• ..robert dinero might be federalized security chief.. ..of my gated com

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    F'k going back to university at least till it pays, I'm going for my realtor's (real estate salesperson's) license and selling my clients, ffl, ccw, starter packs, credit cards, and everyone that buys a house or office building from me is invited to all
    my christmas parties, which will be held in a gated community, robert dinero might be federalized security chief.

    The Pegusi Project ~by Dr. HRB
    For exclusive ethical use by dignified scientist of any age for educational and entertainment purpose only.

    10 inbreed horse until it's stupid white blue eyes.
    20 nutrician such until better enough.
    30 drip sperm of such into a chicken hen.
    40 incubate eggs, wait, feed.
    50 repeat every 125 years if nessesary.

    © Hunter Reon Barnes

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