• We don't want to live with niggers or spics - and we don't have to.

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    Niggers invite nothing but violence and crime.  Hispanics are a step up >>> from niggers, but they have no respect for the rule of law.

    Both lower property values in neighborhoods. Their children steal and

    When niggers and spics move in, all decent people move out.

    I hate fuckin spics, especially in the work place, there are the
    and disruptive ugly to look at fucked up tri-race , they flat out can
    destroy a work environment with their right to be here hatred

    "Blaxicans" are the worst of the lot: https://tinyurl.com/upttnqc

    Attractive couple and charming child. For all you know he could work at
    a hospital and helped save a white racist's live.

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