• Please eat alot of rye, beef, bitter herbs and spices ((thyme, myrrh, a

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    Latin exists prior to japan, europe, stems from south america, formed greek, which formed russian as languia, and remains rosetta stone for all other languia, was perfected by A.D. 49, and doctors of various sci use latin every day.

    Spare Change? (Seriously, I need money.)

    Dr. Hunter Reon Barnes, PhD, D.S.
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    Paraphrased, translated, transliterated, by DJ Dr. HRB, PhD, D.S. ... "If you ask me to do anything I would actually want to, I'm on it." ~, Jesus, The Bible
    / Ean to aetesant en ts ono mati mou ego poiaso.

    Igneous devrata liktu.
    / "..Looking very stupid outloud."

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