• Concerning the kung fu... [o;-)

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    Just wanna mention, my grandmaster, my master, calls me his master, but has yet to attempt acquisition of nutritional therapy, exercise program, or combat training from me, and I know such is because he is also financially low on cash.. ...also, we agree
    his first pick might not be best pick, for such trained soviets who only train soviets and pick on any others via them... ..seen it in aikido and karate too..
    ..last point (of paragraph) is that I have certain trainings none of you may receive untill qualified, however, if you have enough trainings under your belt successfully, we make exceptions saying such is O.K. or cucahn, non issue.
    ...also, I'm far far faster, and more effective, and more durable than my grandmaster, such is also non issue.
    Would you like to try to impress him because the only reason he is cash poor is because he feels the same way I do about all of you?

    Do understand, since birth, everybody else looks like tributeless insane pirate, and until you're at least begining to eat properly and not make victims and start work actually, I can't be fully on your side. Can I?

    Japan has been handing us glitches and inbred they made, becauae Japan has been war against the americas as pirate for 4,631 years, and war against britain same since 50-52 A.D. ...

    ..I've seen many incredible celestial events, and understand them all, but I've seen more incredible celestial events in the region we'll call, the other side of riverside county or the pluming sand desert of palms for now. The urban side of riverside
    makes far more money, so they wouldn't mind voting with us ourway, to the ends of a new county, and I'm a resident at least 1/4 of the year. ...I wish the dog wouldn't sell my contact info or try to give me jury duties every time I register to vote. ... .

    Illegal soviets having handed themselves tin, city hall, the white house, etc... are still sending drug addict shitties at me, their father japan hasn't repented/relented and amendsed yet either.. Are you sure you're on the right track and working
    properly? Have you begun the first step of nutritional therapy yet according to me, namely rye and bitter herbs? Grrrr...

    Might wanna find your way out or finally learn how to run or start to watch your way, or leave the angles to the smurfs, 'cause I've been thinking for days about the means and the ways that I can thwart all I hate, and I know you're my lover, but phone
    calls and ppst oat cards can't negate the surgeons warning to the morgue and all of over of age...
    Easy talker transport stalker, transport is arranged.

    I'm certain all of you are inbred, malnourished, retard, japan make, sent,.. ..if you have loyalty to any but me.. ..thou shall eat sh't, otherwise, not as much. ~, Dr. Hunter [o;-)

    Things, they tend to wiggle when they walk, the hippies hate the jocks and the lawyers hate the cops, 'cause the infostructure sucks, and you're my fact checking cow.

    What about the voice of Getty Lee, how did he get that way? Is that really his real voice? Well, we've met him, and the easter bunny swears he does.

    And also please don't call me white, 'cause the whities don't, also don't call me red, 'cause though I'm north and south american, all the rest of them aren't of this continent.

    But HiHo Silver Ride! Go Tonto! And Oh, listen to me 'cause I'm on the stereo, stereo.
    Tribute to pavement by HRB ~, H. [o;-)

    Spare Change? (Seriously, I need money.)

    Dr. Hunter Reon Barnes, PhD, D.S.
    72-877 Dinah Shore Dr.
    Rancho Mirage, Ca 92270

    Paraphrased, translated, transliterated, by DJ Dr. HRB, PhD, D.S. ... "If you ask me to do anything I would actually want to, I'm on it." ~, Jesus, The Bible
    / Ean to aetesant en ts ono mati mou ego poiaso.

    Igneous devrata liktu.
    / "..Looking very stupid outloud."

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