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    On Friday, November 4, 1994 at 9:14:34 PM UTC+2, Morten Wennevik wrote:
    I am writing again!
    Can someone out there give me a name or adress to an Asian hospital or somone related to one, or give them my name and adress. I don't know any Asian living nearby here in Bergen, Norway, so I'm kind of walking in the dark. I am hoping to work for a few months, in early 1996, at an Asian hospital as a part of my medical education (I will have finished half of
    it by December 1995), but to do so I first need someone to contact. Can anyone help me PLEASE! I haven't much time before I have to report my progress.
    Facts about myself:
    I am a 22 year old Norwegian boy studying medicine in Bergen, Norway.
    Sort of a quiet type and interested in computers, sounds, pictures,
    nature and wildlife. At the time I have finished one and a half year
    out of six plus an aditional one and a half year of practical work
    before I become a doctor.
    My home adress:
    Morten Wennevik
    Nordboe 4
    N-5009 BERGEN
    My email adress:

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