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    The Mexican police officer involved in the arrest of the son of reputed
    drug lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman was assassinated after his car came
    under a barrage of gunfire inside a parking lot.

    Closed circuit television cameras captured the horrifying moment on
    Wednesday morning when at least two armed men with semiautomatic rifles climbed out of a red car and opened fire at a white Nissan four-door
    The ambush took less than 30 seconds as the gunmen fired at least 150
    bullets into the white vehicle.


    (there is a video)



    Think we have a bad crime problem HERE ???????????

    Oh, the the assassins will probably be hopping the US border real quick to evade the Federales ... SanFran will be happy to give them sanctuary.

    Still feel like vacationing in Tacoland?

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