• Job Offer: Any of you that want to plant rye in japan and on the west c

    From pissed.off@the.controls@21:1/5 to All on Sun Apr 25 23:39:26 2021
    Uh,. Gremlins™ is a story about sex and children, telling you, you're still too young and very late.

    Please get eaten by anything that can or wants to unless you're unedible and worth knowing.

    ..in the future, anybody can obtain any firearm available they can pay for, but none of you went ffl3/11 making ammo, and all of you can't.

    Uh,.. if we call it Perole, they believe they should work for ugly, let's just give them, "Work Ferlough".

    ..Moreso than getting asked, how I am, how I feel, or what I've been doing by a retard, seeing as how such is self evident even to retards who couldn't care, is the tweeky sh'tbag retard saying they missed me / miss me sh't. Could I like any of you that
    way unless I was a retard you couldn't like?

    Lord Hunter says, search for girls, I haven't found any yet, and stay off tomato drugs worse than potato drugs... but after enough russian pork feels enough mexican pork, that happens.

    ..uh, you send sh'tface, trying to get given you a talk show, instead, find produced a radio show and handled you entirely, would be a hat to anything getting popular enough to experience you.

    ..the bipolar3 queen of england is real, but there's a sh'tload of famous people you believe are real that obviously aren't, and have never actually been seen. ..and japan can't invent likable.. only retard they should keep to themselves...

    ..also, the soviets in the meat department are literally asking you to try the beef hearts, liver, and cross rib steak, that are literally soviet human, mostly so you know they don't taste good, certainly not suculant lobster... also, they can get you
    pork snout and chicken feet at 3-5 times market price.

    ..,uh,.. yes, even japan could make a white blue eyed inbred retard with wings on a white blue eyed inbred retard horse with wings... could I get any of you dead faggøts to pick yourselves up and make yourselves look pretty?

    Quit tesing axiom as a retard, it all says.

    ,,|,, ^.,.^ ,,|,,
    © Hunter Reon Barnes

    ..if you hadn't flunked expressionism, communication couldn't happen.

    Job Offer: Any of you that want to plant rye in japan and on the west coast of the americas, begin doing so and I'll pay you for doing such to the extent you did. ~, Hunter ~ [o;-)

    "..Almost as funny as sneezing powder for dogsh't on poop on a rope of cat who ate too many fish and some string..." ! ok, maybe funnier..

    Dogs generally won't sniff a candle flame more than once, cats and mice avoid such entirely, and britologized russian will repeat sniffing a candle flame until they can't. Maybe we should donate L. Ron Hubbard's retards alot of nine volt batteries,
    telling them not to hold any to their tongues and if they touch one of them to a three years old's tongue, gets them worse than hellraiser permanantly till they aren't.. whether I am or not, and all of you look like retarded malnurished stupids on false
    hope to me so far. ..uh, because they are all trapped 22 on their OT5 case still.

    F'k soviet dogpounds.

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