• Gary vs. Reality

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    jane.playne <jane.playne@gmail.com> wrote in news:mrptfh$9u5$1@dont-email.me:

    Yoorghis is a prove liar.

    I am still waiting for Yoorghis to provide a valid citation proving yoorghis's bullshit quote:

    Romney: "Rich People like me deserve to he honored" - Yoorghis, 25 Apr 2012

    Additionally, I have proven multiple times that yoorghis is lying when
    he states that the top 10% rake in 80% all of the income. Yoorghis has restated that lie over 50 times since I first provided the proof that
    his statement is a lie.

    Yoorghis is not only a proven liar, he is nothing more than a simple
    little troll.

    Of limited intellect.

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