• Curandero in San Antonio ?

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    Hey, I heard that Arnold Schwartzneggers real name was Arnoldo Sanchez Najera.
    When he immigrated he changed the spelling. :)

    can get Damiana Morales (Demi Moore)....naw, they never can kill Bruce >Willis in the movies and even the devil would not be able to....ok, how about
    a new mouse and a cure for dandruff....???

    Yes, that is right. His name was Arnoldo Sanchez Najera...used to go to the gym run by "El Pulpo" Zamora in Nueva Rosita, Coahuila (New Little Rose, Coahuila)...got the accent from looking at old Conrad Veidt movies...

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    Pomp or whoever your name is, who are the curanderos who heal with hens? I need to find one to help my mom and I live in the RGV. Let me know. Thank you.

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