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    Try www.indianlanguages.com. It is a great site run by a company based in Thane. I am not sure if they are still operating or not. They also have a great software for typing in Devnagari font in MS Word etc. It works on Win95, but not on NT. It used to be called Akruti Freedom.

    BTW, I am not associated with that site in any way. I just happen to like their software.

    Now about Jai Maharaj and Sid Harth. After having added tons of 'client
    side rules' to weed out useless posters, I don't have to put up with the nonsense that rogue posters spew on these newsgroups. But then again ... there is so much silence here without them :-(

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    Can anybody tell me where I can find a good marathi font for windows
    Simply let me know the website.

    Hello Harshad,

    Check out:

    I think this is the right forum to post this question. However, Mr. Naniwadekar is right when he says there are few "sensible" posters here (they are generally busy visiting other forums ;)). That is ok, we just wish they cross post on SCIM if it deals with marathi. Mr. Naniwadekar
    we like your articles - thank you for the one on Dinanath Mangeshkar. Please read the SCIM FAQ. We hope you will give us more good articles.


    I don't know what exactly you are looking for. I don't understand
    what the words 'true-type font' mean. But go to www.samachar.com;
    find links to Lokmat, Maharashtra Times, and Sakal. All 3 sites
    allow you to download marathi fonts. I hope this helps.

    This is a wrong forum to be posting this question. There are very
    few sensible posters here. Jai Maharaj pollutes this, and many
    other forums. Sid Harth has a very capable mind. But he also
    sees fit to keep posting irrelevant messages.

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