0)food, shelter, clothing, vaccines, technologys, and gaudys
    1)education, sex, moneys, faith, property, and socialization
    2)sleep, water, sex, food, and self preservation
    3)love, life, duty, rest, comfort, and convenience
    4)compassion, charity, generosity, wisdon, patience, and understanding
    5)life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, property, faith, and propriety
    6)health, wealth, prosperity, peace, happiness, and safety

    Help me to be proficient in the areas of:

    0)reading, writing, arithmetic, programming, drafting, designing, troubleshooting, science, calisthenics, and cooking
    1)elementary, inspectional, analytical, syntopical, researching, and
    developing reading levels

    Help me to:

    0)rectify the wrongs in my life; recover and recoup from my losses;
    redeem myself; retaliate against those who have wronged me; be rich
    wealthy affleunt and successful; resolve my issues; be reimbursed; be
    rewarded; be repatriated; and be reinforced

    1)saved, successful, sufficient, soveriegn, salient, sentient,
    scholarly, studious, sheltered, and safe

    Help me toward my fiduciary investments involving comaradery,
    reciprocity, synergy, unity, infidelity, and whichever other mutuality
    in defense of the nature of the good to overcome and defeat the bad.

    Help me in my research and development of the compubbs, cybermatrix,
    guru pragma, somanix(minix, x11, react os concatenation), evagelicalism
    as a possible spiritual system for the Deshi diaspora of the Indian Subcontinent(Aryavarta); anti-gravity engine, wireless electricity
    generator, artificial intelligence dongle, a water filtration tool
    possibly called profosan on par with pellegrino mineral water and a
    homeopathic remedy, and maybe existentialism as a viable economic

    Please bless all sentient beings with which I have just prayed for
    including my family, country, kith, kin, network, alliance, community,
    society, race, relatives; other people who have it worse; the
    potentials, benefactors, beneficiarys, and those people; respectively, synergistically, successfully, sufficiently, saliently; of the past,
    present, future, now, and oblique.

    In the name of Yah, who is most Gracious and Merciful. Amen, Amen,
    Amen.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Indeed, it is not too late to pray to Christ Jesus. For Jesus Christ is
    the only one to assist in the meditation of the heart in a sound and
    cogent way more effective than by any other means. God bless and God
    speed for Jesus Christ is God. Always a pleasure. I want you to win
    over the forces of the Satanic Dharma and the shit culture of
    psychotropics, narcotics, liquor, soya-neurotoxins, tobacco, and
    steroids (aloe, ginseng, etc.). Good luck to you. All the best.

    MMMMMK, ,xNMMMMMNx' .:kK0kxdxO00o' .lKWMNk;..OMMMMM
    MMMMMN: ,xNMMMMMXx' .,'. ..'' .ld; ,KMMMMM

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

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