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    Mistaking something to be something else is not truth nor scientific fact but centrifugal knowledge or ignorance as it moves one away from the central truth instead of bringing one closer. Mistaking an oyster shell for gold or a rope for a snake are just
    some examples.

    The actual error in atheism is accepting this temporary material world to be eternal absolute truth. That is the actual maya or illusion. The end result of that misperception is accepting the opposite of what is reality to be real or truth.

    The byproducts of that ignorance is a police state and military dictatorship aimed at spreading slavery through out the world also known a totalitarianism. With modern technology and weapons of mass destruction the danger to humanity and the free world
    is clear. Thus radical atheism is against the existence of real knowledge, education, and human life.

    The only means to correct that evil is constitutional freedom of thought/religion, freedom of self defense, and free enterprise. Without individual freedom there can be no understanding of spiritual knowledge of reality distinguished from illusion for
    the ultimate welfare of all people.

    The atheists worship the impersonal state government as god instead of the actual supreme Personality of Godhead who is creating, maintaining, and destroying everything in this world since the beginning of creation. By denying the existence of God
    atheists want to pose as god to enjoy the world and enslave the world to ignorance and darkness also known as sin.

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