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    California gun laws are stupid and most ffl as stupid.. ie.. if a perp is creeping up on your car and you, the gun and ammo you need for defence and out of criminal hands is too far and separated from you if legal, loophole is federal ccw and ffl, 888
    919.7566 ~, Hunter (also, ammo and guns and stuff..),... and if I can sell you a gun or ammo over the counter, because you're ffl, if I'm ffl, the same is true, otherwise not. But all your pricing is jap/sovi... mine is normal. And my delivery is
    I do make *you file your paperwork (if necessary), but, easy and expedited. ...

    530 500 2001 \ or toll free 888 919 7566

    Dr. HRB, PhD, D.S. [o;-)

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