• Excerpt from Soviburger (2023) [o;-) ((They smart like a bunny, but got

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    Excerpt from Soviburger (2023), a story about a boy who quits his dead end job only to find the job market targets chumps and uglies.

    [scene opens to khalih, pronounced kah-lee, an average russian white boy born in some strange country where a dictators picture and quotes were draped over obviously fake icbm's rolled through the city, working behind the counter at soviburger in a small
    northern california town.. close up includes counter, register, backdrop, and half the customer..]
    khalih: Welcome to soviburger,...
    [cam cut ahead to.. hands prewrapped burger over counter, film fades to progressively more greyscale, decolorized as burger passes, normalizes at end of scene..]
    khalih: That'll be sixteen american dollars,...
    [cuts to next scene where khalih does a monologue about since arriving in "the big city", actually a tinytown, before moving to Los Angeles, during this about 4 minute monologue, with various miniscenes in b&w while he talks over it, generic movie filler
    basically, which cuts to full color rta/rtd/mta bus, cuts to 2 minute color monologue concerning life since then.. the rest of the movie is his life in Los Angeles and semi-relevant flashbacks from prior experiences.., occasional crack-up comedy,
    followed by he intentionally takes a dead end job, because he wants to get a girl, family, and the rest.]

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