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    On Friday, April 12, 1991 at 9:35:28 AM UTC+3, Morten S. Eriksen wrote:
    Hi Everybody!!
    I'm a norwegian Jackie Chan fan. I'm trying to compile a list of his films. I've tried posting on the `movies` group, but someone suggested this group, so here goes.
    Here's alist of the films I've seen. The titles are all what's given as the original (english) title here in Norway:
    Armour of God
    The Big Brawl
    Project A pts I + II
    Police Story pts I + II
    Meals on wheels
    The Protector
    The young master
    The eagles shadow
    The Dragon lord
    Dragon forever
    Cannonball Run pts I + II
    If someone could help me with more of his films, I'd really appreciate it. Also I've heard rumours about a record with Jackie Chan. Does anybody know where I could get hold of it?
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