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    I know I said I wouldn't post here again about the supposed
    mystic blocks, but here is a summary of progress
    since then from the "selective unblocking" thread on

    First blocks were lifted from those they were on in ZZ,
    defined as me, Sarah McLachlan, those who have received
    at least 8000 words from me, ordained individuals who
    were blocked, and atheist Ph.D.s who were blocked. I
    divined that this consisted of about 3200 individuals.

    Then blocks were lifted from those who had read my writing
    (even just a subject line) from 9:33 p.m. July 8 (0003 UTC/GMT
    July 90 to 12:17 a.m. (0247 UTC/GMT) July 14. This, which I
    denote by YY, I divined consisted of about 500 individuals.
    (In that period I did not post to some large Facebook
    groups that I am on, just to many newsgroups.)

    Then blocks were lifted from others in categories 1--10,
    where categories 1--9 are the eight women I am most
    attracted to and the many women tied for
    ninth spot, and category 10 are bisexual (attracted to
    both genders, not necessarily having sex with both
    genders) women who I have had a slightly less (but
    still very good) orgasm thinking of than category 9.
    (Note that I think categories 1--9 are also bisexual
    by the above definition, and that I am compatible
    only with bisexual women.) This, which I denote by
    XX, I divined consists of about 400 individuals
    of whom about 100 are in categories 1--9 and about
    300 in category 10.

    Then blocks were lifted from WW, defined as those not
    in ZZ, YY, or XX who have received at least 100 words
    from me before 8:20 p.m. (2250 UTC/GMT) July 14 and are
    in nstage1 or nstage2, which I have discussed before on
    these groups. But I guess for new readers I should summarize.

    nstgae1 is defined as gcetacean, gnonhumansimian,
    (but now I divine that there were no non-human someones
    blocked) and ghuman in tribal religion, shamanistic religion,
    traditional native spirituality, traditional paganism,
    or fusion of any of those four with another religion
    such that the other religion is at most 45% (as measured
    by God, the all-governing someone) of the belief system.
    Also the prefix g above means in my global region which
    is from 12 km below the geoid to (255,000 - 12) km
    above the geoid, where the geoid is mean sea level and
    its extension through the land and ice.

    nstage2 is neopaganism, newage, heathenism, satanism, magick
    (as a primary belief system, e.g, thelema), and Chinese
    folk religion (and similar) and fusion of the four in the
    previous paragraph with another religion where that
    other religion is > 45% but at most 80% of the belief

    I divined that WW consists of about 21,000 individuals
    of which about 1600 are in nstage1 and about 19.300
    in nstage2. Note that when I say traditional paganism
    or traditional native spirituality I mean that the
    individual has a teaching lineage or at least 300
    years, else they would be in nstage2 (i.e. neonative,
    which some natives might call newage, is in nstage2)

    So the total of ZZ+YY+XX+WW is about 25,000 individuals,
    and that is all that will be unblocked until I come
    out of the low years. However ordained individuals
    and atheist Ph.D.s who have not been blocked and
    come across my writing or are relayed to will not
    be blocked.

    Last night I performed three workings:

    1. a handshake association of (ZZ-me)+YY+XX+WW with Gaia,
    which I did by imagining shaking the hands of all in that
    group while visualizing the planet Earth with a blue
    rose coming out of it, and then got a shakti/kundalini

    2. a mesh handshake of ZZ+YY+XX+WW linking each individual
    in that group to every other individual in that group.
    Partly due to observations I have made since, I think
    individuals in that group will be able to sense a
    connection with others in the group, and will be drawn
    more to listen to them. This may seem like charisma
    enhancement (within the group) but is not based on
    criminality level, unlike my earlier unsuccessful
    (so far) attempts at charisma modulation.

    3. heart chakra radiation from me to (ZZ-me)+YY+XX+WW
    to activate the heart chakras of them, finishing
    with a visualization of my heart chakra and theirs
    radiating love waves outward.

    Followers of my writing will know that I have previously
    tried these three working with supposed assisted
    shaktipat recipients, but of course that did not
    work since the assisted shaktipat has not worked
    yet, though it may after I come out of the low years,
    but the numbers should be far higher than 25.000.

    David Dalton dalton@nfld.com http://www.nfld.com/~dalton (home page) http://www.nfld.com/~dalton/dtales.html Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page) "That no one seemed to have the time to cherish what was given/Oh and I
    would be the last to know and I would be the last to let it show" (S.McL.)

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