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    The Collective Gang Stalking Of Verbal Sexual Assault Is Usually Being
    Conducted Inside And On The Property Of The United States Post Office
    On Moloka`i (Kaunakakai).




    #1 There Is A Vast Group Of Excellent Police Officers Who Work
    For Maui County – Many Of The Native Hawaiian Police Officers
    Are Shining Examples Of Honesty And Real Talent.

    #2 Maui County Councilwoman Yuki Lei Sugimura Is Also An
    Excellent Individual Who Is Not Afraid To Tackle Difficult
    Issues Affecting Maui County (below).

    #3 The Criminally Corrupt Filipino Contingent Of Police Officers
    On The Island Of Moloka`i [Bishaw-Juario] Are A Shame Upon
    The Whole State Of Hawai`i – Namely That The Bishaw-Juario
    Family Has Decided To Bring From The Corrupt Philippines The
    Same Totally Evil Tactics That The Filipino Police Employ In
    The Philippines. Criminally Corrupt Because The Bishaw-Juario
    Police Family On Moloka`i Are Wholly Engaged In Organized
    Police Gang Stalking Of Individuals Who They Have Decided
    Are Their Enemies. The Bishaw-Juario Police Family Are Engaged
    In Vile Harassments, Gang Stalking, Verbal Sexual Assaults At
    Their Place Of Employment (Rawlin’s Texaco) And Other Locations
    In And Around Kaunakakai, Moloka`i. It Is Quite Apparent That
    The Only Police Gang Stalking On Moloka`i Island Is Being
    Conducted By Only The Filipinos In The Police Department.
    The Filipino Police Forces In The Philippines Is A Heinous
    Gang Stalking, Smear Campaign Culture Of Total Oppression.

    #4 Thankfully There Are A Whole Group Of Excellent Police Officers
    In The State Of Hawai`i Who Are Wonderful, Compassionate,
    Truly Caring Individuals – Apart From The Now Identified Filipino
    Dastardly Smear Campaign Police Gang Stalking Of The Juario-Bishaw
    Family On Moloka`i. NO, You Are Not A "Top Cop" !
    You Are A Wretched Filipino Cop Family Of "Bottom Feeders".

    #5 Thankfully There Are A Whole Group Of Excellent Police Officers
    Who Are VERY UPSET That The New Maui Police Chief Is Now Asking
    For An Astronomical Amount Of Monies – All While The Other
    Excellent Police Officers Are Working Without A Contract, Nor
    Any Financial Considerations For Their Needs, Wages.

    #6 Everyone Loves Honest Loving Police Officers – However I And Others
    Will Not Allow The Third World Corrupt Ethics And Morality Of The
    Police Officers In The Philippines, To Take Over In Hawai`i, And
    Especially On The Island Of Moloka`i.

    #7 Manila Camp, Moloka`i Island Apparently Wants To Rule Over All Of
    Moloka`i In A Wretched Totally Evil Campaign Of Police Gang
    Stalking And Vile Verbal Sexual Assaults, Harassment And
    Base-Less Lies Smear Campaigns. The Corrupt In Mind Filipino
    Cops Need To Resign And Go Directly Back To The Philippines –
    Taking That Evil Police Conduct Back To The Totally Evil Police
    Forces In The Philippines – Because There Is No Place For That
    Kind Of Activities On The Island Of Moloka`i Or Any Other Island
    In The State Of Hawai`i.

    #8 The Evil Police Gang Stalking And Smear Campaign Has Definately
    Gotten My Attention And Thus The Reason For My Sincere Strongly
    Delivered Rebuke.

    #9 MOLOKA`I: The Whole Bishaw-Juario Family Is Evil.

    #10 I Was Shocked To Find Out That A Dearly Beloved Sweet Loving
    Retired Elderly Japanese Woman Teacher On The Island Of
    Moloka`i Is And Has Been The Victim Of Police Gang Stalking
    By Her Neighbor Who Happens To Be The Son Of A Cop.


    WAILUKU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

    There’s growing concern among Maui residents
    regarding the new police chief’s request for a raise.

    Last week, after 50 days on the job, Maui Police Chief
    John Pelletier asked the police commission for $195,000
    a year instead of his current annual salary of $158,851 —
    a 23% raise.

    However, commissioners believed he deserved more and
    recommended a 29% raise — which would come out to $205,000.

    Pelletier told police commissioners that he took a pay
    cut when he left Las Vegas as a police captain.

    Councilwoman Yuki Lei Sugimura criticized the request
    and said Pelletier knew what he signed up for when he
    applied for the job.

    “We weren’t asking you to come. You decided to come.
    And if you do, then you should have known what you’re
    walking into,” Sugimura said.

    Pelletier was sworn in on Dec. 15.

    “The harder you work, it should be the more you get,
    and in this particular case, he’s working very hard,”
    commissioner Mark Redeker said last week.

    In addition to a pay cut, Pelletier cited Hawaii’s
    high cost of living, and said two of his assistant
    chiefs make more than him.

    “Depending on when they promoted and different things,
    that’s the salary that they have,” Pelletier told
    commissioners during the special meeting last week.

    Commissioners passed the recommendation unanimously.

    “When your people that are below you are making more
    than the leader, it sets up a funky dynamic,”
    said commissioner Stacy Moniz.

    The chair of the Maui Chapter Board of Directors for
    SHOPO, the police union, said officers are currently
    working without a contract and haven’t seen a salary
    boost in the last seven months.

    “This whole topic has been a morale killer for officers,”
    said Sgt. Nick Krau. “Majority of the members,
    they’re angry, they’re frustrated.”

    The pay hike recommendation heads to the Maui Salary
    Commission Friday morning for a vote.

    Sugimura said she plans to testify at the meeting.

    “To have this kind of uproar in the community is
    disruptive and it should be smooth sailing forward,
    I thought. So, I look forward to seeing what is
    going to happen tomorrow at the Salary Commission,”
    Sugimura said.

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