• Excerpts from rough Summer of 2022, a bit one scene quicktimed shoeshin

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    Excerpt from rough Summer of 2022, a bit one scene quicktimed shoeshine boy in subway part designed to get mccully culken a job. :
    [scene opens to a kid with a seat and a shoeshine box] [pans in to closeup, turns, head left, cam cuts to over the shoulder at steps extras walking, man sits in chair, scene keeps mans head out of view.]
    man: I need a shoeshine.
    kid: 5 bucks.
    [man pays kid, who pockets money, begins work]
    man: I'm looking for a person.
    kid: Been alot of those lately.
    man: Someone in particular, red hat, green velvet shoes.
    [kid stuns, looks up.]
    kid: 5 bucks.
    [man pays kid, who pockets money.]
    kid: I saw him this morning at the newspaper stand on sunset across from the liquor store. He's staying at the hotel kiddiecorner from the newsstand.
    [man attempts to get up and leave, kid pushes man back in chair, and while staring him down..]
    kid: Hey you want me to finish your shoeshine right?
    [scene fades to black and white 6 second stillframe. ]

    Excerpt from rough Summer of 2022, first scene of movie designed to get virgil frye a job, and first name on credits. :

    [scene opens to an island getaway, a man answering a handheld cordless phone.] man: Yes. ..sure, when do you want to come visit?
    ..I'll put you up in my guest house.. ..will you be returning round trip or traveling forward?
    ..about 80 destination not leading back.
    ..your ticket will be at the airport, pan west airlines, flight 7044a. Enjoy your flight.
    [man hangs up, continues walking down path to scene fades to black and white 6 second stillframe.]

    Where are you going to get your feelings from?
    Remember to compute.

    Taste the holy water, become a priest, listen to their prayers, thanks.
    Notice none of their donkeywish is actual desire, they have each one bizzaro want instead.
    Understand, you couldn't want to grant any of their donkeywishes either and if you ever feel like trying to do so out of spite, such is a very bad omen, means you been eating way too many of them dark chillies, which was clearly japan's original mistake.

    First thing you learn in this world is you have to make it here on your own steam. Second thing you learn is that's not enough.
    Where were you saint murphius?
    Trying to play hookie.

    Hey, I can give god spending money, happily, knowing it won't get misused, ..but thing doesn't even have a wallet. Who's gonna work? = Scenery 12

    uh, I have more written and of infinitely higher quality than any other author historically, published out loud.

    uh.. turn on your t.v., try to watch that sh't. Try to like it. Try to say such is ok, if you don't like it you can go read a book or download a dvd... the rest of us are unhappy about U.S. t.v. under control of sadistically irritating japan or boring as
    F'k britain, and are waiting for rick and morty's next season and summer of 2022.

    If they don't want to go back to russia, maybe they should go forward to iran, where all their sh't is considered socially acceptable.

    Maybe idiot should invent monostat-28, for the stinky girls that really wanna take their time with it.

    F' all these job milkers and con artists... I say we pay by the job but deduct wage by the hour and refuse payment until contract fulfilment, which would be contract close out. Who's with me?

    If hawai became a U.S. state when it did, which it did, got it's representative called president of the U.S. at 35 years old, and obama's birth certificate if valid, would have been born 2 years earlier, would he not be ineligible for candidacy (
    obviously), why didn't any of you question during obama's inauguration if obama was definitely older than 37 years old, especially all the M.D.'s? [o;-)

    If joe biden had been born in the U.S., instead of soviet russia, wouldn't the fact that joe and jill biden not wedding till the day before joe's inauguration, proving joe biden not having a consecrated marriage to no more or less than one wife because
    they couldn't have had sex post marriage prior to biden's inauguration, make joe biden ineligible for candidacy ? [o;-)

    Gimps are always two steps behind anywhere they could want to be and one step ahead of kicking their own ass, are identical, predictable, and prone to making two but not three mistakes in a row, wont be able to try to pretend they own something they don'
    t a third time, and since actual work isn't their thing, suicidal to the extent noticed outloud.

    HRB Almost 100% reflective mirrorificly refractive eyes... cheap android cam not good enough to capture eyelids properly. Oct, 24, 2021 (about 9 days off hard liquor and cigarettes.



    The russians are the assthorniest japan can make and send, is not only true, but in the bible, and admitted by japan.

    What = Which Thing
    , = Then, And, or Or
    Who = Which Scenery
    Where = They

    ..and a mirror can only show you how you feel.

    Dr. Hunter Reon Barnes, PhD, D.S.

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