• MOLOKA`I -- "A lot of people wish those signs weren't there"

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    15 October 2019

    A Tale of Two Hawaiian Islands; The Divergent Paths of Lana’i and Molokai


    This story appeared on Sunday, Oct. 13 in the Los Angeles Times travel
    which requires a subscription to read. I’m providing a link to the story
    but also printing the story on my own site for ease of reading. Here’s the
    LA Times link: https://www.latimes.com/travel/story/2019-10-12/

    "If you drive from the main town of Kaunakakai toward east Molokai,
    you’ll see a green-and-white sign on the right side of the road that says “Visit. Spend. Go Home.” Farther east, as you near the pristine Halawa Valley,
    you’ll see another hand-written sign. This one, in part, advises visitors that
    “Aloha is not an invitation to move here. Respect Molokai and her people.” “Those signs do not represent Molokai,” said Jule Kamakana, who runs the Kamakana Country Store outside Kaunakakai. “A lot of people wish those
    signs weren’t there.”


    Moloka`i Is Addicted To Cock Fighting, Which Is Not Hawaiian Culture,
    Rather It Is A Sadistic Blood Lust "sport" From The Philippines.
    It Is Very Rare To Find An Individual On The Island Who Actually
    Produces Eggs, Food. Rather It Is Only Cock Fighting Gambling
    Meth Addicts, Alcoholics, Sadist Men Who Are Into Animal Torture.
    The Incidents Of Domestic Violence Of Course Goes Hand In Hand
    With Cock Fighting. The Boys Are Into Torture.

    Lynn Decoite [D] The Filipino Haole Traitor Even Defended Cock Fighting
    Stating That It Is Perfectly Natural. Lynn DeCoite Appears To Think People
    Are Ignorant To Not Realize That Cock Fighting Involves Totally Illegel
    Razor Spurs Attached To The Legs Of The Cock Roosters. Cock Fighting
    Is A Gross Example Of Sadistic Behavior, Blood Lust, Torture Of Animals
    For The Sake Of Gambling. Filipinos Are Known To Lack The Intelligence
    To Play Card Games In Order To Gamble, So They Resort To The Torture
    Of Animals To Get Their Kicks. And Yet Again The Local "hawaiians"
    Do Not Engage In Historic Traditional Games, Rather They Are Totally
    Involved In Haole Filipino "culture" Cock Fighting Blood Lust And Meth.
    Some Are Just Foul Mouthed Vulgar "Fuka" Laced Language Spouting
    Alcoholic Boozers And Their Laughable Mainland Obsession For Lame
    Stupid Football -- They Live And Act Exactly Like The American Clowns
    They Claim To Hate.

    Regarding The Signs: "VISIT. SPEND. GO HOME."
    Notice If You Will That The Desire For Money Is Paramount And Foremost
    In The Minds Of The Creators Of These Signs. Money Money Money.
    The Root Of All Evil. The Same Creators Of These Signs Have Also
    Created A Somewhat Popular T-Shirt Which States: 'Eat More Vege'Aina',
    Which Is Just A Perverted Yank Styled Filthy Smut Creation, A Clearly
    Lesbian Carpet Munching Adventure In Word Play. Disgusting.
    These Same Individuals Have Created A Bumper Sticker Which States:
    'Ride More Bota', Which Is A JEZEBEL HARLOT SMUT WHORE Reference
    To Having Sex With Tiny Asian Filipino Penis. Tiny Asian Penis, Whatever
    Rocks Your Boat. Nowhere In The Whole Pacific, Pacific Nations, Except
    The Pedophile Capital Of Asia, Thailand, Would Even Think Of Creating
    Such Sexual Perverted Abominations On Bumper Stickers Or T-Shirts.

    These Same Disgruntled Locals Have Yet To Even Cause Any Sort Of
    Struggle Against The: Molokai Canoe Club. The Hawaiian Word For
    "canoe" Is Wa'a. More Shocking Is That The Old Foundation Stones
    Of The King Of Hawai'i, King Kamehameha V, Is On The Waterfront
    Aina (land) Property Of The "Canoe" Club.

    Residents Who Have Decided To Live On The Island Of Moloka`i --
    Some Who Have Been Adopted By Hawaiian Families, And Who Are
    Essential To Their Financial Well Being, Are Of Course Rudely Insulted
    And Treated In An Un-Civilized Manner. Their Angst And Anger Over
    What Has Happened To The Hawaiian Kingdom Is Accepted And
    Agreed To -- However These Un-Civilized Rude Individuals Are
    Destroying What Is Left Of What Aloha Is.


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